Tips to perfectly aim your skillshots


Skillshots are one of the best ways to inflict damage to your enemies in League of Legends (LoL). One or more skill shots can be found on the majority of champions in LoL. Some even have as many as three or four. Skill shots play a huge role in League of Legends gameplay that is why learning how to hit and avoid them is critical.

A broad range of skillshots is available. Keep in mind that each skillshot has the potential to go in a variety of directions. Your champion’s position and the number of minions can also affect the direction of these skillshots.

Quick cast or smart cast

When playing League of Legends, it is highly recommended to use a quick cast because it allows you to use skillshots with greater accuracy. Since it takes time to master this skill, some players opt to disregard it.

Instead of using a quick cast for all of your abilities, it is better to switch to a smart cast. The majority of professional and experienced LoL players use a smart cast that allows them to strike quickly. 

Don’t aim for the body, aim for the foot

This may sound absurd, but the hitbox of a League of Legends champion is related to the character’s map tangent. While it is often claimed that the champion’s body is impacted by the skillshot, players are often fooled into thinking that they must aim for any part of the body to cast skillshots correctly. When in reality, they should aim for the foot.

You can use skillshots to deal damage or threaten your opponent as long as their legs are exposed.

Be wary of miss positioning

Minion-blocking skillshots like Blitzcrank’s Q are common. Their only option is to target the opposing champion directly. An example of this would be to walk out behind your minions and into an enemy’s open area. 

The best time to take advantage of the ability is now and don’t think twice as it might put you in danger. This is also because they won’t be guarded by any henchmen. 

Prediction is key

Skillshots require you to correctly predict which direction your opponent will be positioning himself. Since skillshots require you to learn and predict where your enemies are, there is no perfect way to tell how exact your aim should be. 

However, it’s possible to get better at predicting your enemy’s movements. Learning how your opponent moves and anticipating when they will miss your skillshot is one way to hit your target consistently.

Consider your enemy

If your enemy is not moving to avoid your skillshot, don’t waste time trying to forecast their next move. This is especially true for players with lower ratings who aren’t intentionally evading attacks. You’ll also need to consider the enemy’s objectives. When someone is last hitting, for example, their focus is on the minion rather than you.

It’s also a good idea to consider other possibilities such as your enemy constantly changing his position. If their movement options are limited such as being jammed between turrets or being surrounded by an adversary, this is a great opportunity to completely shut off their escape routes and eliminate them. If crowd control is used, such as slows or roots, remain patient and wait for the adversary to become immobile. 

Consider the hitbox

It may sound tricky but bear in mind that if you want to employ the appropriate skillshot, you need to aim for where your opponent believes he is heading and where he is currently. Every League champion has its own hitbox size. It is a box with a specific area on the battlefield. To land your skillshots, simply cast the skillshot where you think the hitbox is.

When you execute your skill to where the enemy is standing, they can evade with ease in just one turn. Remember to aim for the midpoint because this is where the skill will still impact the champion’s hitbox in both directions and where the opponent is and where the enemy will stand. In other words, if you utilise skillshot on moving targets, this method will double your success rate.

Aim lower when you’re at low ground

Even though Riot Games has removed a lot of complex terrains, the League of Legends map isn’t quite as ‘flat’ as many people think. There are landform changes and low grounds that are mostly found along the river. This affects skillshots causing the trajectory to deviate from usual. There are a few instances where you toss your skills into the river in the hopes of reaching the opponent, but the skill misses. That is why it’s best to aim a little lower than typical when employing low ground skillshots.

Don’t walk where you hit

If your champion is Lux and you want to use a skill to defeat your enemy, you don’t get near and hit it. Rather, take a walk up, down, or backwards. Simply, strive to keep your champion away from the enemy. Enemies will be confused and won’t expect a spell as a result.

Try to hit your spells two or three times, and don’t worry if you miss. Take a look at how the enemy is reacting to the spell. Find the pattern in which he dodges the spell and utilises it to your advantage the next time you stun him.

Since most players are right-handed, when they run away from your attacker and try to avoid a spell, they will almost always dodge to the right side because it is easier for their hand to do so quickly.When it comes to making accurate skillshots in League of Legends, persistence and practice are key to success. Skillshots can be difficult and it takes a lot of time for a person to get good at them. Don’t lose hope if you don’t land skillshots on your first few tries. Practice makes perfect.

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