League of Legends: 10 most played champions in tournaments

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We all know that Riot Games’ League of Legends is one the most successful multiplayer role-playing video games. It has seen its fair share of awards for its contribution to esports. 

Some of the awards that the game received are:

  • BASTA Awards 2015
  • Best Persistent Game
  • Game Audio Network Guild Awards 2020
  • Best Original Song
  • The Game Awards 2019 & 202
  • Esports Game of the Year

One of the most popular esports competitions is the League of Legends World Championship hosted by Riot Games. It is an event to decide the ultimate global League of Legends champion. 

League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends World Championship is a tournament that determines the best player of LoL. The teams need to battle for the Summoner’s Cup, a 70-pound trophy, together with a multi-million dollar championship prize and the ultimate champion’s title. The final was watched by 99.6 million people in 2018, beating the previous record set in 2017. 

Moreover, the tournament is recognised for its ceremonial performances and dramatic and emotional appeal. With its continuous popularity, it became one of the most-watched events and the most played video game globally. 

The first LoL Worlds took place in Sweden in 2011 with Fnatic as the champion. Since then, six teams have won the trophy with T1 holding the only triple crown. From then on, people from all over the world have looked forward to League of Legends tournaments. Many are willing to support and buy merchandise of the game as well as the teams that join the events. 

The tournament is held in major countries and regions every year. Having won one of three world championships, T1 of South Korea is the most accomplished team in the event’s history. They are known to be a formidable team to face in the professional world of esports and they boast a huge fan base from people in different countries.

10 most played champions in League tournaments

Throughout the years, the professional meta of League of Legends changed numerous times. Numerous champions emerged and rose to prominence at various times, boosting factors of variety and creativity at every step. 

With several teams competing for the title, have you ever wondered which champions they are using? Below are some of the champions that you need to know:

Jungle: Lee Sin

Lee Sin, League’s classic jungler, reclaimed his place at the top of the jungler hierarchy at the World’s stage. Lee Sin was also the main pick in the Mid-Season Invitational, the season’s first foreign competition. The Blind Monk was mostly used in the top lane during that event. With 21 picks and 15 bans across the play-in stage, he’s the most contested jungler on the lineup.

Top lane: Ornn

Ornn established himself as a prominent choice in the game’s meta throughout the competitive seasons. The champion remained the League’s main top lane tank for the whole year. His skills and abilities are efficient in 1V1 and team fights making him a favourable champion to pick in tournaments.

Top lane: Irelia

Irelia is the most deadly flex selection at the Worlds so far. With players bringing her into both the top and mid lanes, Irelia participated in 36 individual draughts, missing only two games during the play-in round. According to League stats site Games of Legends, she was the most banned champion at the play-ins.

Mid-lane: Syndra

Syndra was a key player that has seen traditional control mages reclaim their place on the list of the mid lane meta. Syndra can easily outclass her opponents in the mid lane, including Azir, Zoe, and LeBlanc. She was also the most selected and banned champion in her position.

Mid-lane: Ryze

At Worlds, the mid lane meta is one of the most diversified places in the competition. Yet, when things appear shaky for middle players, they’ll usually fall back on tested picks like Ryze and others of a similar calibre. Control mages such as LeBlanc, Zoe, and others have resurfaced at Worlds, but none has been more active than Ryze.

AD carry: Aphelios

Several ADCs emerged to the top of the professional League, including Ezreal, Kalista, and Ashe. Aphelios, on the other hand, mastered the part like no other. Aphelios has made himself known as one of the best picks in the game since the beginning of the season. 

Support: Leona

In the previous tournaments, Leona was chosen in 24 individual battles and was contested in 87 per cent of the games in the play-ins. Leona’s players won 19 of the 24 games they played, losing only five.

Support: Nautilus

Tanks that could hold their durability were primarily used in the support role. Classic champions such as Braum and Leona all had their moments in the limelight, but Nautilus stood out the most. Nautilus ended roughly 400 picks ahead of Thresh, another devoted support champion.

ADC: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, the reigning queen of the AD carry role, dominated the Worlds play-in stage, and she’ll most likely continue to do so throughout the tournament. Miss Fortune was contested in 37 of the 38 games played during the play-ins, which is the most of any champion in the competition. In the 29 games she was chosen for, Miss Fortune players went 16-13 with the champion, demonstrating her efficiency as a dependable pick.

Support: Amumu

The Sad Mummy returned to the Premier League of Legends stage with fury during the Worlds play-ins after a seven-year absence from the support position. Amumu is among the most favoured champions at play-ins, with 11 choices and 11 bans.

Add this list of champions to your roster for a more efficient play that dominates the battlefield that will make you feel like you’re playing for LoL’s world championships.

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