What you need to know about LoL’s new champion Zeri

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Zeri, the latest League of Legends champion revealed, has now been released in Patch 12.2. She is a marksman who specializes in absorbing opponents’ shielding abilities and improved mobility through terrain.

Interested in getting to know Zeri and what she can do on the Summoner’s Rift? Here’s some info about LoL’s new champion:


According to League of Legends websites, Zeri was born in Zaun from a family that endured countless hardships due to their nation’s internal strife. Ever since she was a girl, Zeri has manifested electrical powers that are triggered by extreme emotions. Despite the inconveniences she caused other people from her tantrums and bursts of joy, Zeri’s family continued to shower her with love and care.

One night, when she was wandering around the markets of Entresol, an earthquake struck. She figured it was the perfect opportunity to put her powers to good use. Dashing across fissures and dodging rubble, she tried her best to save as many people as she could. After the disaster, she was shown gratitude by the victims which grew even more when she remained in Entresol and tried to help them rebuild.

When she investigated the earthquake in the markets, she discovered that it was caused by the continuous digging of chem-barons. Little did she know that her heroic acts also caught the attention of those chem-barons who then put a target on her back. Despite this, Zeri continued to dismantle numerous mining operations of these chem-barons.

Fed up with Zeri’s successful exploits, the chem-barons decided to join forces against this lightning-fast lady. This time, they managed to delay her momentum through their numerous resources. However, Zeri found new inspiration from her family and the merchants she saved in Entresol, providing her with a rifle that channels her lightning powers as ammunition.

With Zeri’s newfound motivation and her special weapon, she is once again ready to take the fight to the chem-barons.


Zeri’s passive ability is called Living Battery. It allows her to gain additional movement speed every time she is given a shield by her allies. Zeri can also absorb an enemy’s shield once she lands an attack on them.

Her first ability is called Burst Fire. Passively, this ability allows her attacks to deal magic damage and charge her Sparkpack. Once the Sparkpack is fully charged, Zeri’s next normal attack will deal bonus damage and slow the enemy hit. When cast, Burst Fire releases a flurry of seven rounds, dealing physical damage.

Zeri’s second ability is called Ultrashock Laser. This ability fires an electric pulse that becomes a long-range laser beam if it is fired on a wall.

Her third ability is called Spark Surge. When cast, she dashes a short distance and enhances her next three casts of Burst Fire. If she uses this ability near walls, she can vault over or traverse on them.

Zeri’s ultimate is called Lightning Crash. When cast, she unleashes a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and gains a movement speed and attack speed buff as well as added damage. While the ability is active, her Burst Fire’s damage extends to nearby enemies.

Recommended items

Since Zeri is played as a carry, she needs items that increase her attack speed and critical chance. 

  • Start the game by trying to build Immortal Shieldbow first. This item compliments her passive ability as it provides a shield when her HP is below 30%.
  • Another no-brainer item for this champion is Berserker’s Greaves which boosts her attack speed.
  • Meanwhile, equipping Wit’s End provides her with some magic resistance and scaling AP damage.
  • The Collector compliments Zeri’s lightning chain damage by inflicting an execute on enemies once their HP gets low enough.
  • Finally, Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge help with Zeri’s critical strikes.

Recommended runes

Being a marksman, Zeri’s recommended primary rune path is Precision. Under it are these keystones:

  • Press the Attack deals huge damage by hitting an enemy champion three times.
  • Presence of Mind regenerates mana every time you take down an enemy champion.
  • Legend: Alacrity provides a stackable attack speed buff upon enemy takedown.
  • Coup de Grace provides additional damage to enemies below 40% HP.

Zeri’s recommended secondary rune path is Resolve. Under it are these keystones:

  • Shield Bash provides both additional armour and magic resistance upon gaining a shield. It also empowers the champion’s next normal attack.
  • Bone Plating slightly reduces the damage from the next three attacks or abilities cast on the champion.

Synergy with other champions

Due to her passive ability, Zeri synergizes well with champions who can give her a shield or give her movement or attack speed buffs. These champions are:

  • Ivern’s Triggerseed provides a shield that explodes after a short time.
  • Karma’s Inspire provides a movement speed boost after casting a shield on an ally.
  • Lulu is one of the best champions to go with Zeri due to her Whimsy and Help.
  • Lux’s Prismatic Barrier provides a shield even when she isn’t near her allies.
  • Rakan’s Battle Dance can be recast for free after the first shield he provides is popped.
  • Thresh’s Dark Passage allows allies to dash near him and get a bonus shield.
  • Yuumi’s Bop ‘n’ Block shields the ally she is attached to upon landing an attack.

Overall, Zeri is a marksman who can last long in skirmishes even in the early stages of the game. Her consistent shielding is enough to keep her attacks consistent despite the lack of items. 
Just like other marksmen champions in League of Legends, players who want to use Zeri are advised to stay close to their support and take advantage of her mobility by casting her Spark Surge near walls. Using Ultrashock Laser to wall bang enemies is also a common strategy.

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