Who are the most prolific ADC champions in League of Legends?

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Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends is the most prominent MOBA game in the world. It is a dynamic game filled with unique mechanics and champions. A nuanced point in the game is the emphasis on player roles. Chief among those roles is the attack damage carry or ADC.

If you look at any League game, you will see that the ADC is almost always the focal point of the match. This is mostly because of how they can emerge as the number one damage dealer when the late game rolls around. Different from other MOBA games, the ADC champs are usually marksmen or ranged characters because the norm in other games like Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth was tanky melee characters. 

With more players showing interest in the ADC role, you should know the most prolific ADC champion in League of Legends and try to play them when you get the chance. Let’s dive further into the ADC rabbit hole.


In League of Legends, mobility and strong damage are two of the qualities that players look for in a champion. Ezreal is the perfect embodiment of both mobility and damage because he can run across the map and eliminate enemies. Another huge part of the League of Legends metagame is skill shots. If you play Ezreal, you will be blessed with loads of abilities that involve skill shot mechanics. 

Ezreal is one of the champs that top-tier players favour when it comes to solo queue. He is not only mobile but you can rely on him to be a good champ that scales into the late game. That is what you should expect from an ADC champ because it maximises the aggression but at the same time, it’s still safe because Ezreal can deal damage from a distance. 

This champ is one of the most versatile because you can vary with your play styles. You can play the champ like a caster by dealing damage from a distance and maximising yourself like a glass cannon champ that will only be strong offensively. 

You can adapt to any situation by varying your item builds with Ezreal. This kind of versatility and fun factor are huge reasons why Ezreal is such a popular ADC in the player base. It also helps that the champ is well-designed because he can also be seen as one of the most recognisable champs in the game.

Miss Fortune

In terms of design, Miss Fortune is one of the most recognisable champs. Pairing the pirate aesthetic with the name, this champ is one of Riot’s crowning achievements. She is one of the most optimal ADC champs because she fulfils all of the requirements that the role needs. 

MF has one of the best area-of-effect control for any ADC which makes her such a good choice for team fight-centric lineups. This is a factor that beginners tend to ignore but is maximised by the medium to high-skilled players.

Just like Ezreal, MF is a mobile champ that can roam the map and eliminate enemies. Miss Fortune is arguably the most mobile ADC because of his Strut ability. This kind of mobility paired with her deceptively high damage output can turn into a strong reason behind her popularity as a primary ADC. 


As one of the original champions in the game, Ashe is already well known to most MOBA players because she is one of the most recognisable players in League of Legends. She is still one of the most popular picks in the game even if she was added to the game back in early 2009. 

Ashe has a skill set that resembles Traxex and Drow Ranger from the two Dota games. However, Ashe has managed to separate herself from those comparisons because she is more of a crowd control character rather than a single-target carry. Her kit is quite simple because she has simple attacks but at the same time, she has crowd control skills with her W and R. 

Playing as the ADC is good for Ashe because it is easy to do. She is not as mobile as other ADCs but she does the job properly. It is challenging to be involved in most of the fights which is why Ashe is versatile. Her ability to fight in the backlines and also contribute to the team fight with her crowd control skills. 

League is filled with various marksman champs that improve upon Ashe’s mechanics but she still carved out a role herself as one of the most reliable ADCs in the game. She has been figured out a long time ago but Ashe still pops up because she fits almost any team composition. She is the definition of a well-designed champ because she never truly leaves the League meta.


ADC champs are well known to scale to the late game but not as strong in the early game. Caitlyn is a solid ADC because she is strong in every part of the game. However, she shines much earlier than the rest because Caitlyn is a strong lane bully. Her attack range is one of the best which leads to a solid lane performer because enemies won’t get close to her and last hitting minions is much easier. 

Going into the late game, Caitlyn shines even more because she is strong during turret sieges. She can push minion lanes easily but her damage on the turrets are much stronger than other heroes. She has insane range and objectives like turrets, drakes, and even Baron is much easier to take when Caitlyn is on the team. 

Thankfully, most of the player base has figured out how to use Caitlyn and she appears from time to time in the right situations. Some people pick her at the wrong time, but Caitlyn still manages to make an impact as one of the top ADCs in the game. 


As a champ that is mostly about farming and wave clear, Sivir is a champ that should be used to scale to the late game. She has a good kit for a ‘utility’ ADC role which means that she won’t be the main damage dealer because the rest of the team like the top laner and the mid laner will carry that responsibility. 

Sivir mains have said that she is better off when she’s helping the team in unorthodox ADC moves with buffs like spell shields and move speed. She is not the one vs one master but she shines when she’s with teammates that know what they are doing with how they deal damage in team fights and skirmishes.

Those are just a few of the most popular yet compelling ADC champions in League of Legends. If you’re looking for more ADC champs, try to watch or even play League matches. It is one of the best video games out there that deserve to be played.

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