A basic guide on League’s farming and 7 best champions to use

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In multiplayer battle arena games like League of Legends, farming is a vital skill that every player should learn and master. This is because farming allows you to gain gold and experience to buy items and complete your builds. 

This article is a basic guide for beginners on how to farm effectively in League of Legends. Also, you can learn the 7 best champions to use for farming that allows your team to have an advantage on the battlefield.


This is the action of killing waves of minions and monsters to gain gold and experience. Farming, also known as jungling, is an important part of the gameplay in League of Legends. In the early game, when players are trying to gain the upper hand on their opponents, this is where farming comes in handy. It is the safest time to farm to buy items and complete your champion’s builds that amplify their abilities.

In League of Legends, the creep score is used to calculate the number of minions eliminated which has an impact on the team’s gold resources. Both the CS and KDA serve as bases to assess a player’s effectiveness to that of their opponents at the start of the game.

Minion waves

A minion wave consists of six to seven minions that, once you successfully farm, can earn you at least 355.5 gold. Minion wave value increases as the game progresses. Clearing out a merged wave can earn you a burst of gold that you can use to buy items and complete your build faster than your opponent.

Steps in farming minion waves

Here is a list of steps on the basics of farming minion waves on your designated lane.

  1. Your minions will first meet opposing minions in the middle of each lane at the start of the game.
  2. Once the minions have started fighting, resist the urge to begin killing the opposing minions and instead wait for your minions to injure the enemy minions severely. While waiting, remember not to get too close to enemy minions, or they will start to attack you.
  3. When an opponent minion’s health drops below a certain level, position yourself in range to auto-attack the minion. Each champion’s range varies depending on what type of champion you choose.
  4. Right-click the opponent minion when it’s almost dead to command your champion to auto-attack.
  5. To find out if you got the gold, inspect to see if the minion exploded into small coins after it was killed. If so, your attack was effective in killing the minion; if not, your attack was unsuccessful in killing it, or the minion died before you landed your attack.
  6. After finishing one wave of minions, continue the cycle on the upcoming waves. Just be careful of being attacked when doing so.

Remember that farming minions and jungle creeps take timing and patience. If you fail on your first try, you can always try again until you get the hang of it.

When is the best time to farm?

The laning phase or early game up to the mid-game is the best time to do your farming as it is the safest phase. Since champions are not yet equipped to fight, enemy heroes will not engage with you. In the late game, farming becomes less of a priority because this is the time when players are starting to complete their builds.

7 best champions to use in farming

Below are the seven best champions that you can use in farming. We picked the best ones so that when you play the game, you can easily pick out the champion that can help you farm easily.


This champion is one of the most powerful champions to use in farming. Amumu’s engage and lockdown skills that deal incredible damage has excellent potential for tanky magic-dealing fights. What makes him a fantastic jungler? He can clear minion waves fast with his high damage, and his skills are long-range. Amumu can be tanky and deal more damage than other champions when built right.


Hecarim has engaging team abilities that can turn the tides of the game. His ultimate ability serves as a powerful engagement and escape tool. His W ability restores a large amount of health back to him for each opponent within the aura of the ability. 

He is a great farmer because he can clear fast with his movement speed abilities. Hecarim can gank much faster than other champions because he can reach lanes faster. It is also notable how tough to kill Hecarim is, especially in the late game. 

Master Yi

This champion is one of those incredibly strong ones that can last in 1v5. Combine his high attack speed items with his insane true damage, Master Yi is one champion to reckon with.

He takes some time to get into the hard carry mode that most players want, and he can not provide much in the form of team utility, but his damage is unmatched among junglers. 

Aside from his incredible attack speed and damage, Master Yi can power farm his way through most of the game’s stages and emerge as the most formidable champion. Master Yi can easily run down and dispatch any opponents (including tanks) by combining his W with the rest of his skills.


With Leagues new item changes, Greave is now one of the formidable farming. His clearing has improved, but it is his damage potential that has skyrocketed.  If he is not kept in check, this champion is on the verge of being overpowered. 

Graves is an amazing jungler because of his potential to solo carry with damage buffs compiling along with new items. Like Master Yi, Graves can also power farm throughout the early game and come out as the MVP. Not to mention, his excellent mobility and continuous damage are very efficient in clearing jungle creeps. 

Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump or just Nunu is a tanky farmer who carries two smites with him. One is with his summoner spell, and the other is with his Q ability, which chomps down on neutral creatures for a massive amount of true damage. Nunu is extremely difficult to deal with for most opponents, especially given his ability to gank while moving at fast speeds while using his snowball ability.

What makes Nunu an amazing jungler is his impressive sustainability in the jungle that comes with a  heal from his Q ability. He can also clear minion waves fast and jungle creeps. Known to be one of the best ganker in the game with his snowball ability, Nunu is unstoppable.


Warwick thrives on his healing abilities and tanky build as a type of bruiser champion. He can clear jungle camps well and is one of the best gankers in the game when opponents’ health is low. His passive abilities allow him to move fast towards weak enemies. Warwick’s ultimate gives him an improved engage tool and ability to lockdown the enemies’ hard carries when aimed right.

Warwick is a great champion in jungling because he clears camps fast and has a healing ability that makes him last longer in team fights. His ultimate ability can either be used to engage or escape.


Last on our list but not least, Udyr is an unstoppable champion when it comes to how fast he can clear jungle camps. Udyr may not have an ultimate ability like most other champions; instead, he has four different transformations he can opt for. Udyr possesses crowd control, sustain, and damage abilities with these transformations, as well as a burst of movement speed that stacks with each change. 

Udyr is an effective farmer in League of Legends because his jungle clears grow faster as the game progresses. It is almost impossible to lock this champion down in the late game because of his incredible high movement speed. Udyr can be oppressive with ganking with the right jungle pathing. 

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