Here are the top 5 bruisers in League of Legends

best bruisers in lol warwick

When playing League of Legends (LoL), it’s important to find your role and be good at it. Some players are better in certain roles than others, but the most offensive characteristics of a given champion are usually the most useful.

For starters, they are the ones dealing damage and killing enemy champions. However, there are certain weak points for these types of champions in such a way that they can easily be killed. Fighters have high damage outputs but are given lower hit points and defence. 

If you want to hit hard while maintaining your health, there is one role you might want to check. Bruisers are those that can inflict high damage skills and attacks while being bulky themselves. 

League of Legends is known for its diverse heroes, and bruisers are one of the spectra of great characters to use during your playthrough. So, here are the best bruisers in the game and why you should start playing as them! 


Known as LoL’s spartan, this warrior is excellent for matches that require a bulky champion who can distance themselves and deal damage there. His first skill or ‘Q’ is a great range attack that can snipe enemy heroes in your lane. 

This allows for fantastic laning opportunities where you can farm and deal harass damage at the same time. His third skill or ‘E’ is an effective damage piercing spell that allows you to tank during fights. 

If you require crowd control, his second skill or ‘W’ is excellent for locking enemies down and dealing high amounts of damage while they go back to base. This secures you an open tower to attack with your creeps at the forefront. 

Pantheon has all the skills and utility to be an effective bruiser. With the right items, you can roam in no time by the time you get your ultimate or ‘R’ which allows you to jump in at any fight anywhere on the map. 


Out of all the top laners, Mordekaiser is one you do not want to face as an enemy. He is one of the best top laners in the game. He can deal great damage, sustain, and fight in crowds like a champ. 

Every player that wants to try out bruisers should at least look into Mordekaiser since most pros play this hero for so many times. Morde can hit like a truck and can take hits like a truck as well. 

During the early game, Mordekaiser can control the laning phase and apply pressure on the opposing heroes by harassing them constantly. Because this champion can take damage, especially at the early minutes, he can just walk to the opponents while farming and deal chip damage.

The only difference of doing this technique is the fact Mordekaiser can do a lot of damage while doing so, not chipped ones. Therefore, when an enemy hero farms, they’ll be forced to back off so as not to risk dying and losing their farm and experience. 


Another diver on this list is Warwick, a moon-fearing werewolf who can smell the taste of blood from the fears of the opposing champions. Enemy players cringe when Warwick is chosen since you have to heal a lot when facing him.

Warwick is primarily a jungle hero, but his skills will say otherwise. In fact, what makes Warwick so effective at his job is his ganking skills which synergise well with his farming skills. 

When jungling, he can spot enemy champions with low health and steal a kill while he’s at it. He is one of the most dangerous heroes at this since he has stuns on his ‘E’ and ultimately that rips his opponents to shreds. 

What makes Warwick different from the others is his potential to snowball during the early stages of the game, preventing any top carry hero to farm with ease. 


Darius is a fan-favourite among many LoL players in history. You can’t find a basketball player in any MOBA, and here he is dunking over the heads of opponents. This beast of a champion outputs damage that will even knock you out.

This champion is an executioner in the lane. When you pair his savagery with his skills and a great passive that gives him more damage over time through five stacks of normal attacks With this, you can deal huge damage to your opponents. 

His other skill, Ignite, is a lethal attack that can easily wipe out half of the opponent’s hit points. If you pair that skill up with his passive, then it’s practically over for the opposing team. It takes seconds with the combo to finish up a single champion anywhere on the map. 

This allows Darius to be a nightmare during the early game. He can farm well, deals a lot of damage, and is hard to kill in any circumstances. If you pair this hero with another stunner, then it’s basically a cat and mouse game between the opposing champions as they will lose their hit points quickly.


Though Darius is very close to being the best after reading all that power in one champion, Irelia has to be the best bruiser after you read what she has to offer. She is overpowered and needs a patch since she can wreck teams with ease without any good counter. 

She has tons of damage, a trend that keeps on coming, and is overloaded with skills that make you want to quit and just rest for hours after the butt-kicking you’re about to experience. 

When you are faced with a pro-Irelia against your lane, your best hope is not to get caught by her attacks as they will drain your life bar in seconds. Irelia is actually the softer bruiser in the game, but her ‘Q’ makes up for that by dashing through enemy heroes making it hard for them to catch her at low health. 

These are the best bruiser champions in League of Legends. If you start playing with them, you’ll see for yourself that life becomes easier in lanes when you need a farm quickly!

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