The best marksmen to try in League of Legends

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The role of carry is something that League of Legends players either aspire to be good at or try to avoid. This role requires you to help out the jungler in securing kills by using champions that deal huge amounts of damage to the opponents. If you are a carry, you’d usually pick the marksman class of champions as they are the perfect attackers that secures objectives quickly.

But with a wide selection of marksman champions in the game, you might find it hard to select which one would suit your play style or which one would be easy to use. Luckily, here’s a list of some of the best marksman champions you should try in League of Legends:


Ashe is one of the few recommended marksman champions for beginners. Even if you are an experienced player, she is still a good character to play. This ice-cold archer specialises in dealing continuous damage to opponents caught in her range. She can do this by inflicting a slow effect on each of her normal attacks.

Her abilities, meanwhile, allows her to either fire multiple arrows or a couple of long-ranged ones to give allies some vision or restrict the opponent’s movements.


Yet another easy champion to use, Lucian is usually a carry, a mid laner, and a top laner. The way he uses his pistols are what entices players to use him. His passive ability, Lightslinger, allows him to fire two shots simultaneously each time he uses an ability. Lightslinger pairs well with his Relentless Pursuit which is his mobility ability.

Lucian’s other abilities either hit multiple targets or fire a barrage of bullets on any target it comes across. His ultimate, The Culling, can be of great help in team fights where he just harasses anyone who comes near your allies.


Kai’Sa is a marksman champion that can deal magic damage, which is why she has also been played as a mid laner. She makes quick work of enemy creeps using her Icathian Rain and becomes more mobile with the help of Supercharge. What players like most about Kai’Sa is her Void Seeker which is a long-ranged ability that deals massive damage no matter how tanky the target is.

Aside from her poking abilities, Kai’Sa can also act as a finisher using her ultimate, Killer Instinct. Enemy champions who are low on HP are as good as dead once Kai’Sa closes in on them.


Players find it quite easy using Jinx as their marksman due to her first ability Switcheroo and her passive ability Get Excited which complement each other. A great addition to her combo is her Zap which slows the target.

Since Jinx is a squishy champion, she needs an ability that will prevent powerful melee opponents from getting close to her. Fortunately, her Flame Chompers perfectly zone opponents out. If she is too far from a skirmish, her Super Mega Death Rocket can still help her team out.


Caitlyn specialises in dealing with boosted damage, especially if her target is trapped in her 90 Calibre Net. The net isn’t her only crowd control ability, though, as she also has her Yordle Snap Trap which stuns any champion who gets baited into it.

Her other abilities utilise her rifle immensely, with her Piltover Peacemaker being a penetrating shot and her Ace in the Hole pursuing any escaping opponent.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is gradually seeing some competitive play due to how useful she is in team fights. Her third ability and her ultimate deal is continuous damage to enemies in a certain area, keeping enemies at a certain distance or helping melee allies close in on the repositioned enemies.

She can also prove useful during 1v1 or 2v2 duels using her combo of Double Up and Strut. Add to that the bonus damage from her passive ability, Love Tap, and you have a sustainable marksman on your hands.


Using Ezreal is just like playing as Lucian. His main combo involves a mobility ability and a shot that deals with a boosted damage output. In Ezreal’s case, the first thing you will do is mark an opponent with Essence Flux, position yourself to safety with Arcane Shift and fire a homing shot that will hit the marked target.

The aforementioned combo can be extended by quickly firing normal attacks courtesy of his passive ability, Rising Spell Force. If your opponents get too far away, don’t worry. You can still hit them no matter how far they go, as long as you aim your Trueshot Barrage properly.


Tristana has one of the best utilities among all marksman champions in League of Legends. Her passive, Draw a Bead, increases her range every time she levels up. This means that you have to make her stronger as quickly as possible to make the most out of her passive. Draw a Bead also works well with Tristana’s first ability, Rapid Fire, which significantly increases her attack speed.

She has a mobility ability, Rocket Jump, which repositions herself to safety if she is low on health. She can also use this ability to get aggressive and slow enemies in her point of impact. Another combo you can use on Tristana is her Explosive Charge and Buster Shot which not only knocks enemies back but also deals an area of effect damage due to the explosion she produces.
You know you have to perform your absolute best when playing marksman champions. Careful positioning and a good aim is just as good as choosing the best items and having a high creep score. While it is true that in League of Legends you have to secure multiple objectives while being a carry, the right marksman will help you get the job done.

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