Hextech Crafting in League of Legends

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Riot Games has introduced a new way for devoted players to acquire new champions and skins aside from directly spending real money or in-game currency on them. The system is called Hextech Crafting, and it comes in the form of incentives from playing games with champions you own. With Hextech Crafting, even beginner players who are looking to acquire enough PvP experience can unlock new champions and skins that will make them stand out more in the battlefield.

Hextech Crafting involves forging chests that contain freebies from the game through PvP matches and, as previously mentioned, these freebies may come in the form of permanent champions or skins. Other items may also come out of a chest once you open it. If you are interested in learning more about this system, here are the basics on the reward system.

What are Hextech Chests, and how do you get them?

Hextech Chests are the finished products that you acquire upon reaching a certain mastery level on any champion you own. Under Hextech Crafting, whole Chests can be handed out to you once you reach an S level of mastery. The mastery level of a champion can be increased by playing matched games using that champion. This is the most common way of acquiring chests.

There is a way of acquiring chests even without reaching an S level of mastery. It can be done through having someone else from your team reaching that mastery level. Only one player may receive a Hextech Chest per game, though.

The game only gives out up to four chests per player, but there are technically no limits as to how many chests a player can have.

Hextech Chests can also be purchased through RP, a currency that can be topped up with real money. You can only get Hextech Chests on champions you own, one per champion per season.

How do you unlock Hextech Chests?

Hextech Chests don’t open by themselves—they need keys to be unlocked. The most common way of acquiring keys is by forging one using three key shards. Key shards are given to a player randomly, but it is believed that LoL’s honour system has something to do with key shards as well.

The honour system in League of Legends is a way of commending players who show a positive influence in the game, such as great teamwork or being friendly. Technically, it is a separate reward system for players but it just so happened that key shards that can be used to eventually unlock Hextech Chests can also be handed out through it.

Players can receive up to 12 key shards within a span of four weeks. The limit is reset after that period.

What can Hextech Chests give you?

Hextech Chests can give you any of these: champion shards, skin shards, ward skin shard, mastery tokens, gems, or champion permanents.

Champion shards are fragments that you can either put together and upgrade using Blue Essence to permanently unlock a champion or activate to ‘rent’ the champion you want. When the rent expires, the fragment is burned out.

Skin shards work the same way as champion shards: you can either unlock the permanent skin or rent it, both will cost you the fragments. You can be given skin shards on champions you rent, but to permanently unlock the skin you must unlock the champion first.

Ward skin shards can be used to unlock a new look for any of your wards. Riot initially planned for ward skins to be rented for up to a year but now it can be permanently used like champions’ skins.

Mastery tokens are used to raise a champion’s mastery level to either Level 6 or 7. These tokens must be used with champion shards or permanents or essence to fulfil its intended purpose. Also, a player must achieve at least an S- score on at least a Mastery Level 5 champion in order to use mastery tokens.

Gems are items that can be exchanged for other goodies. You can exchange one gem for a Hextech Chest and a key: five gems for a Hextech ward and ten gems for either a Hextech Annie skin or a Soulstealer Vayne skin.

Champion permanents are completed pieces of a champion. If you have one, you can exchange it for a permanent champion or use it alongside mastery tokens to boost your mastery level. Skin permanents are similar to champion permanents but instead of boosting your mastery level, its alternate use is disenchanting for essence and/or rerolling for more valuable skins.

Disenchanting and rerolling shards

Disenchanting champion shards means exchanging them for blue essence. Blue essence can be used to upgrade more valuable champion shards or hopefully turn them into a permanent. It can also be used alongside mastery tokens and shards or permanents to raise a champion’s mastery level. If you have three champion permanents of someone you have already unlocked, you can no longer reroll it. Instead you can disenchant it for more blue essence.

Disenchanting skin shards means exchanging them for orange essence. Orange essence is  used to upgrade more valuable skin shards to hopefully turn them into a permanent. It can also be used to upgrade ward skin shards.

Rerolling is an option players have when they have earned three skin shards and choose to gamble it for one different skin permanent. Rerolling high-value skin permanents, meanwhile, is not a good idea as the most common strategy for rerolling permanents is that only low-value ones will be re-rolled. If you have a high-value skin permanent but you already own the skin or you do not want it, you can disenchant it instead for more orange essence.

Aside from special events and quests, League of Legends will always introduce new rewards for players to get them to come back as well as reward players who spend lots of time in-game. With Hextech Crafting, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in playing as you will already be fascinated with how many skins and champions you can acquire so long as you score an S rating on any one champion you like using. Hextech Crafting may take a long time to reward you with anything but you know you will have something after a few games.

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