Top 5 best support champs you should use in ranked games

Top 5 best support champs you should use in ranked games

In League of Legends, most players love to use the mid or bottom lane champions, however, some people want to primarily play the support role. Ranked matchmaking is challenging and only a few people want to play support champs. 

In MOBAs, it’s easy to be drawn towards the flashy champs. That is human nature because people want to play with flashy skills and contribute the most to the game. At first glance, that is what most people would like to do. However, subtlety is strong in MOBAs and playing the support role is where you can see the intricacies of the genre. 

You can see this in games like Dota and League of Legends where you can see the supports setting the table for the core champs. The bot and mid laners will be the priorities for the farm but you should expect that some support players are the ones responsible for their easy lives while farming and team fights. Let’s talk about the support champs that you should learn for ranked.


If you’ve played League of Legends, you can see that Janna has been one of the best champs in the game. With her immense impact on team fights, Janna is not only a reliable champ but she also has a high ceiling. Crowd control can be challenging at times but Janna makes it easier because her skills are easy to use. 

You have to understand positioning better when you use Janna because she is a squishy champ. If you know where you’re supposed to be, you will have limited issues when you’re playing Janna. 

She is usually deployed in the top lane because she can harass the enemy top laner. This is a strong tactic because you will make the enemy struggle from the onset of their lanes. You can also make your teammates’ lives easier at the start of the game especially when you’re playing solo queue matchmaking.

You need to learn how to play with angles with this champ because you will have to summon those little tornadoes with vector targeting which will need some practice to hit reliably. 


For beginners, Soraka is always a recommendation because her skills are easy to use. While she is a beginner-friendly champ, that shouldn’t take away from her viability in ranked matches. She can deal tons of damage while also providing sustainability to the lane. She is a good harasser in the lane which makes for a strong start to the match. 

Of course, she will be mostly played as a support champ and don’t expect her to fire into becoming a scaling core champ later in the game. Soraka will be used to secure a lead early on but she will not function well when you’re in a deficit. The comeback mechanic for most champs are innate but Soraka is better played when you’re ahead. 

With that, you should learn how to work together with your attack-damage carry. It will be challenging to find the dynamic at first but all you have to do is make their lives easier so you can win the games later on when they are farmed. 


As soon as you pick Blitzcrank, you can expect the enemies will be quaking in their boots. This is largely due to Blitzcrank’s ability to hook enemies which displaces them from their original position. They can just sit in an open area and they might die just a few moments later when they’re hooked.

The main reason behind playing Blitzcrank is to apply pressure to the enemy. If you can secure a good team to surround the Blitz, you can expect that the team will function well because of the gank possibilities. 

The only drawback to playing Blitz is the aiming aspect of the hook. If you miss a hook, you will struggle but with enough practice, you can expect to succeed with your Blitz plays. Ensure that you are doing well for yourself with these hooks because when the pressure is properly applied, you will have a snowball effect for you and the rest of the team. 


Over the years, Sona has been branded as one of the strongest champs in the game. She can be a boost for the rest of the team with her speed buffs. However, she shines in other departments as well because she has a stun and a heal in her kit. That is important because you can serve almost every purpose of the support role. 

If you can play this well-rounded champ, you can expect that the rest of the team will benefit because you’re making their lives easier. You will likely struggle in your first few games but that is par from the course out of any other support champ.

She is incredibly effective when it comes to being a proper support champ because she ticks all of the boxes that you need from that role. You should try playing Sona because she is one of the best champs in the game and it will be a shame if you miss out on using her while she’s still at her peak. 


While we talked about some squishy support champs earlier, you should look at the tanky supports as well with Nautilus. You only have to step up to the plate when you’re using Nautilus because you don’t have a high skill floor when playing this champ. 

Nautilus is a strong champ especially when you’re playing in team fights. You will just have to know how to tank damage so your teammates won’t have to deal with problematic damage. As you use your skills, you should anticipate that the enemy team will target you because of your potential impact on the team fight.

If you use Nautilus to his fullest, you can be one of the most effective supports in the game while also soaking up the damage from the enemy team. These are just a few of the best support champs that you can use in your League of Legends games. You should ensure that you’re playing the top supports in the meta. You can deviate at times but you should capitalize on the champs that are strong in the meta to win points.

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