The best melee champions in League of Legends

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League of Legends is one of the world’s most famous multiplayer role-playing games. It has a vast selection of champions to choose from to cater to every type of gaming style the gamer has. 

The primary map of League of Legends is called the Summoner’s Rift. This is where players battle it out to destroy each other’s Nexus. There are three lanes on the map. These are the top, middle and bottom lanes. There is also a jungle in between the lanes home to neutral creeps. These creeps give buffs, gold and experience depending on what type of creep a player eliminates. 

League of Legends provides their players with the freedom to choose any type of role that they deem most suited for their gameplay. The roles are as follows:

  • Top lane – champions with high damage output do not need much assistance to dominate this lane. Players who excel at 1v1 fights are well suited for this role.
  • Middle lane – champions with high burst damage are tasked to take on this lane. They are commonly a mage type of champion because their magic skills enable them to deal with high burst damage.
  • Bottom lane – champions that require support are usually on this lane. They are feeble in the early game but deal massive damage in the late game. 
  • Support – these champions funnel their team’s carry or damage dealers. They provide assistance and team fights. Supports also have skills that benefit allies like healing, shield, and ganking. 
  • Jungle – this role takes on neutral creeps to provide gold and experience for the team. These champions can freely roam the map while sabotaging enemies who let their guard down. 

League of Legends is adored by many because it hosts a unique pool of champions who have different skills and abilities from each other. Some have physical and magical damage, while others simply support their team. 

Most of the damages these champions inflict differ in the range: long and melee. A champion’s range pertains to the extent their abilities can reach an enemy. Long-range ones commonly have the skills to hit an opposing champion without going near them, while melee champions need to be close to the enemy to inflict significant damage. 

The best melee champions can cause great damage and can last in 1v1 and team fights. 

Garen: The Might of Demacia

Garen is commonly used as a tank with his high HP level and natural defences. His skill, Perseverance, enables him to regenerate health much quicker than the others. Do not be fooled by his tanky build, as he can last long in team fights and inflict great damage. 

Riven: The Exile

Riven is a mobile champion that can slice and dice opponents effortlessly. With her dashes and stuns, this champion can go in and out of battle until her ultimate is ready to defeat all enemies. Riven is one of the best melee fighters as her crowd control and mobility benefits her in any kind of fight. 

Camille: The Steel Shadow

Another champion with high mobility is Camille. She is excellent for 1v1 fights as her abilities can effortlessly defeat a single target. Camille is one of the feared champions to be faced alone because her true-damage scaling is threatening. 

Kha’Zix: The Void Reaver

This jungle assassin will pick off on champions that are alone. His abilities can evolve as the game progresses, enhancing his ability to kill enemies. Once the player masters how to play Kha’zix, he can not only take on lonely heroes but join the party in team fights as well.

Xin Zhao: The Seneschal of Demacia

This League of Legends’ iconic melee fighter because his kit is unstoppable. He can tank towers, backdoor main minions, and has incredible sustainability and crowd control. Once he closes in on you, you better prepare for an intense fight.

Jax: Grandmaster at Arms

Jax is the actual definition of a melee champion. His abilities allow him to go head to head with an incredibly strong champion and still walk off victorious. Jax has incredible durability, stacking attack speed, and a boastful auto-attack immunity. Once you see this champion in your lane, get your gear up because he will crush you to a pulp if you are not careful. 

Darius: The Hand of Noxus

This champion is one of the most feared champions that is usually found on the top lane. Darius can use his ax to stack damage on his target and feasts on other melee champions that are immobile. 

Sett: The Boss

If you are a champion who is not using any weapon and you see Sett in your lane, you better run. This champion is known to be a beast when throwing his fists. Sett boasts a burst of true damage, durability, crowd-control, and maximum health damage.

Rengar: The Pridestalker

Farming in the jungle? Beware of this hunter as he excels in preying on lonely champions. Rengar is known for having one of the most incredible damages in League of Legends.

Aatrox: The Darkin Blade

This champion’s ultimate is called World Ender because Aatrox is determined to destroy every champion he comes across with. With his abilities, he can dominate his opponent while sustaining his health from the damages from enemies. Aatrox is the god of team fights and has excellent crowd control. 

Irelia: The Blade Dancer

Irelia is one of the best looking champions with the best set of skills. Out of all the champions in League of Legends, she can eliminate opponents with grace and power. 

With her excellent mobility and constant dashing, it is impossible to keep up with a player who has mastered Irelia. She can be a challenging hero to learn but her ability to dominate team fights, sustain a great deal of damage is worth every effort. 

Add these champions to your list as they can inflict amazing damage on 1v1 fights and team fights. What are you waiting for? Choose you champion and win the match!

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