Popular esports games: League of Legends (LoL)

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The esports scene continues to thrive as more people grow fond of watching and betting on professional gamers. With a lot of games being featured, countless players are hopping on the trends to discover how fun esports gaming is. 

There are countless games that are enjoyed in the industry but there are those that stand out from the rest. One of them is League of Legends or LOL. Here’s a closer look at the game and why millions of people love it. 

What is LoL all about?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) created by Riot Games. This game was first announced in 2008 but was officially released in 2009. This is known as one of the most popular esports games. It also hosts one of the biggest esports tournaments in the industry. 

In this game, two teams of five players each compete against each other. They will start from opposing sides of the map. To win the game, each team must destroy their opponent’s Nexus while protecting their own. Teams will have to work their way through a series of towers called ‘turrets’ which are placed along three different paths that each lead to each base. 

Players can be stronger in the game as they complete different game objectives that will earn them experience points. This will also help them progress with their levels in the game, providing them with an advantage against their opponents. 

Factors that make it popular 

There are several factors that draw the attention of millions of players from across the globe. Here are some of the reasons that make it massively popular. 

Free to play 

Players love games that are free to play rather than those that have to be purchased first. By being a free to play game, players are given the chance to know if the game will match their preference first. 

Aside from being free to download, what players love most about this is that almost everything is also free in the game. Unlike other games that are loaded with in-game purchases, LoL has a lot of items that players can enjoy even if they don’t buy anything. 


As a MOBA game, players can play LoL with their friends whenever they want to. The game has a special feature that allows players to set up their private lobby. There, they can wait for their friends to show up until the two teams are completed. 

As a multiplayer game, players are also given the chance to meet new people across different game servers. 

Regular updates 

Although the game was released in 2009, Riot Games has continuously delivered an impressive gaming experience for its players to enjoy. With many games rising in the industry, LoL has proven its worth and why it’s such an amazing game choice. 

By having regular updates, players will not easily grow tired of playing the game as it continuously adapts to gaming trends. Aside from giving players something to look forward to, the regular updates also spark the interest of new players. 

Not time-consuming

One of the best factors players love most about MOBA games is that they are very easy and fast to play. Unlike other games that may take hours to be played, a standard LoL match just lasts for 35 minutes. 

With its fast gameplay, players can simply play the game in between their short breaks. If players have a lot of time to spare, then they may play several rounds of LoL rather than just one round of another game. 

Competitive gameplay 

LoL’s gameplay is competitive enough to have players enjoy its thrill. Although some players may enjoy the game for fun, some take it to a more serious level. As one of the most popular esports games in the industry, the tournament for LoL is one of the most anticipated events every year.

In their exclusive tournament, the best of the best players from all over the world compete with one another in an attempt to prove themselves worthy of the massive jackpot prize. 

League of Legends World Championship 

The League of Legends World Championship or Worlds is the most prestigious tournament for the game held every October. This tournament is hosted for 22 teams from all over the world who beat each other in a series of games that follows a round-robin single-elimination format. Supposedly, the 2021 edition was supposed to host 24 teams but two teams weren’t able to attend the Worlds tournament due to travel restrictions. 

The main prize for this tournament is a multi-million dollar prize and the 32-kilogram trophy called the Summoner’s Cup. The current prize pool that will be divided among the teams is worth $2,225,000. The winner will get to take home an astonishing $489,500. This prize pool is still expected to grow with the help of in-game sales. 

The massive pool prize and the intense matches of the game fueled it to be one of the most-watched esports tournaments in the world. This tournament strengthened its reputation when they were watched by 99.6 million people from all over the world in 2018.

The most recent champion of the tournament is Damwon Gaming. 

Popular teams 

Several amazing and talented professional teams hail the Worlds stage every year. Although each team may have their strengths and weaknesses, some teams have established their names in the LoL industry. Here are some of them.

T1 (South Korea)

SK Telecom T1 or T1 holds the most number of championships in the Worlds. With three titles to their name (2013, 2015, and 2016), they are known as one of the strongest teams in the tournament. 

They have played more than 300 professional LoL games and have produced impressive results each time. This also makes them a popular choice for punters who bet on every World’s tournament. 

Fnatic (Europe)

Fnatic is the first-ever team to bring home the World Championship title. Although they may not have reclaimed the top spot again, they have proven to be a strong contender in the tournament. In the 2018 season of the tournament. Fnatic finished second, thus proving that they can battle against players from regions like South Korea and China. 

Their impressive lineups and their strategies are among the factors that fans love most about them. 

Invictus Gaming (China)

Invictus Gaming, one of the most successful esports teams in Asia, has cemented their name in the LoL industry when they won the 2018 World Championship title. Their victory against Fnatic is what kept viewers at the edge of their seats. Up to date, their victory is still considered as one of the best of 5 series in LoL esports history. 

With their impressive playing style that took the world by storm, many fans and punters are hopeful to watch them play in the tournament again. 

These are just some interesting facts that players would have to know about League of Legends and why it’s such a popular game. By playing or watching the game, players will appreciate this game and understand why it remains timeless even if it has been more than 10 years since its release! 

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