Tips on how to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends

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Ranked matchmaking is one of the most challenging parts of any multiplayer game. In League of Legends, this is more prominent because the game’s main mode is to play against in a five vs five setting. With that, players need tips so that they can thrive in their ranked matches.

As one of the most popular multiplayer games on the planet, League of Legends has nearly two or three million people playing concurrently. It is a huge number which shows that League has one of the strongest communities in the world. 

This also means that there are many experienced players in the system. In every ranked match, there will be challenging factors like those experienced players but also bad teammates, questionable champions, and many more. If you want to thrive in League of Legends matchmaking, you should read tips that can truly help you win games. Thankfully, we are here to give you some of those important tips.

Know the right champs

As you play League matchmaking, you should know the champs in the game. As of March 2022, the game has more than 140 champs with Zeri’s release two months prior. It goes to show that League is filled to the brim with characters but that variety is one of the game’s biggest strengths.

To thrive in ranked matches, players need to identify the champs. This can be done through constant gameplay and seeing all kinds of champs and watching videos, streams, and analysis pieces. This is important because if players know how a champ works, they can identify the right way to approach every match. 

If you are playing against Ashe, you should know that the champ thrives on sitting in the backlines using her abilities to make an impact. You can solve this Ashe issue by picking champs that close the gap like Draven. This kind of counter-picking strategy is crucial to your success in ranked matches but that is not the only positive that you can get from knowing the right champs. 

You should also know the synergy that comes with the champs that are picked. When a champ like Yasuo is picked, he will have an ultimate ability with a knock-up mechanic that resembles part of Alistar’s kit. This is important to note because if they are picked together, you will expect that they will synergise well. This synergy also works for the team when champs like Sona and Miss Fortune are played together since the latter is the perfect support for MF’s attack damage carry gameplay. 

Pick your favourite champ/s

  • You should have signature champs for yourself in ranked because you will need reliable champs that you know will be good performers during games. You can climb the ranked ladder by having a speciality because you are comfortable with the mechanics of a champ. This is mostly known as ‘maining’ which means picking a primary champ that will be used for the foreseeable future. 
  • However, you should not get stuck with just picking one champ. You should have secondary and tertiary picks so you can diversify your playstyle and improve your mechanical skill as well. If you have a good rotation for your champs so you can succeed with your ranked matches.

It’s okay to be self-critical 

When you are playing League ranked matches, you should expect that you will face obstacles. You should always keep a rock-solid mindset so you won’t get frustrated when you lose. Winning and losing matches is inevitable in League matchmaking but that should not get you down in the dumps. You should always remain self-critical with the motivation to improve. 

In League matchmaking, teammates will inevitably blame you for making mistakes for something that you cannot control. You should be a critical thinker while playing because if you match the teammates’ toxicity, you will just be stuck in a trash talk match with a teammate that you are working with to win games. 

Know the right timing for farming

Farming is one of the most important parts of every League game. If you are farming well, you can expect more gold and resources to keep pouring in to help you and your team. This means that you should work on your farming skills which involve last hitting minions, getting kills, and farming the jungle. 

You should also know how to manage your minion wave because there are many types of lane pushes. You can push the lane slowly or quickly, the enemy will see you on the minimap. They will most likely try to stop you from farming. This kind of game sense can be worked on by constant improvement. 

When a team fight is brewing, you should always react quickly because the team will need your skills. You will need to contribute to that by stopping your farm, so you can travel to the fight without any issues.  

Always think before you move

League of Legends is a game where you will have to think quickly. As you progress with your League performance, you should always think about what you’re going to do before you make moves. Sometimes, emotions can get the best of you in League because you can be over-aggressive or even too passive at times. 

Learn to make high-quality decisions that are both productive and least risky as possible. It’s important to be in control of your moves because if you are going too far, that might become a bad result and it can snowball into you and your team losing the game. 

While this might look like thinking during the moment, you should always know that this can be worked on as well. Before you even queue for a match, you can make a checklist for yourself that involves principles that you should always remember: 

  • Don’t overextend during chases because that may lead to your death. This might ignite a disagreement with your teammate and also affect the match negatively. 
  • Don’t get too caught up with emotions because trash-talking with an enemy or even a teammate can negatively affect your performance during the game. 
  • Cut out the bad habits like farming too much or being too flashy because that can lead to you losing out on a chance to win the game by just making the right play. 

Try to watch your games back

The last tip here is to try and watch replays of your matches. These replays can be accessed after the game ends with a download button on the upper right of the post-game screen. When you locate the replay, you can download and review what you did during the match. 

If you identify your mistakes, you can work on them and improve your performance in the next match. This is a process that you should try repeating because this is the way you can consistently improve. There is no perfect player in League of Legends but you can get to a high level by looking at mistakes and improving on them how you see fit. 

Those are just a few of the tips that you can use to win your ranked matches. It is a challenging task but at the same time, you are playing this game because it is one of the most fun that you can have in video games. Don’t forget to have fun!

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