What are the best champion duos in League of Legends?

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In MOBA games, you can always expect that there will be character combos that will make an impact during matches. In most ranked matches and professional tournaments, you will see insane champion combos that can work out and dominate the game. 

League of Legends lends itself to innovations all the time because of the sheer amount of playable champions. It also helps that there are five concrete roles that players fall into which are the attack-damage carry, mid laner, top laner, jungler, and support. With most of the champs falling into a specific category, there is an innate synergy from most of the characters that work out to help a team’s overall success. 

League of Legends is centred on two teams of five looking to eliminate each other’s base and various dynamics play into that goal. Some champ combos focus on dominating the enemy team but some combos truly make a huge impact. With that, let’s discuss some champion duos and combos that can turn the game on its head.

Samira and Pantheon

Samira is one of the best marksmen because she has solid scaling into the late game. She is already known as a strong champ in the early game because her range and high damage potential make her a tough matchup. If you pair her with support like Pantheon, you should expect that they will dominate their lane.

Pantheon has long been a strong champ because of his mixture of crowd control and high damage output. Both Samira and Pantheon thrive in the same situations which makes them have solid synergy. It is challenging to face this duo in the bottom lane because they have everything that you would want in a combo. 

Samira and Pantheon can burst an enemy down from full HP to zero in just a few seconds and they are expert gankers at the same time. That is a special combo because even a farmed ADC can be eliminated quickly. This duo is one of the best in the game because they tick all of the necessary boxes when it comes to dominating the game. 

Yone and Yasuo 

Since they are canonically brothers in the League of Legends lore, it would make sense that Yone and Yasuo have good synergy. Riot Games did a good job by designing them with innate synergy. They both have double Critical Strike Chance which is one of the strongest stats in the game. 

Their damage output is their strongest suit but doesn’t forget that they have other strengths as well. They are mobile which means that they weave in and out of the fights while still dealing solid damage. They shine in small skirmishes but when there is a full-blown team fight, you should expect Yone and Yasuo to blow up the supports rather quickly.

The brothers’ dynamic is centred on getting kills but they need to farm minions as well. As long as they strike the right balance between farming and winning fights, using Yone and Yasuo together is a fantastic combo for supreme success for the entire game. Yasuo will most likely be the better damage dealer because Yone is more support-focused but their damage potential is too high to ignore. 

Lucian and Braum

As one of the most prolific duos of all time, most League players know Lucian and Braum are a formidable combo. Most League players know that Braum is inclined to be more of a defensive champ but when paired with Lucian, they are insanely better compared to when they’re separated. 

Lucian’s passive skill Lightslinger is what helps this combo work because after casting one of his abilities, he will fire two auto attacks in rapid succession. With Lucian having Lightslinger, Braum also has a passive called Concussive Blows which causes any target Braum attacks to be stunned after being auto-attacked three more times. That kind of synergy between the two champs makes fights easier for them. 

You also have to take into account how both of these champs can thrive in team fights because of Lucian’s overall mobility and Braum’s strength as a tank. Lucian typically builds life steal items which make for a strong damage-dealer and tank combination with Braum. This dynamic has been around the League metagame for a long while and it looks like it will not fade anytime soon because of Lucian and Braum’s innate synergy.

Jarvan and Galio

If you want to wreak havoc on the enemy team, using a duo of Jarvan and Galio is recommended. This duo is focused on disruption during team fights with their crowd control. This is one of the toughest duos to play against because both Jarvan and Galio are strong champions that are focused on making the enemy team’s lives harder. 

Their mere presence alone will be a strong reason why team fights can change because they love to dominate in multi-champ fights. They also have a global presence which means that they can suddenly appear and turn the tides of a fight. 

Their skill sets are supreme because they will keep disrupting fights and turning the tides. That is the name of the game for this duo which will mostly lead to victories as they continue to prove their worth as team fight experts. 

League matches are usually decided on who wins the team fights because whoever wins gets the room to push the lanes and destroy the turrets. Having Jarvan and Galio on the team will make team fights easier hence the objectives will be easier to take as well.

Caitlyn and Lux

In terms of lane partnerships, playing against a duo of Caitlyn and Lux is one of the worst experiences you can have in League. These two champs will be a nightmare in the lane because of their harassing mechanics. They will use their range and skills to make your life harder because they love to poke their enemies and they have the potential to turn it into a kill with the right skill usage.

They are mostly seen as an early game pairing but they find a way to shine in the late game with their damage upside. If you are playing with a friend, you should try this out because Caitlyn will always be a reliable ADC and Lux is one of the most prolific support champs of all time. They will always be relevant and if you can get this duo down pat, you will most likely win some games in ranked matchmaking. 

You can also watch videos where this duo is used because they can provide you with a solid basis that you can a friend can use if you’re planning to use this combo.

Dive deeper into the League champion pool 

There are still loads of combos that you should check out when playing League. When you watch streams and pro matches, you will see combos like Lee Sin and LeBlanc emerge as a duo that you can try out. Playing these combos is challenging at first but when you are playing with a friend who you know can play well together with. 

League of Legends is filled with tons of champs that you can play and experiment with. If you want to succeed with your ranked matches, you should try out these duos so you can emerge victorious for your progress.

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