10 underrated League of Legends champions players should try

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People have a deep love for playing as it keeps them entertained and stress-free. With the help of games, players are transported to different worlds that will introduce them to different characters and challenges that they would have to face. 

There are different game genres that people love to play and among them is a multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA. In a typical game, players can control one player at a time while being placed in different roles and positions. To develop their chosen characters, players must unlock abilities and skills. 

One of the most popular MOBA games today is League of Legends. By following the typical gameplay, LoL is played between two teams of five players each. Their main objective is to defend their base while attempting to occupy the land of their opponents. Players can also control their champion and use their special skills in this game. There are many champions that are widely recognized by players while there are those who are a bit underrated. Here are some of them and why players should use them too. 

Mordekaiser (Top)

Mordekaiser is considered an underrated champion as only rift makers seem to recognize him for the early healing his item gives. His basic attacks and abilities are damaging. He can also smash the area in a certain target direction to deal magic damage to his enemies. The impact is even greater if his attack hits just one enemy. 

Kayle (Support)

Kayle is another underrated champion who was born to a Targonian Aspect at the height of the Rune Wars. She, together with her twin sister Morgana, were the protectors of Demacia for many years as they honoured their mother’s legacy by fighting for justice on the wings of divine flame. That is, until this character abandoned her duty as a protector when she became disillusioned with the repeated failings of humans. Her blade is represented as the Sword Stone in the Tellstones: King’s Gambit. 

Wukong (Top)

Wukong has a low pick rate at 1.42% as most players prefer choosing champions with better crowd control and survivability during tank meta. As a result, this Monkey King was left behind. Unbeknownst to some players, this character is perfect for deceiving and outplaying the opponents as this character can simply creep into lanes while watching the enemies burn. Even though he may be not that strong, his Stone Skin gives him enough bonus armour and magic resistance. 

Skarner (Jungle)

Skarner provides excellent encounter counter engage tools with stuns and suppression from his ultimate. His tankiness and movement speed from Crystalline Exoskeleton allows the Crystal Vanguard to be healthy even during team fights. Though he may have a low play rate, he can fill many roles and can be an asset to the team that needs a fighter or a tank that can instantly fight potential enemies. This character is also perfect for players who want to prevent enemies from snowballing. 

Anivia (Mid)

Anivia is a utility mage who specializes in locking down her opponents with icy slows and bursting them with massive magic damage. She is often neglected due to her high skill cap, poor early game, obscene mana costs, and low mobility. Though she may be overlooked at times, players who use her know that she is one of the most influential champions that was released by Riot. She has both defensive and offensive strategies who are looking for a tactical approach, especially with the attack called Rebirth which makes her harder to kill.

Sivir (ADC)

Sivir has a high win rate but she remains to be one of the least picked ADC champions. Also known as the Battle Mistress, players who use her know that she is a safe pick and that she has a few flaws. Some of her strengths include her impeccable wave clear which is one of the strongest attacks in the game. With her overall safety, she has very few losing matchups, especially with the help of her Spell Shield that negates the grabs and hooks of popular supports. 

Leona (Support)

Leona is not the most popular support but she is a strong pick. This is most noticeable with her tank item reworks and subsequent cooldown changes. Some of her strengths include great crowd control that protects her allies and gives them the opportunity to secure more kills. 

This champion, also known as the Radiant Dawn, has high defensive stats and her Eclipse ability that makes her hard to defeat. With the help of certain in-game items, she can shield incoming damage while slowing down some enemy champions. 

Rumble (Mid) 

This yordle is dangerous and is in fact an underrated character in the game. Despite his passiveness, he can still be seen burning things when placed in a solo lane position. Though he may not look as strong as the others, he has a 53% win rate and a high ban rate percentage. 

Swain (ADC) 

Jericho Swain is a notable character that has succeeded in mocking a traditional ADC role like Seraphine. He made this possible by taking down fragile archers and gunslingers early in the lane stage. He is the visionary ruler of Noxus who was cast down and crippled in the Ionian wars. After he got severed, he now ruthlessly controls an empire with his new demonic hand.  

Cho’Gath (Jungle)

Cho’Gath is an underrated champion who once used to be one of the most beloved game champions. His ultimate is perfect for the Jungle as he can chomp down monsters and champions with the help of True Damase that increases his health and drains other health bars. He can also create a field of spikes that can shoot enemies for quite some time, providing him with impressive damage and crowd control skills at the same time. 

These are just some of the underrated champions that players can try in League of Legends. By learning more about the potential of these champions, players can vary their gameplay and see how they can help the team differently! 

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