Tips to become an effective LoL mid laner

lol midlane

League of Legends’ mid lane has long been a favourite position among players. Because of its position on the battlefield, it has a significant impact on side lanes. Mages and assassins dominate the mid lane champion pool. Mage mobility is limited, but the narrow lane allows them to farm safely. Assassins and mages both enjoy the freedom of roaming, making mid lane an excellent choice due to its strategic location.

In this article, we’ll go over the best champions for the mid lane as well as tips on how to play the role better.

Choose your class

When it comes to possible champions that fit the role of the mid laner in League of Legends, the position offers the most variety. Assassins are the most intriguing class to play because of the dominance of their abilities like Yasuo and Yone. However, there are also mages like Veigar, who have a wide range of damage output and can dominate the lane easily.


When it comes to outplaying the competition, assassins have a lot of ways and a wide range of abilities at their disposal. However, assassin champions are recommended for experienced players as they can be challenging to use.  If you’re going to play mid, you need to put in a lot more time and effort to get the hang of it to make it easier to control your champion.

The best assassins to play on the mid lane are Talon, Yone, Yasuo, Zed and Akali.


Mage champions can be both short and long-range damage dealers. They’re known for zoning power and have amazing crowd control abilities. Mages, as opposed to assassins, are under much less of a time constraint to kill. This is one of the reasons they’re suggested for those who want to learn trading, farming, and roaming. Mages are also easier to use.

The best mages to play as a mid laner are Cassiopeia, Syndra, Orianna, Azir, Ryze and Twisted Fate. 

Mid-lane warding

Although mid lane is the shortest lane in the map of League, it is prone to attacks and ganks from the jungle and the surrounding lanes. To prepare for an enemy gank, a Warding Totem should not be placed in the early stages. This is because following their initial jungle clear, junglers tend to end up on either the top or bottom of the map. A jungler can progress to the mid-early stage, but this unusual occurrence can be challenging to estimate.

How to ward

Warding is an essential factor of the game. Warding is when Dota 2 wards are placed and ripping the benefits from their tactical use. In various situations on the battlefield,  the team’s victory in the match is sometimes based on how well you have placed your wards across the map.

You can avoid the dark area of the map by playing on the side of your ward’s lane. For example, you can play on the top side of the mid lane and completely avoid the unwarded bottom side by putting a ward.

Warding Totem charges are stored as the game goes on, allowing you to place wards on either side of the lane for greater coverage. Supplementing your vision with Vision Wards is a wise move. It’s best to place these Vision Wards in the brush closest to your turret so that you can effectively protect them from an enemy attack. This allows your jungler to feel secure while ganking your lane without being seen.

Farming and minion wave management

To win, you must first destroy the enemy’s nexus. However, having a few more gold and experience than your opponent is a distinct advantage. The best way to get those to improve your chances of winning is to have more minions than your opponent. You’ll get to earn gold for each minion you’ve killed. 

Take note of the minion waves when attempting to make damage trades in the lane. Inflicting damage on an enemy champion causes them to focus on your champion. The larger your minion wave, the more advantageous it is to trade with the enemy. It is best to avoid making a trade if the enemy minion wave is significantly larger than your own.

For efficient farming and minion wave management, here are the elements you need to know:


Freezing is a state in which the minions in a lane do not move. Enemies can step up and become vulnerable to ganks due to freezing. You can either wait for the enemy to come to you, or you can take the fight to them.

Slow push

Most of the time, the enemy will begin a slow push after breaking a freeze. Both teams have the same number of minions, but only one player can use them because they are all on one side of the lane. 

Supporting minions will naturally show up faster to the side where the wave is located, and this side will temporarily have an advantage in numbers. You need to use slow push for big waves and look for quick recalls or roaming.


Think of a situation wherein the rest of your team is losing, despite having solo killed the enemy laner and are now in the lead in your lane. You have no other advantage over the enemy at this point other than to strategise.  

If you want your team to take the lead back, you’ll have to move around a lot. Shoving the lane is the best way to do this. You won’t miss any valuable minions if you shove your lane before roaming. 

Learn how to roam properly

Mid-laners benefit greatly from roaming because they are in the middle of the map. You are always a threat to assist in the top or bottom lane. As a result, mid lane champions and junglers can often make plays together on the map.

Before exploring, make sure you manage your minion wave first. Ideally, you want to push the minion wave into the enemy turret and roam around the map. Even if you clear the enemy mid’s minion wave after yours, you will lose tempo on your movement on the map.

You need to keep in mind a few things when moving toward a new location. Your allies should have sufficient health and mana to help you out during your gank. Having your allies tell you whether the enemies have already used their remaining summoner spells is also beneficial.

You must be sure that you have a safe path to the lane you want to roam on. The enemy jungler can block your path if you do not have sufficient wards or information on the junglers whereabouts. 

Ensure that you have a good chance of catching out the enemy laners when you roam. Your goal is to keep your allies in control of their lane or for the enemy to become overextended. Roaming to an enemy laner who has a turret with full health is a waste of time.Take note of these League of Legends tips to dominate your lane as a mid laner and be an efficient champion that achieves the tasks for the team.

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