8 hardest champions to play in Wild Rift

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People love playing games as it keeps them entertained. With games, people are given the chance to escape reality even for just a while. There are a lot of game genres that people love trying and one of them is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). One of the most popular games that fall under this genre is League of Legends. 

In this game, players can control their heroes and take advantage of each one’s unique abilities to win their battles. Aside from the version being enjoyed on desktop, players can now also enjoy the said game on a mobile platform. All thanks to Riot Games’ newest release called League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game is also available on mobile too. 

Quite similar to the traditional League of Legends game, players should also gain some mastery about the game and the characters available. With that, here is a better understanding of Wild Rift and the most challenging characters to use: 

What is Wild Rift? 

Wild Rift is an app that is easily downloadable on both Android and iOS devices. The main objective of the game is quite similar to the desktop version: to take down the opponent’s base. 

With its compatibility with mobile devices, people can enjoy faster gameplay in this version. Instead of the usual 45-minute gameplay, mobile matches can only last up to 15 minutes. Aside from that, other differences that can be observed in the game is that Wild Rift has a smaller map size, shorter resuscitation time, and an accelerated gold gain. 

Challenging champions to use 

There are several characters that can be used in the game and some of them can be a little more challenging to use than the others. With that, here are some of the toughest champions to control: 


Fiora is a baron laner duelist who specializes in 1v1. Despite her enormous potential, using this Champion is difficult since players are first required to have a mastery of her abilities. One of the factors that make her hard to play is that she has to aim for the vital point of every enemy’s Champion to maximize her damage. It also helps here get bonus movement speed. 

Her Lunge can be used to strike Vitals and activate her Passive while her Riposte can be utilized to block attacks and CCs. Fiora also possesses Grand Challenge (Ultimate) which allows her to deal more damage and heal herself if she kills a target while using all of her Vital strikes.


Zed, the master of shadows, is an agile assassin who uses his Living Shadow to get to places. By using his Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash, he can create a shadow of himself that mimics his moves.

He is one of the most difficult Champions in Wild Rift to master since his talents are difficult to grasp. Therefore, players must learn the proper timing and the correct location to maximize Damage to their enemies. He is a great hero but when he isn’t used properly, he can be considered an ineffective hero. 


Yasuo is a skilled swordsman who can cut through the air and bend it with his expertise. After being wrongly accused of murdering his own master, Unforgiven was forced to kill his own brother in self-defence.

This champion is immensely powerful, and his actions have the ability to turn the tide in an instant. Yasuo becomes an unstoppable killing machine if fed early. Many people die frequently while playing Yasuo, prompting some players to ban him so that he won’t be picked by a teammate.


Draven possesses a difficult mechanism. He wields a weapon known as the Spinning Axe, which will fall every time players take a shot. He gets a little difficult to manage because of this mechanism. 

To get additional bonus damage, players must pick up every dropped Spinning Axe. If players are unable to do so, Draven will be less effective or useless at most.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is arguably one of the trickiest champions to master. The reason behind this is that he has seven active skills and one passive. Except for his ult, which makes him more unique, Lee Sin’s skill is the same as the others. However, if his basic skill gets to strike the target, he will gain additional abilities.

He’s a strong jungler with excellent repositioning abilities, one of the greatest ultimates in the game, and a lot of versatility. Unfortunately, Lee Sin is one of those champions who struggles in the late game, therefore making effective use of his kit in the early and mid-game is critical if he is to be considered.


Azir, the ancient Shuriman king, is an extremely vulnerable hyper carry who becomes a god of repositioning and sky-high damage per second despite his kit’s simplicity.

His skills rely on always being in the proper location and totally commanding the small details that can transform this stale champion into a highly mobile, generous damage monster. With how challenging he is, even pros avoid using him because of how difficult it is to use him properly.


Vayne is a marksman who specializes in close-range combat. However, she possesses a hidden potential as a result of her disadvantage which is her insurmountable critical. 

Vayne’s players must be cautious when using Tumble, her first skill that causes her to roll in the specified direction.

These are just some of the most challenging heroes to take control of whenever playing League of Legends: Wild Rift. Though having a mastery of these heroes can take some time and effort, players are guaranteed that their efforts will be worth it once they learn about these champions. With that, players should go for it and not be afraid to take a risk in seeing what these champions really offer! 

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