Five reasons why you should play Jinx in League of Legends

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When asked who the face of League of Legends is, many would count Jinx among Lux, Yasuo, and Ezreal. She is also one of the first champions that players can try as soon as they make an account because she is one of the starter characters. Don’t let that make you think that she’s an easy champion to pilot because she can have a few tricks up her sleeves. Here are five reasons why Jinx is a must-try champion in League of Legends.

  1. Encompasses all of the basic elements of the ADC role

Jinx is an attack damage carry (ADC). It means that her main attribute is attack damage and she’s designed to be the team’s win condition in the late game. Many would see her kit to have a simplistic design compared to other ADCs. She has a skill-shot that slows down the enemy it hits, an ability to deploy traps, and she is very reliant on her auto attack. 

This simplicity is exactly what made her appealing as a champion in League of Legends. Her kit has everything that you can ask for in a marksman. She’s great for trading damage against the enemy ADC without being in too much danger and she can harass a tank out of combat if they get too close. The same abilities that keep her safe can be used for offensive pushing because trapping an enemy or slowing them down makes it easier to hit them with all you’ve got.

  1. She has a very aggressive gameplay

Jinx is a very aggressive ADC compared to most of League of Legends’ marksmen. Her unique passive ability, Get Excited!, encompasses this as she gets a movement speed boost whenever she kills or helps kill an enemy champion. That means you are rewarded for being in the front lines to hit the opponents. Once the ability is triggered, you can either charge in to go for another kill or run away to stay safe.

Her ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket, is considered crude by most players at first glance. It’s a skill-shot with unlimited range that works best if fired from a distance but it has a high chance of missing or getting blocked. However, it is powerful at the hands of an unpredictable player. The best way to fire it is when the opponents are either running away or while they are preparing an ambush when they least expect it. 

  1. She is balance-friendly 

Jinx is beloved by the community. She is always part of League of Legends’ promotion materials for the game and community services. This reputation is largely thanks to her endearing designs and presentations but many consider her as a very reliable champion. 

Her kit is straightforward enough for opponents to anticipate her intentions and she’s complex enough for the users to have fun piloting her. Whenever there are balance patches, Jinx is often getting the smallest tweaks. They often change her damage and item scaling but it never takes away the fun brought by her speed and impulsiveness. 

Nobody expects much to change from her after major updates either. Her combos and item builds are likely to stay the same unless Riot Games introduces new items or runes. Despite those changes, she is still the same beloved ADC in the dragon lane.

  1. Jinx is rarely banned

One of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a main Champion to use everyday is how available they are. The most popular champions for skilled players and team-composition planners are often banned in ranked games. This includes Katarina, Yasuo, Yone, and Leblanc to name a few. 

Jinx is rarely part of that list. She’s mostly just banned in low-ranked games (Platinum and below) because she’s powerful in most matchups. Other than that, she has a balanced win rate of roughly 51% and a pick rate of 4% in PvP and high-ranked matches.

Why is she rarely banned? As stated, she is very easy to counter as long as you know what to expect from her. Most players in Diamond and above tend to have mastered enough champions to perform nicely against her. That doesn’t mean that she’s weak in those matchups. It just means that you have to play more carefully or skillfully once you reach a certain level. 

  1. She is oppressive in all stages of the game

As long as you know how to tap into Jinx’s strengths and respect her weaknesses, you are very likely to dominate all stages of the match. Just focus on delivering the killing blow against minions as often as you can. Only try to poke opponents out of your range using Zap! or Flame Chompers! to keep a safe distance. 

Use these same abilities to eliminate targets if your support is confident that you can engage. Jinx is so versatile that she can work together with all kinds of support. Jinx just needs to get her first two core items to reach the height of her power. Once done, she can be aggressive enough to contest the objectives or push the lanes. Staying ahead in the midgame almost guarantees that she remains intimidating in the late game.

Play Jinx, the Loose Cannon

Jinx embodies the chaotic and impulsive nature of League of Legends. This design trait is also seen in her biography and lore as well as gameplay style. While most players are concerned with precision and grace, she is your guide to embracing the chaotic nature of Summoner’s Rift. 

Try playing Jinx whenever you feel like you wish to try the ADC role. She’s quick, strong, and her abilities work as both offensive and defensive tools. Jinx is also the best champion for learning the marksman class thanks to her variety of abilities.

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