8 protips to win Teamfights Tactics

team fight tactics

People love the thrill of competing with other people and proving themselves worthy of victory. This is the reason why several person-vs-person (PVP) games had been popularized throughout the years. There are several games that fall under this genre, some of them being made by reputable game providers like Riot Games. 

Riot Games is the developer of League of Legends (LoL) which is now considered one of the most popular games. With the reputation the brand has earned through LoL, many players became curious to see what other types of games they can produce. In 2019, Riot Games has decided to launch a spinoff game of LoL and called it Teamfight Tactics. 

As an auto battler game, players must build a team to compete against another team of seven players. Each player will have to take part in 1-on-1 matches, until only one remains. With its thrilling gameplay, many players wonder how they can win the game better. For those who haven’t tried the game before, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Know about the champions’ abilities 

The game starts when players enter the Carousel. There, they can choose their champions and load-outs in a rotating manner. There are some pieces of information shown on the screen such as a champion’s type, appearance, and other simple facts. 

Before playing the game, players should try to understand the skills and strengths of each champion. By knowing the facts beforehand, players can strategize as they choose ahead of other players who will be left with fewer champion options. 

Study the positions

Positioning is one of the most difficult aspects to learn in Teamfight Tactics. This is because moving a champion to a different spot on the board can sometimes shift the outcome of a fight. 

It is highly suggested that players place their bulky and most-healthy units on the front lines while keeping the squishier damage dealers behind. This will help view each champion’s attack range in their stat block. To do this, players must ensure that their melee units aren’t trapped behind distant units. 

Learn more about the in-game items

The in-game items in Teamfight Tactics are quite complex. It’s almost as complicated as the items in the standard League of Legends game, except that some have new effects that can lead a fight in a different direction.

When preparing for a great Teamfight Tactics playing experience, players must spend time learning about effective builds and must-have items, including those that they should avoid. Still, it comes down to the personal preferences of players and the guides for optimal setups for each champion.

Always have a backup plan 

Every Teamfight Tactics game is different from the other, that’s why players should always be open to the fact that their strategies may not apply to every situation. With that, players should come up with several backup strategies that they can easily switch to when the game is not going well in their favour. 

It’s never too late to change strategies since a sudden gameplay change may still lead players to victory. More importantly, players should vary their gameplay so that opponents can find a player’s strategies unpredictable. 

Observe your opponents

Spying on opponents is one of the wisest strategies in Teamfight Tactics. By clicking on the opponent’s icon in the tournament bracket on the right side of the screen, players can view the boards and benches of their opponents.

Environmental details can also reveal information about a player’s opponent’s skill level. Both sides of the playing field have five markers, with the players’ markers on the left side. Each space indicates a single win for that player. 

This means that when players are faced with someone who has all their five spots filled, it is most likely that they are already professional. By knowing this, players can condition themselves better if they know who they’re up against. 

Don’t think of the game as random 

Random number technology (RNG) plays a massive role in Teamfight Tactics as it determines the damage outputs and the battle parameters in the game. Some fans think that the game is 20 to 40% random and that players have no control over what happens but it isn’t exactly true. 

Instead of focusing on the negative side, players may want to view the game as 60 to 80% controllable, especially if they can come up with the best strategies. 

The item shop is also random but players can use its randomness to have an advantage against their opponents. This is because players with a higher playing level are more likely to be given more expensive and powerful units. 

Wait for updates 

Quite similar to League of Legends, Riot Games has ensured that the game incorporates several updates that will keep players hooked. Players should always wait for the updates to see what new offers can elevate their gameplay. By waiting patiently for the updates, players can have access to new modes of the game, new champions, or new items, depending on what Riot Games has decided to give. 

Get a Galaxies pass

The Galaxies Pass, Teamfight Tactics’ version of a Battle Pass, grants players with cosmetic in-game prizes like new arenas and emotes. Players can pay for it to enjoy premium rewards and 20 levels immediately. 

With this special pass, players may earn experience and bonus XPs by completing weekly objectives. By purchasing the pass instead of waiting for a free one, players can also be more invested in the game. 

Having a pass is a prestige some players love bragging about even if it provides no major in-game boosts. Still, it is with this pass that players can see how far ahead they’ve moved from their opponents. More so, the pass also lets players win better with some flashy graphics. 
These are just some pro tips that players would have to keep in mind whenever they wish to play Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics. By playing this and seeing its similarities and differences with League of Legends, there is no doubt that players will grow fond of this too!

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