League of Legends – Controllers

Controllers are named after their ability to change key aspects in a fight, though how they do that can vary between Champions. Unlike fighters, they are useful in other ways as opposed to directly dealing high amounts of damage. In general, the Controller class is split into two subclasses which describe certain groups more accurately than simply ‘Controller’. This list is divided into Catcher and Enchanter subclasses respectively and each enumerates all Champions under each in alphabetical order.


Champions in this list can either stop enemies on their toes, slow them down for an easy chase, or pull a target into a favourable position. The goal is to give your allies freedom to unleash a flurry of attacks with little interruption.

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Region of Origin: The Heavens from before the creation of Runeterra

Race: Celestial

Bard has fairly low Attack Damage unless enhanced by his Meeps. While can technically be an offensive player, he is designed to aid his allies more than fight on his own. Don’t let his big, round shape fool you. Bard is one of the fastest roaming Champions in the game. His high Movement Speed potential allows him to towards allies in a pinch or collects Chimes which enhances his own combat efficiency.

Q – Cosmic Binding

Bard throws a projectile towards a target direction. The first unit hit receives Magic Damage and Movement Speed reduction. Cosmic Binding travels further 300 units beyond the target. If the trail hits a wall or a second enemy, Champion or Minion, both the first and second target is stunned and deals the same Magic Damage equal to what the first target received.

W – Caretaker’s Shrine

Summons a Shrine at a target location that channels for 10 seconds on its own. Shrines will be consumed if stepped on, but benefits will only work on allies or Bard himself.

Consuming a Shrine heals the Champion and increases Movement Speed. Heal gains potency over time until the Shrine is consumed. Movement Speed is consistent but only lasts 1.5 seconds.

E – Magical Journey

Magical Journey can only be cast on obstacles. Bard can open up a portal that passes through to the other side of the activated surface. Any Champion, friend or foe, can pass through the opened path.

Allied Champions, including Bard, will travel through the opened pathway with an increased Movement Speed. Enemies will travel by their normal Movement Speed.

R – Tempered Fate

Throw a magic bolt of energy at a target location which explodes on impact to 350 radii. All units within the area of effect, friend or foe, are put into stasis for 2.5 secs.

Stasis works similar to stun, but none of the affected units may be hurt or affected by any negative effects. Tempered Fate may also affect units that are normally immune to any magic including Epic Monsters and Turrets. Only abilities that may affect units under stasis are AoE heals.

Passive – Traveler’s Call

Sacred Chimes pop up in random locations around the map. Collecting each grants Bard increased Movement Speed while out of combat for 7 seconds. Bard may stack effects from chimes up to 5 times. Only the first Chime grants 24% Movement Speed. Other chimes beyond the first grants less Movement Speed but they also grant boost EXP gain, and increased Max Mana. The number of stacked Chimes increases the Meeps’ effects.

Passive – Meeps

Meeps are lesser spirits that follow Bard. Each time Bard attacks, he consumes a Meep and deals bonus Magic Damage. Bonus Damage Increase each time Bard successfully stacks 5 Chimes. The number of Meeps that follow Bard at a time depends on the number of Chimes stacked. 

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Steam Golem 

Blitzcrank is a popular choice among beginners and trolls. His abilities are basic and straightforward, but the combos he can unleash is devastating. A well-placed Rocket Grab can decide the fate of a careless enemy Marksman almost instantly. 

Q – Rocket Grab

Blitzcrank flings his right hand towards a target direction. The first enemy unit hit by the hand will be pulled in front of Blitz. The unit is stunned while the animation plays. 

Rocket Grab deals 70/120/170/220/270 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage.

W – Overdrive

Instantly supercharge Blitzcrank, increasing Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 5 seconds. When the duration ends, Blitzcrank’s movement speed is reduced by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

E – Power Fist

Blitzcrank’s next melee damage will have an extended range and deal double Physical Damage. This attack will also knock the enemy unit up in the air which works similar to a stun. 

R – Static Field

Passive: Blitzcrank’s basic attacks mark enemies with lightning charges up to 3 stacks. Each stack deals Magic Damage after 1 second after they are applied. This passive only works while Static Field is not in cooldown.

Active: Blitzcrank discharges electricity around him that deals heavy Magic Damage to all enemy units within range. All affected hostiles are silenced for 0.75 seconds.

Passive – [Unnamed Ability]

A Mana Barrier surrounds Blitzcrank automatically if his health falls below 20%. While active, Blitzcrank is protected by a shield equal to 30% of his mana for 10 seconds. 

Ivern, the Green Father

Region of Origin: Freljord [birthplace], Ionia [transformation]

Race: Previously Human, now a God-Willow

Ivern is a jungle roaming Champion, but he has a strange method to his approach to farming. Despite small damage output, he is one of the most efficient jungle Champion in the game. All of his abilities provide utility for his allies and himself in so many ways.

His ultimate skill (Daisy) provides strong utility, Daisy is a rock sentinel. Ivern can summon and control her in battle. Daisy can be controlled by the R button while she is active or press ALT + Right Click. Daisy has her own abilities and passives to aid Ivern in combat.

Q – Rootcaller

Ivern will toss a vine at a target direction. The first enemy hit will be rooted and dealt Magic Damage. Allied Champions that targets the affected unit for an attack will dash close enough to hit based on the allies’ individual attack range. Ivern may also dash but always stops at 125 away from the target.

W – Brushmaker

Passive: Ivern’s attack damage deals bonus Magical Damage while he is standing on a brush. This bonus stays for 3 seconds after leaving.

Active: Ivern can create a trail of brush at a target location. The brush serves as a ward, anything within and around the brush is revealed to Ivern and allies. 

Brushmaker has a split second cooldown so Ivern can spam the ability. However, it is limited only by a maximum stock of 3 brushmaker charges. The recharge time per stock is what gate keeps Ivern from turning the entire map green. 

E – Triggerseed

Ivern bestows a shield on a target allied Champion or his companion, Daisy. Triggerseed may also be cast on Ivern’s self. After 2 seconds, the shield will explode and deal Magic Damage to surrounding enemy units. All affected units have reduced Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

R – Daisy!

Flower Power – Daisy stacks up charges for each basic attack on a single target. On the third stack, Daisy sends a shock wave that deals Physical Damage to all units in a line forward and knocks them up airborne. After this, Flower Power must cooldown for 5 seconds. Choosing another target resets Flower Power stacks.

Entering the Fray – Daisy has increased Movement Speed for the first 5 seconds upon summoning.

I am Root – Daisy prioritizes enemies rooted by Ivern’s Root Caller. Daisy also benefits from Root Caller’s dash.

Stronk – Daisy receives reduced damage from enemy Champions and Epic Monsters.

Passive – Friend of the Forest

You are completely unable to attack non-epic neutral monsters. Targeting a camp for attack will instead have Ivern channel on that location for 2.5 seconds. After that, a grove will be created at the cost of Ivern’s Health and Mana. The grove needs time to mature. Maximum time is 40 seconds but duration scales down based on Ivern’s level. Once mature, Ivern can ‘free’ the monsters without killing them. They will still leave maximum gold and experience bounties just as they would if killed. Casting the summoner spell ‘Smite’ instantly frees the monsters on a grove despite the grove’s maturity or the monster’s health. 

At level 5, Ivern can free the Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel. Either one will leave a sapling that lingers for 1 minute. It can be consumed by Ivern or an allied champion. Allies that pick it up will receive the rune buff associated with the monster that was ‘freed’. If Ivern picked it up, the buff will instead be transferred to the closest ally. If the monsters were killed before the grove matured, the sapling cannot be picked up or consumed by anyone besides Ivern.

Morgana, the Fallen

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Targonian Ascended

Morgana is placed in Catcher because of her variety of root abilities and Movement Speed reduction. With her utility and high damage capability, Morgana can easily function as a Battlemage. Morgana can keep her distance by poking from afar in the early game. By midgame, you can relish the glory at the centre of the battlefield. In fact, you may want to get close to enemies anyway because she lacks innate Movement Speed unless aided by her ultimate ability.

Q – Dark Binding

Throw a dark sphere towards a target direction. That ball of energy travels in a straight line until it hits an enemy unit. The affected unit will receive Magic Damage and Root.

W – Tormented Shadow

Create a pool of dark matter in the target area. All enemy units standing on the area of effect will receive Magic Damage over time every half a second. Damage increases by Morgana’s Ability Power and the affected enemy’s missing health.

Tormented Shadow’s cooldown is reduced by 5% every time Soul Siphon triggers. Soul Siphon, in turn, also triggers Tormented Shadow’s damage over time. Multiple enemies affected by the pool of harmful magic stack these benefits, allowing Tormented Shadow to be ready in no time.

E – Black Shield

Target allied Champion or self is granted a shield that lasts for 5 seconds. The shield absorbs Magic Damage and nullifies Crowd Control effects.

R – Soul Shackles

Morgana channels for 0.5 seconds then conjures chains that tether her to nearby enemy Champions. Affected units receive Magic Damage and Movement Speed Reduction.

While active, Morgana gains Bonus Movement Speed when moving towards tethered enemies. 

Tethered enemy units will be revealed, stunned, and receive Magic Damage equal to the damage dealt of Soul Shackles activation.

Passive – Soul Siphon

Morgana restores health equal to 20% of Magic Damage she delivers to enemy Champions, Large Minions, or Large Monsters.

Rakan, the Charmer

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Vastaya

Rakan is designed to be in tandem with his lover, Xayah. Both Champions have passives and actives that are only triggered if they are allies and within close proximity to each other. With or without Xayah, Rakan is a highly effective Support Champion. He can dash around the battlefield and make sure the ADC and other allies maintain their composure in the heat of battle.

Q – Gleaming Quill

Rakan slings an enchanted feather at a target location which stops at the first enemy unit in the way. The target receives a small Magic Damage. If the recipient is a Champion or epic monster, Rakan gains an aura that an ally Champion can walk in on. If the ally does, Rakan and each other allied Champion within its range are healed for a small amount which scales with the ability level and Rakan’s Ability Power. The aura triggers on its own after 3 seconds if no Champion touches it.

W – Grand Entrance

Rakan dashes to a target location, winds up for 0.35 second, then spins upward, dealing Magic Damage and knocking up all enemy units within a small radius away from him. 

E – Battle Dance

Rakan dashes onto a target allied Champion then protect them with a magic shield. Battle Dance can be used again for no Mana cost if recast within 5 seconds. 

Casting Battle Dance on Xayah gives Rakan a longer activation range than he would with other Champions.

R – The Quickness

Rakan gains a burst of Movement Speed for 4 seconds then moves continuously forward or towards your cursor. Each enemy unit he hits receives a moderate Magic Damage and a huge Movement Speed reduction. The first enemy Rakan hits with The Quickness is Charmed for 1 second and gives Rakan 100% more Movement Speed that decays over time.

Passive – Fey Feathers

Rakan periodically conjures a shield that protects himself. The strength of the magic barrier scales with his level and Ability Power. The time to make a new shield 40 seconds at the start of the game but can be reduced based on Rakan’s level or hastened by 1 second per hit against enemy Champions. The shortest possible cooldown is 16 seconds. If the shield is damaged but not destroyed, it starts regenerating after 5 seconds after Rakan left combat.  

Passive – Lover’s Leap

Rakan and Xayah can go back to base together with Recall. If either one of them has already begun channelling Recall, the other can get close then press B. Both will be transported back to base despite the second Champion activating Recall late. 

Thresh, the Chain Warden

Region of Origin: Shadow Isles

Race: Undead

If you’re looking for Champions who could really drag enemies around, then look no further than Thresh. All of his abilities are about knocking and pulling enemies. Lockdown targets into a position you desire with your chains. Thresh has limited mobility due to lack of Movement Speed but most Champions will be at his mercy if they find themselves face to face with the Chain Warden.

Q – Death Sentence

Sling Thresh’s scythe at a target direction then tethers with the first enemy it hits and deals moderate Magic Damage. The tether lasts for 1.5 seconds and the affected unit is stunned while it lasts. Since Thresh attacks with his scythe, he cannot attack anyone else until the tether is broken but, the enemy will be pulled closer to Thresh every half a second for a short distance each. 

W – Dark Passage

Thresh throws his lantern at a target location and it stays there for 6 seconds or until Thresh moves away too far. The lantern creates a territory that grants vision in a short radius from the lantern itself. 

Allied Champions who enters the territory gains a shield that lasts for 4 seconds. Shield Strength scales with the number of souls Thresh has collected. While also within the lantern’s effect, Allied Champion can Right-Click on the lantern. This instantly teleports them towards Thresh then gain another shield.

E – Flay

Passive: Thresh’s basic attack deals bonus Magic Damage which scales with the number of souls collected and amount of time between this attack and the last time you hit somebody else with a basic attack or ability. This gave Thresh great last hit capability.

Active: Thresh sweeps a broad line in a target direction starting from behind him then towards the direction selected. All enemies within the area of effect are dragged along with the chain and receive moderate Magic Damage and Movement Speed reduction for 1 second.

R – The Box

Conjures 5 pillars surrounding Thresh which create a pentagon-shaped room. Enemies that pass through a wall receives moderate Magic Damage and 99% Movement Speed reduction for 2 seconds. One wall may only affect one Champion. After catching an enemy, a wall disappears. A Champion that was already affected by one wall will take no damage on the next wall and Movement Reduction only lasts for 1 second.

Passive – Damnation

Unlike every other Champion in the game, Thresh does not scale his armour and Ability Power with level. Instead, he needs to gather souls of fallen enemies. All units, including minions, monsters, and Champions, will leave behind a glowing orb that Thresh can collect. These are the souls that feed him. Epic monsters in jungle camps will leave behind two souls per death. Champions with mounts such as Sejuani and Nunu will leave behind two souls.

Each soul lingers for 8 seconds if not collected and gives 0.75 points to Ability Power and Armour. Scaling in the mid-game and late-game could be challenging if Thresh fails to take souls in the early game. However, the souls Thresh can collect is indefinite which means he can keep growing in both Ability Power and Armour throughout the duration of the match. 

Allies and Enemies can see the souls of fresh corpses but can’t pick any of them up for themselves. Veteran players tend to harass Thresh away from souls to prevent him from growing so be wary. Particularly cunning ones will wait for Thresh to collect a soul then strike for the ADC. 

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

Region of Origin: Ixtal 

Race: Human infused with the jungle of Ixtal

Zyra can be a Burst Mage in the mid-lane or Support in the bot-lane. She has three active abilities that are straightforward enough to counter. Zyra can make her kit complicated to handle by making use of all the seeds she sprout near herself. These seeds can grow into one of two plants that have their own benefits added to the table.

Q – Deadly Spines

Zyra sprouts a line of spikes from the ground on a target location. Enemies caught in the area of effect receive Moderate Magic Damage that scales with Ability Power. Seeds in the area sprout into Thorn Spitters.

W – Rampant Growth

Zyra plants a seed at a target location. This seed is different from the ones that sprout automatically from Garden of Thorns. They share the normal seeds’ vision and capability to become a plant turret but each seed lasts 60 seconds and reveals Champion that destroys it. Rampant Growth is limited to two charges at a time and each stock needs to recharge for 20 seconds. Recharge time scales with ability level down to 12 seconds per charge. Killing minions and monsters reduces recharge time by 20% per death. A kill or an assist in an enemy Champion’s death recharges one stack of Rampant Growth instantly.

E – Grasping Roots

Sends a surge of aggressive roots towards a line at a target direction. Enemies caught in the area of effect are rooted for a couple of seconds while seeds in the area become Vine Lashers. Affected enemies also receive a small Magic Damage that scales with Ability Power.

R – Stranglethorns

Thick vines sprout out of the centre of a target location and cover a wide radius of land. After a short delay, all vines pull back quicker than they came, knocking up all enemies in the area of effect and dealing moderate Magic Damage to each one of them. 

Plants hit by Stranglethorns are Enraged. Each plant heals 60% of its remaining health, gain 50% maximum health, reset their time duration, and gain a burst of Attack Speed for 2 seconds. Each plant also gains 150% bonus damage while the effect is active.

Passive – Garden of Thorns

Seeds will keep popping out of the ground near Zyra every 10 seconds or so. Frequency scales with Zyra’s Champion level. They last for 30 seconds and grants a small area of vision. They will be destroyed if enemies step on them. Seeds will instantly grow into one of two plants if hit by Zyra’s Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots. Both plants last for 8 seconds each.

Thorn Spitter

Deals Magic Damage that scales with Zyra’s Ability Power. It has a longer range and than the other.

Vine Lasher

Deals Magic Damage that scales with Zyra’s Ability Power. Each attack reduces the target’s Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds. Effect stacks up to 2 times per inflicted enemies.


Source: leagueoflegends.fandom.com

Champions under Enchanter enhance the fighting ability of the team. They can affect one Champion at a time or multiple allies at once. Some buffs a certain stats from units, others provide passives that add to the target’s arsenal.

Janna, the Storm’s Fury

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Wind Spirit

Janna is one of the easiest Champions to understand with abilities that can immediately change the tides of battle on a whim. This makes her one of the top options for players looking to start as a Support main. Janna is only dangerous when allies are present because she lacks the necessary damage output to secure kills. On the flip side, a couple of Champions backed by Janna can face off against a full team of 5. When alone, Janna is pretty much capable of maintaining a lane unless faced with a Catcher or Artillery. 

Q – Howling Gale

When casting, you must first designate a target location, similar to most ranged abilities. Howling Gale, however, will appear where Janna is currently when it was cast and stay there for 3 seconds. If you wish to make it move immediately, reactivate by pressing Q once more. The longer it stays, the stronger it becomes.

Howling Gale knocks up all enemy units it passes by while also dealing Magic Damage

W – Zephyr

Passive: Janna gains additional Movement Speed and the ability to phase through units. These benefits are only present while Zephyr is not in cooldown.

Active: Deals Magic Damage to a target enemy and slow their movement speed. Magic Damage scales with Jana’s Movement Speed and Ability Power while enemy Movement Speed Reduction scales with Jana’s Ability Power.

E – Eye of the Storm

Target allied Champion or Turret, including Janna herself, will be granted a shield that decays over time. The shield absorbs a certain amount of damage from any damage-type except True Damage while giving the bestowed unit bonus Magic Damage for their basic attacks. 

Janna’s successful slow debuff and knock up will reduce Eye of The Storm’s cooldown by 20%.

R – Monsoon

Janna knocks away enemies within 725 radii with a gust of wind. The wind then circles around and heals allies the area of influence. The zone lasts for 3 seconds and heals scale with ability power.

Passive – Tailwind

Janna’s Movement Speed is permanently increased by 8%. Allied champions running towards Janna’s direction gains this bonus, allowing them to retreat faster. 

Janna’s basic attacks and W ability, Zephyr, deal additional Magic Damage based on her own Movement Speed.

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

Region of Origin: Bandle City but her powers came from The Glade

Race: Yordle

Lulu is a tricky opponent to deal with due to her amazing utilities. She has two abilities that can be cast on either allies or enemies with effects that vary depending on the target. With this in mind, Lulu essentially has 6 active abilities. Though she is built as a support Champion, her rate of fire made it possible to play her like a Marksman in the mid-lane. Besides Glitterlance, all of her abilities are ‘cast on target’ which means they are unavoidable unless the target has spell immunity.

Q – Glitterlance

Pix and Lulu simultaneously cast a big bolt of energy towards a target point. Pix will fire his bolt from where he is so you can fire from a different direction if Pix is with another unit. 

All enemy units the Glitterlances pass by will be dealt Magic Damage. Affected units’ Movement Speed is also reduced by 80% for 2 seconds.

W – Whimsy

If cast on an ally, the target unit gains increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Buff scales with Lulu’s Ability Power. If cast on an enemy, the target is transformed into a harmless critter with reduced Movement Speed. This effect also lasts for around 2 seconds. While in this form, the affected unit cannot attack or cast any kind of ability. 

E – Help, Pix!

Lulu commands Pix to hop onto a target. Ability can be cast on ally or enemy champions like Whimsy, but Pix will be away from Lulu for a while. Casting Help, Pix! onto Lulu, herself will give Lulu the same benefits as an ally Champion would.

If sent to an ally, Pix grants the target Lulu’s passive ‘Pix, Faerie Companion’ and a shield that would absorb damage. While on an ally, Pix will attack in tandem with the new host’s Attack Speed but the damage is still dependent on Lulu’s level.

R – Wild Growth

Nami unleashes a large wave towards a target direction. All enemy units caught by the crashing tide are knocked up, interrupting any channelling abilities. Tidal Wave deals moderate Magic Damage and reduces Movement Speed by more than half. Duration of Movement Speed reduction scales with the distance travelled by the wave. Enemies right next to Nami will recover quickly but those at the end of the spell’s journey will experience the debuff for up to 4 seconds.

Passive – Pix, Faerie Companion

Pix is a non-targetable unit that flies around Lulu. He fires 3 bolts of energy in tandem with the host’s basic attacks. These bolts are homing but may be blocked by enemy units between Pix and the target.

If sent on an enemy, Pix deals Magic Damage on the target unit and reveals their location while he’s with them. While on an enemy Champion, Pix will still attack with bolts and Glitterlance from the current host’s direction. The difference is, Pix will match his attacks with Lulu’s basic attacks instead of the host’s. If Lulu attacks the current host, Pix will have free shot against the target because he will fire at point-blank range. There will be no need to worry about creep blocks.

Nami, the Tidecaller

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Vastaya

Nami is labelled an Enchanter despite her amazing Catcher capabilities. This is largely thanks to her even better Enchanter spells. Nami is a toolbox for all things support. She can control the Movement Speed of allies and enemies, cause either heal and damage to either team, stuns and reveals targets, and boost allies’ attack damage. Anything within Nami’s range will be under her influence, for better or worse.

Q – Aqua Prison

Nami lobs a bubble of water towards a target location. The impact affects all enemies within a really short radius from the point of impact. Aqua Prison deals moderate Magic Damage and suspends the affected units up in the air. While suspended, they are revealed from invisibility or camouflage and vulnerable to attacks for 1.5 seconds. 

W – Ebb and Flow

Nami shoots a stream of water towards a target Champion, friend or foe. This ability heals the target all but deals Magic Damage on an Enemy for a small amount per hit. The stream of water bounces onto a nearby Champion from the opposite team from its last target. Ebb and Flow will only bounce up to three units in total but will end prematurely if no valid target is in range.

E – Tidecaller’s Calling

Bestow a spell on a target allied Champion or Nami herself. For the next 6 seconds, the enchanted target gains bonus Magic Damage per basic attack. Each hit slows down the target for 1 second. Bonus Magic Damage and amount of Movement Speed reduced scales with Nami’s Ability Power.

R – Tidal Wave

Nami unleashes a large wave towards a target direction. All enemy units caught by the crashing tide are knocked up, interrupting any channelling abilities. Tidal Wave deals moderate Magic Damage and reduces Movement Speed by more than half. Duration of Movement Speed reduction scales with the distance travelled by the wave. Enemies right next to Nami will recover quickly but those at the end of the spell’s journey will experience the debuff for up to 4 seconds.

Passive – Surging Tides

All of Nami’s four abilities enhance allied Champions’ Movement Speed by 60%. To apply this buff, the Champion must be hit by Nami’s target abilities or stand inside Nami’s area of effect spells. Multiple effects from Surging Tides do not stack but the duration will be reset if affected by a new ability.

Sona, the Maven of the Strings

Region of Origin: Born from Ionia but raised in Demacia by her adoptive mother

Race: Human

Sona is the embodiment of Enchanter. All of her abilities produce an Aura which benefits her and allied Champions who can hear her songs. If not played as a Support, Sona is a perfectly capable ADC by relying on her own buffs to enhance her damage output while relying on Attack Speed items to unleash unrelenting onslaught. As a Support, Sona can spend the early game investing on utility items instead of stat boosts for the benefit of her escort.

Q – Hymn of Valor

Sona fires two bolts of energy homing onto the closest enemy units, prioritizing enemy Champions. Each bolt cannot target the same enemy. If only one valid target is present, both projectile will home on the same target but only one will deal damage.

Melody: Sona enhances allies’ next 3 basic attacks with bonus Magic Damage. The bonus scales with Sona’s Ability Power.

W – Aria of Perseverance

Sona heals herself and while a projectile travels to one nearby allied Champion. This automatically finds its own target among all allies within range. Aria of Perseverance prioritizes the Champion with the least amount of health by a percentage relative to each individual’s maximum health.

Melody: Sona and other Champions within range gain shield that lasts up to 1.5 seconds. Champions that just entered the aura will have their shields last for the same duration, not synchronized with Sona’s. Shield strength scales with Sona’s Ability Power.

E – Song of Celerity

Sona gains a small burst of Movement Speed for 3 seconds. The ability can extend past 3 seconds up to 7 seconds until Sona receives damage from any source.

Melody: Allied Champions within range gain the same amount of bonus Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Allies’ buff cannot extend like Sona’s.

R – Crescendo

Passive: Reduces the cooldown for each of Sona’s Q, W, and E abilities. Reduction amount scales between 10%, 25%, or 40% based on Crescendo’s ability level.

Active: Sona sends a wide wave of sound at a target direction. Enemies caught in the area of effect receive moderate Magic Damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Damage output scales with Sona’s Ability Power.

Passive – Power Chord

After casting 3 spells, Sona gains bonus Magic Damage to her next basic attack. Her last ability cast, whether it is Q, W, or E, also adds a unique effect to her projectile.

Staccato: Triggers after Q – Hymn of Valor. Her next basic attack gains bonus Magic Damage on top of the Power Chord bonus. Bonus damage scales with Sona’s Champion level and Ability Power.

Diminuendo: Power Chord inflicts a 3-second debuff on the target. That unit has reduced damage output. Amount reduced scales with Sona’s Ability Power. 

Tempo: Power Chord reduces the target’s Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Amount reduced scales with Sona’s Ability Power.

Passive – Melody

The last ability Sona cast, except for Crescendo, will have Sona play a song for an indefinite amount of time. While a song is being played, Sona creates an aura that buffs all nearby allied Champions. The colour and benefit each ability provides are determined by the last ability that was cast. Casting a new ability will play a different song, replacing the aura immediately. 

Soraka, the Starchild

Region of Origin: The Heavens prior to losing her Celestial Status. Now she lives in Mount Targon with the Targonian Ascended.

Race: Fallen Celestial

Soraka can be mistaken as an exclusive bot-lane Support for her heal oriented abilities. She is actually more popular in the mid-lane due to her high damage output, field control, and field sustainability. As per her service to her allies, she can cover a wide area with enhanced Movement Speed. If that’s not enough, she can heal everyone across the map. 

Q – Starcall

Glowing energy from the skies strike down a target location which explodes in a short radius. Enemies within the area of effect receive moderate Magic Damage and lose 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. If Starcall hits an enemy Champion, Soraka gains a Rejuvenation status.


Soraka heals herself for a huge amount per second while also giving moderate Movement Speed bonus. Rejuvenation lasts for 5 seconds. Heal scales with her Ability Power.

W – Astral Infusion

Soraka takes 10% of her own health in addition to Mana cost to pay for the activation of this ability. She heals a target ally for a moderate amount which scales with her Ability Power. If Soraka has Rejuvenation status, Astral Infusion bestows the Rejuvenation status to the target on top of the normal effect.

E – Equinox

Creates a medium-sized zone at a target location which deals Magic Damage to all enemy Champions currently standing there upon activation. All enemy Champions are silenced while in the area of effect. After 1.5 seconds, the zone detonates, dealing the same amount of Magic Damage as initial activation and rooting them in place for 1 – 2 seconds based on the ability’s level. Magic Damage scales with Ability Power.

R – Wish

All allied Champions from any part of the map are healed for a huge amount of health points. The effect is increased by 50% the total amount for Champions with less than 40% of their maximum Health. These effects apply to Soraka herself, as well. 

Passive – Salvation

Soraka gains 70% bonus Movement Speed when approaching allied Champions below 40% of their maximum Health.

Taric, the Shield of Valoran

Region of Origin: Born and served in Demacia but gained his ascension in Mount Targon

Race: Human, Targonian Ascended

Secondary Class: Warden

Q – Starlight’s Touch

Passive: Starlight Touch stores a maximum of 1 – 5 Charges based on ability level. A charge replenishes for 15 seconds each or by the number of Bravado enhanced basic attacks Taric lands.

Active: Taric heals himself and all allied Champions close to him. Activation consumes all Starlight’s Touch charge and each charge heals for a small mount which scales with Taric’s Ability Power and Maximum Health. 

W – Bastion

Passive: Taric has ‘Bastion’ status which gives bonus Armour to himself based on his already existing Armour. Bastion bonus is given to an allied Champion with the Bastion Link.

Active: Taric conjures a shield to himself and a target allied Champion which lasts for 2.5 seconds. Shield strength is equal to a small fraction of the target’s health. Taric and the allied target are bestowed the Bastion Link for an indefinite duration until a new target is chosen or if they walk beyond 1300 unit away from each other. 

E – Dazzle

Taric projects a beam in a line at a target direction which detonates after 1 second. Enemy units caught in the explosion are stunned for 1.25 seconds and receive Magic Damage which scales with Taric’s Ability Power and Bonus Armour.

R – Cosmic Radiance

All allied Champions from any part of the map are healed for a huge amount of health points. The effect is increased by 50% the total amount for Champions with less than 40% of their maximum Health. These effects apply to Soraka herself, as well. 

Passive – Bravado

Taric channels for 2.5 seconds then a flash of light renders Taric and allied units within 400 radii Invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.


Invulnerable units may move and attack normally but they are immune to any form of damage that is not self-inflicted.