League of Legends champion guide: How to play Dr. Mundo

League of Legends champion guide How to play Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo has been on a run since the champion’s revamp in the League of Legends, becoming a popular in the top lane among high elo players as well as receiving considerable playing time in pro play. Mundo’s primary playstyle didn’t alter much as a result of the redesign, but it did help him improve. If you’re new to tanks and want to attempt a solid champion that can be unkillable in the late game if played well, Dr. Mundo is a good choice.

The Madman of Zaun, Dr. Mundo

Dr Mundo is a tank jungler who enjoys getting in the faces of his opponents and taking a lot of damage. He possesses one of the fastest jungle clears, making him effective at all phases of the game. 

Dr Mundo doesn’t have the finest ganking potential, with his Infected Cleaver (1st Ability) being the only crowd control he has in his kit, thus you’ll be farming the jungle to earn your core items most of the time. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not use your Burning Agony (2nd Ability) when there are no adversaries nearby. This ability slowly depletes your health, so if you waste it, you will lose a lot of health even before engaging in a team battle or clearing your jungle.

Dr Mundo may also be played in the top lane; check out the alternate build at the top of the page for more information! The build and play style are nearly identical with Dr Mundo at the helm.

Skill builds

Dr. Mundo’s skills center upon doing harm and regenerating health. He’s an excellent tank with practically unlimited sustain and a respectable damage output. He doesn’t have a proper escape, but that’s irrelevant because you’ll be focused on staying to your targets rather than running away from them. The finest thing is that none of his skills cost mana, but rather health.

Passive – Goes Where He Pleases

Dr. Mundo survives the first Immobilizing impact, instead of losing Health and dumping a chemical canister nearby. Dr. Mundo may pick it up by stepping over it, restoring Health and lowering the cooldown of this ability. Dr. Mundo’s health regeneration has also considerably improved.

This is why Dr. Mundo is so difficult to eliminate. Crowd Control may make or break a duel or team battle, and a passive spell shield can come in handy in a variety of scenarios. The additional health regeneration is also beneficial since it boosts your survival.

Q – Infected Bonesaw

Dr. Mundo hurls his bonesaw, causing magic damage equal to a percentage of his current health to the first opponent hit and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. Dr. Mundo recovers 50 health if the bonesaw strikes a champion or monster. Dr. Mundo instead recovers 25 Health if it hits a non-champion or non-monster.

Dr. Mundo’s bread and butter is infected Bonesaw. Despite being his only kind of CC, it’s still rather dependable because of the 40 percent slow. With a respectable range and a 4 second cooldown, you have a spammable ability that both slows and causes damage.

W – Heart Zapper

Dr. Mundo charges a defibrillator, delivering magic damage to adjacent opponents per second for up to 4 seconds. He may recast the ability while it is active and stores a percentage of the damage taken as gray health. Dr. Mundo detonates the defibrillator, delivering magic damage to opponents around. Dr. Mundo recovers 100 percent gray health if this strikes at least one champion. Dr. Mundo instead recovers 50% of gray health if only non-champions are attacked.

This is a strong DPS ability that works well with the passives from several of Dr. Mundo’s main gear, such as Sunfire Aegis and Frostfire Gauntlet. It’s a wonderful ability for trading punches with your opponent, and it can do a lot of damage.

E – Blunt Force Trauma

Dr. Mundo obtains extra attack damage as well as an additional bonus attack damage dependent on his lost health.

Mundo swings his ‘medical’ bag forcefully, causing his next strike to deliver extra physical damage that grows in proportion to his lost health. If the victim is slain, Mundo swats them away, causing the least amount of damage to any foes they pass through. Small creatures are swatted right away.

Another excellent skill for piercing your opponents’ defenses. When your adversaries shelter behind minions, it might be difficult to attack them with Infected Bonesaw. Blunt Force Trauma can damage your opponents even if they are hiding behind the minion wave. Furthermore, it functions as an auto-attack reset, increasing your total DPS while trading.

R – Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo injects himself with drugs in order to obtain more health. He then restores a percentage of his maximum health over 10 seconds while earning extra movement speed and attack damage.

Dr. Mundo’s hallmark ability, and the main reason he’ll be an unkillable tank in the late game. In the late game, once you’ve completed all of your equipment, his ultimate effectively restores him to full health. Maximum Dosage provides a lot of sustain and makes you extremely tanky. Using it in the middle of a team battle may swing the tables, as you’ll see your opponents retreat as you recover from the damage they do.

Runes and item builds

Dr. Mundo’s runes and item builds are quite similar to those of a regular tank. What’s nice is that, depending on the scenario, almost every tank item may be used on him.

For Dr. Mundo’s runes we have: 

  1. Fleet Footwork → You’ll be going around a lot with Mundo to collect stacks for this rune. Mundo can auto-attack and get a bit more movement speed and healing when he has full stacks, which may assist him clear the jungle and in team battles.
  1. Brutal → Brutal greatly assists Dr. Mundo with his early jungle clear, letting him clear faster and spend more time assisting the team with ganks.
  1. Hunter – Titan → You’ll be in a number of fights and battling several adversaries as Dr Mundo. This allows Dr Mundo to gain extra health with each takedown, making him even tankier.
  1. Pathfinder → As a jungler, you will spend a lot of time traveling over the map, capturing objectives and ganking lanes. Pathfinder grants you increased movement speed through brushes, jungle, and rivers, allowing you to move about the map much faster to assist your squad.

For Dr. Mundo’s item builds, we suggest the following: 

  1. Starting items → Always choose Doran’s Shield and a couple of Health Potions as your first gear. These are the ideal things to begin with since they provide Dr. Mundo with everything he requires in the early game. It provides him with health, health regeneration, and additional damage to assist him in last-hitting minions. Doran’s Blade can potentially be a helpful option, but it lacks the raw tank numbers that Doran’s Shield provides.
  1. Mythic items → Sunfire Aegis or Frostfire Gauntlet are the greatest Mythic Items to use. Depending on your playing style, you can opt for either one. If you want to play more aggressively and need more CC, Frostfire Gauntlet is the way to choose because its Snowbind passive provides a massive AoE slow that may undoubtedly restrict your opponent’s movements. Otherwise, Sunfire Aegis is the go-to for some all-around tank stats.
  1. Full build → The first things you should always rush as a tank in the top lane are Bami’s Cinder and Bramble Vest. These items can aid you with early game trades because they provide damage, armour, and health. They also contribute to your core goods, so possessing them early on is advantageous. Plated Steelcaps are the greatest choice for boots, but if you’re up against an AP heavy opponent, Mercury’s Treads are a better option.

League of Legends heroes are added, removed, and modified now and then. Despite these changes, Dr. Mundo remains a solid choice, especially for beginners. His item and skill builds make him an easy to play champion.

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