Beginner champions to get better at League of Legends

Beginner champions to get better at League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) tends to challenge new players at dominating the game. There are a bunch of heroes with complex skill sets that make it more difficult for beginners to make the most out of their utility. 

There will come a time that a novice LoL player is going to feel more comfortable playing more challenging heroes. For now, sticking to beginner heroes is the best way to enjoy the game.

In fact, League of Legends will advise you in using beginner heroes to attain a learning curve needed to play more challenging and fun champions in the future. 

Here are the top beginner heroes that newcomers can strongly consider playing during their next matches:

The criteria 

Even as beginners, you need to learn each player position and which one is tailored for your playstyle. Here are the different positions in League of Legends:

Carry champions

Carries are the hard-core farmers of the game and usually kills all the creeps in a wave. When laning, carriers take the most farm such as gold and experience to dominate later on. 

These champions have unique qualities like strong skills, attack speeds, and damage output that make them extremely difficult to deal with later on. However, the early game is when they find their struggles because they aren’t that strong yet.

They are usually positioned in a safelane which means that the lane is longer. With this, enemy units tend to push and lean close to your turret which may sound problematic, but this is exactly what you want if you are a carry.

Support champions

Supports are exactly what their name implies, the ones who provide help for carriers and other heroes.

This includes healing, mana regeneration, stuns and slows, and opening the map. The last part refers to making the mini map more visible through warding.

Since supports don’t really use high-damaging items for the late game (that’s for your carry), it is best to buy as many support items as possible. 

Supports are arguably the most important positions in LoL because they provide safety for all your heroes during the early game. When your carry feeds too much by constant deaths in their lanes, the late game might be harder to conquer. 

Jungler champions 

Junglers have skills that make them efficient at farming within the jungle camps. Junglers either have high armour or health point regeneration that helps them sustain their life in harder areas in the camps. 

They are also taken as semi-carries. However, they might be lower-tier damage-dealers because their abilities and stats lean more in HP and defence. Thus, they act more like tanks that play semi-cary roles during the late game. 

Mid champions 

The middle lane is the most important lane to conquer. If you lose on your mid lane, chances are, you’re also going to lose the mid game and potentially the late game. 

Mid champions have skills that allow them to survive a one-on-one match up and have enough damage in the early game to kill enemy creeps more efficiently. They are usually the highest farmed champions during the early game as well because they don’t need to share the creep wave for farm and gold. 

As soon as they hit level 6 where they get their ultimates, they can safely roam the map knowing they are the most established champions in the game 

Marksman champion

Also regarded as a hard-carry, marksmen play a vital role in avoiding incoming enemy attacks while dealing insane amounts of damage in return. 

Marksmen are among the most popular roles in the game because their skills are easy to understand. When you play a marksman, you will have low defences and health points that make you easy to kill. 

Easiest champions to use 

Now that you’re familiar with the champion roles, here are the easiest characters to use to start dominating the game:


Garen has a lot of bulk that makes him a strong champion to use for beginners. Tanks are hard to take down, which is great for newbies since they’ll have more room to make mistakes. 

Arguably Garen’s best skill, Perseverance, allows him to regenerate his health points faster than other champions which means beginner players don’t have to rush back to base to heal. 

What makes him great is his high-damage output which provides killing opportunities for beginners to enjoy the game more. 


On this list, Nasus is probably the most challenging champion. Nevertheless, he is still pretty easy to use. The reason for his slight complexity is his several playstyles. 

He can either be used as a pure attacker or an ability abuser. His passiv, Soul Eater, provides him lifesteal where every time he attacks an enemy, he regains parts of his life back. 

This allows him to stay longer in battles which should be perfect for beginner players. All you need to do is build attack stats on him and you can wreak havoc later on with your amazing skills. 


Shyvana is one of the fastest farmers in the game due to her passive, Fury of the Dragonborn. 

With this ability, you can clear jungle camps faster than any other player because you gain bonus stats for each unit you kill. By the end of the early game, you’d have stacked enough bonus stats that make you a formidable champion. 

Alongside her second skill that boosts her movement speed, Shyvana is a force to be reckoned with if she gets the farm she needs. 


Annie is one of the best mid-laners in the game. She has strong crowd control which means that she is great in team fights because her skills can manipulate the field in significant ways. 

She also has mobility which is perfect for mid-laners because they need to visit other lanes to help allies take a kill on both champions and turrets. What makes Annie special is her easy combo. 

All her skills from Q to her ultimate synergise well and don’t need an expert to pull them off correctly. 


Caitlyn is arguably the strongest carry/marksman in the game. With her long-range, she can be lethal during the late game without enemy champions knowing that she’s even hitting in the first place.

If you gain enough farm, the late game can be yours to conquer. While you have the potential to deal so much damage, you are also quite frail which balances your power in the game. 

League of Legends is one of the simpler multiplayer online battle arena games that you can try. With these champions, you can find your stride and become better at the game shortly. Continue playing and transition to the more challenging champions if you feel more comfortable already. 

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