Who are the best champions to use in ranked League games?

Who are the best champions to use in ranked League games

League of Legends has had champions that have defined the metagame. The pro scene is the standard that most players follow but people need to know what the best champions to use without the pro player context. Let’s look at the best champs to use for 2022 ranked games.

Everyone knows that ranked League matches can be challenging. When players queue on their own, they will have to face so many uncertainties including the struggles of playing with four random players. However, the emotions that you feel in ranked matches proves that solo queue is one of the most effective ways to play the game. 

You can make your experience easier if you play smart from the jump. The game does not start when you enter the map, it actually begins in the pick and ban phase. This way, you can pick a good champion while also banning out a strong champ that the enemy team can take. 

While you embark on your ranked journey in League of Legends, you should learn how to play some champs so you can gradually rank up. 

Darius (top laner)

If you’re a player who loves to take on the enemy team on your own, you will like Darius. He is a juggernaut when it comes to waging war on his lane matchup because he has a skill set that can bully anyone. He can stack his damage-over-time using his Hemorrhage passive which increases with each hit.

As a melee champion, it might seem hard to use Darius at first but you will get used to his bulkiness in time. With his Q, you can have a healing ability which is solid sustainability since he will usually play by his lonesome at the top lane. 

Your job as a Darius player will have to be split push and forcing the enemy team to rotate. You will be bulky enough to withstand the rotations which also leaves the rest of your team with the space that they need to get stronger. 

Lastly, his ultimate ability deals true damage to the enemy and he is very strong when it comes to team fights. If you are looking for a stable champ for the top lane, it is hard to go against Darius as the first choice.

Morgana (jungle)

Even if her abilities were nerfed, you can still expect Morgana to be a strong choice for your jungler. The champ has been a prolific jungler during her run but she also has all of the tools you need to be a top-tier champ at any point of the game. With a 53.8% win rate in 2022 so far across all ELOs, you can expect Morgana will be a strong and popular choice for a long time. 

Most enemy teams fear a Morgana user because of the impact that she can make. Her crowd control abilities are strong and annoying which is a perfect mix to frustrate the enemy team. In team fights, you can expect Morgana to be a game-winning champ because she can stun everyone while also zoning out the enemy team if they’re outside the area.

That is a good team fight champion because she sets boundaries while also making life difficult for the enemy team in the area itself. It may start slow in the jungle but you can bet that Morgana will be useful as long as she gets the farm she needs.

Katarina (mid) 

While some people will say that Katarina has fallen off from her perch atop the mid lane meta, you can still expect her to pop up as a top choice. She even received buffs in 2022 which makes her even more of a menace in ranked games.

When it comes to snowballing out of control, Katerina is up there with the best champs in the game. All you need to do with Katerina in the early game is to be more aggressive than any other champ but stay in control. That controlled aggression will matter at the end of the day because you will farm up your resources and buy the items she needs to be strong.

Katerina is best played when she weaves through lanes ganking enemies. That is the right way to play Katerina and players should know that it is hard to play against this when they think of every major move they make. 

With a good mix of mobility with high damage output, this champ would be a perfect choice for almost everyone since the normal player loves to be flashy while they can rack up the kills. Kat is a strong choice especially if you learn all of the nuances behind her skills.

Jinx (bot) 

You might have seen Jinx in the stellar Arcane TV series but she got her start in League. In 2022, you can expect Jinx to have a resurgence because she is one of the best champs in the bottom lane. The Loose Cannon will always be a strong option because of her high damage output paired with her scalability to the late game. 

Jinx is not only a popular champ but she also has a high win rate. She can be considered a glass cannon at times due to her lack of bulkiness but her damage output proves she just needs to know the right positioning. 

With a good mix of the strong early game and scaling into the later stages, Jinx is a strong pick for your ranked matches as the optimal ADC.

Leona (support)

If you want to climb the ranked leaderboards, Leona is a perfect support champ because you can have a crowd controller. You will engage using your skills so your ADC and mid laner will have the chance to secure the kill. 

She is excellent at every point of a match and you should always try to pick her when your team needs a strong presence in team fights. If you can take advantage of all your skills, you should expect Leona will be a top choice when you play your ranked games.

Those are just a few of the top choices that you can make when playing League of Legends. There are tons more out there and you have to play the game to know about them.

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