What is LoL’s Hullbreaker and why do players love it


With the help of technology, many players were introduced to different game genres that provided them with different ways to have fun alone or with other people. One of the popular genres players love is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where players can engage in competitive battles against another team. Several games fall under this theme but one of the games that stand out the most is League of Legends (LoL) by Riot Games. 

Released in 2009, the game has grown massively as it became one of the most popular esports in the world. Aside from its fun gameplay, what players love about it is that they host several tournaments, including one of the biggest ones in the industry. This allowed players to exert their best efforts in the game. 

Aside from practising their skills, players have also learned about the importance of using the different in-game items found in League of Legends. Each item was created to help players make their games better. Riot Games introduces several new items from time to time. Among which is a hullbreaker that many players were quick to admire. 

What is a hullbreaker?

A hullbreaker is a legendary item in the game that replaces the Sanguine Blade. This was introduced as one of the modifications in the 12th season of the game. When this was launched as the new item on 11.13 PBE, several top laners rushed to have it. The reason behind this is that it is a helpful tool that helps players win duels and push turrets. 

To have a hullbreaker, players must purchase Phage for 1,100 gold, Pickaxe for 875 gold, and extra 825 gold. It can only be bought in either the Summoners’ Rift or Howling Abyss. 

The hullbreaker grants players with 50 attack damage, 400 health, and 150% base health regeneration. It also introduces players to a passive called ‘Boarding Party’ which grants them with additional 20% increased tower damage when no allied champions are nearby. 

With this, nearby allied siege minions and super minions can gain around 60-180 bonus armour and magic resistance. Depending on a players’ level, they can deal up to 200% bonus damage against structures when their allies are near. 

At max level, the item’s gold efficiency is at 198%, which is balanced by how it can only be used when the top laner is alone. Riot Games has introduced other modifications to the other items but they decided to keep the hullbreaker unchanged. Despite that, it still has better resistance and turret durability compared to other mythic or legendary items while being more cost-effective. 

This makes the hullbreaker a powerful item choice for champions who don’t have a good Mythic item yet. 

Champions to use with hullbreaker 

The hullbreaker puts a lot of focus on split pushers, meaning that some champions will have a great advantage of this item. Here are some of the heroes who are ideally paired with this impressive item. 

  • Nasus: A solid top laner who is a powerful hyper-carry. He can outlast most enemies while dealing massive damage
  • Jax: An average top lane champion who loves to split push and inflict damage with his physical attacks
  • Fiora: A decent top lane champ who helps her and her teammates heal
  • Camille: Another decent top laner who has a defence shield that is highly effective against opposing champions 
  • Kled: A top lane champion who can inflict great damage on enemies and turrets

Aside from these, players also tried using the hullbreaker with other champions like Yorick, Tryndamere, Renekton, and Trundle. 

Items to pair with hullbreaker

The hullbreaker is already a great item on its own. Quite similar to other in-game items, using it with other equipment provides a better playing experience. 

Here are some items that work well with this impressive tool: 

  • Ravenous Hydra: This provides a great amount of sustain in team fights 
  • Black Cleaver: This legendary item deals physical damage to enemies and reduces their armour 5% for 6 seconds
  • Dead Man’s Plate: An impressive item that is perfect for those who are looking for additional engage ability 
  • Sterak’s Gage: A legendary item that increases the effectiveness of the base attack damage bonus
  • Stridebreaker: A great item that helps players quickly dash towards their enemies while slowing down their escape 

Why do players prioritize it? 

Many professional players bought the Hullbreaker to use it as their first or second item so that they can maximize their advantages on the side lanes. Whereas most people love using it for the top lane, some players have also tried using it for the jungle position where it also functioned well. 

Despite being described as a replacement for the Sanguine Blade, players discovered that the two aren’t the same. By looking at the item’s stats, many players have opted to use this to push out lanes and siege structures even without the team. 

This is also appreciated by players since its passive Boarding Party improves gameplay. More so, it is also by disabling this that players can send out a message saying ‘you’re too close’ to their allied champions. When the Boarding Party is active, players may also just ping the hullbreaker to immediately send out a message saying ‘I’m hunting alone’. 

Penalty for ranged champions 

Even though many players wonder if there is a penalty for ranged champions, the answer to that is no. There are no penalties for ranged champions even though the item build was meant to be bought by melee top-laners. This is the reason why many players keep on using the item and see how popular it can be. 
These are just some facts that players would have to know about the hullbreaker and what it is. By knowing the advantages it brings to the game, players who prefer being the top lane champions can find something new to try. More importantly, they can find another great League of Legends tool that helps them win more impressively against their enemies!

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