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League of Legends – Fighters

The Fighter is a term used among RPGs and MOBAs that identifies characters who engage in combat at the front line. Unlike Tanks who are found in the same position, Fighters are better known for their damage output. In League of Legends, the Fighter class is split into two subclasses, each providing a completely different service than the other. While both are meant to apply pressure on the enemy team, the Juggernaut has great field sustainability while the Diver has mobility. Champions will be listed in alphabetical order below each category were assigned to by Riot Games.


Many of these Champions were previously identified as Tanks by the community in League of Legends, but Riot Games and professional players don’t see them as defensive units. Champions in this category often have high health and armour stats but their abilities are mostly about hurting than surviving. The new class system for patch v3.11 introduces the new term ‘Juggernaut’ which identifies Champions that are played aggressively while item build leans more Damage-based items complemented by health rather than Armour. While dangerous to engage against, Juggernauts tend to have low mobility with little options for a chase or flee. This makes them vulnerable to kite and disables. They work best when accompanied by a Champion from the Vanguard-class.

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Shuriman Ascended / Darkin

Someone on the internet said ‘you cannot heal yourself by harming others’. Aatrox would like to have a word with that person because he recovers health with each strike he lands with or without Lifesteal items. None of his abilities cost Mana, either. With no Mana Cost and constant recovery, Aatrox can stay in the battlefield indefinitely. His damage output deals small to moderate Physical Damage, but the frequency of his attacks can remove multiple enemies in no time.

Q – The Darkin Blade

This is a combo ability that can be recast twice within 1 second between each activation for a total of three attacks in quick succession. The first strike lands in a broad line towards a target direction. The second swing swipes a cone at a target direction. The last attack strikes a target location which explodes in a short radius from the point of impact. Enemies caught in the areas of effect receive small Physical Damage each. The first two swings deal the most damage to enemies at the edge of the effect range, which discourages veterans from trying to flee.

W – Infernal Chains

Aatrox creates a dark red zone in a wide cone at a target direction which conjures searing chains that tether each enemy unit to the middle of the area of effect. Affected units have 1.5 seconds to leave the zone before it detonates and pull them towards the centre. Infernal Chains deal Physical Damage both from the initial activation and detonation for the same amount. Detonation only affects units that were tethered by the Chains.

E – Umbral Dash

Passive: Aatrox recovers health Points equal to 20 – 30% of the Damage he deals to Champions, whether it is by skill or Basic Attack. Fraction value scales with Umbral Dash’s ability level.

Active: Aatrox dashes up to 300 units towards a target direction. 

R – World Ender

Aatrox assumes his true form but can only hold it for 10 seconds. During this duration, he gains increased Attack Damage and enhanced recovery from any source such as his own skills or abilities from allied Champions. He also gains Movement Speed bonus which decays over time. On World Ender’s activation, enemy minions surrounding Aatrox are afflicted with Fear and 99% Movement Speed reduction which lasts for 3 seconds. 

The bonus to Movement Speed, Attack Damage, and Healing are multipliers to each corresponding stats. The amount of each scales with World Ender’s ability level.

Passive – Deathbringer Stance

Every few seconds, Aatrox’s next basic attack deals bonus Physical Damage and increased Attack Range. Aatrox then recovers health Points equal to the bonus Physical Damage infused in his attack. He heals less from monsters and Minions. Deathbringer total cooldown is reduced by Aatrox’s Champion level and hastened by 2 seconds per Basic Attack against a Champion or a large monster.

Darius, the Hand of Noxus

Region of Origin: Noxus

Race: Human

Darius is a brutal executioner who can keep his enemies close to himself. One would think that anyone would be disadvantaged if flanked from multiple directions. The opposite is true for a Champion like Darius whose attacks affect multiple enemies at once. He has the disadvantage of range like all Fighters which is why he relishes his moment in the middle of the fray inside enemy lines. Escape is not advisable because the edge of Darius’ axe is the most dangerous part of his entire being. 

Q – Decimate

Darius cocks back his axe for 0.75 seconds then swing it around himself, harming all enemies within a medium-sized radius. Each unit affected receives moderate Physical Damage. The inner half of the total radius deals 65% less damage than the edges. Hitting enemy Champions with Decimate heals Darius. The amount of health recovered is equal to the collective fractions of each enemy Champions hit after the damage of Decimate was applied.

W – Crippling Strike 

Darius’ next attack within 4 seconds gains increased Attack Range and Physical Damage. The target hit with Crippling Strike loses 90% Movement Speed for 1 second.

If the target dies from the attack enhanced by Crippling Strike, Darius receives the full Mana cost spent on W and reduces the Cooldown by half.

E – Apprehend

Passive: Darius gains 15% – 30% Armour Penetration. The amount of multiplier depends on the ability level.

Active: Darius flings his axe at a target direction then pulls all enemies in a broad line. Affected units lose 40% Movement Speed for 1 second.

R – Noxian Guillotine

Darius leaps upwards towards a target enemy Champion the drop his axe onto them with full strength. The target receives a huge amount of True Damage which scales with Attack Damage. Noxian Guillotine gains 20% bonus damage per Hemorrhage stack on the target, reaching up to double the amount of True Damage.

If the target dies within 0.15 second after receiving damage from Noxian Guillotine, enemy minions and monsters will flee from Darius but gradually lose up to 99% their Movement Speed for 3 seconds. In addition, Noxian Guillotine’s cooldown is reduced down to 20 seconds and the next activation will cost no Mana. If the ability level of Noxian Guillotine is at 3, it is instead reset, ready for recast instantly. 

Passive – Hemorrhage

All damage coming from Darius, Basic Attacks or abilities, inflict a stack of Hemorrhage counter on each unit that deals a small amount of Physical Damage per second. Stack limit is 5 counts and each lasts 5 seconds. There is a 1.25-second interval before a new stack can be added. Hemorrhage count will not increase until that waiting is over no matter how many attacks Darius have landed. 

Passive – Noxian Might

Darius gains Noxian Might each time he successfully stacks full Hemorrhage count on a Champion or kills one using R – Noxian Guillotine.

Noxian Might gives Darius bonus Attack Damage and instantly gives enemy units full Hemorrhage stack through attacks he lands. Noxian Might lasts 5 seconds.

Dr Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Human altered by his own experiments

Dr Mundo gains the most complaints from the majority of professional players. He is described as a ‘Stat Stick’, a term known across all video games as a weapon or person that is only valuable because of the stats they provide, not the gameplay they introduce. Some would say that Dr Mundo is that one Champion that one would simply rush in and hope for the best. This made Mundo a perfect choice for absolute beginners, a popular tool for trolls, and an infamous option among high ranked players. 

Q – Infected Cleaver

Throw Mundo’s cleaver in a line towards a target direction. The first enemy hit receives moderate Magic Damage. Infected Cleaver gains bonus damage equal to a fraction of the target’s current health. This ability takes a certain amount of Mundo’s health to activate. If the ability hits, Mundo recovers 40% of the health. If the unit dies from Infected Cleaver, Mundo recovers 80% of the cost instead. If the enemy survived, it loses 40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

W – Burning Agony

Activating W toggles the effects on or off every 4 seconds. While effects are active, Mundo pays a small amount of health, around 10 – 30 per second based on the ability’s level. Fire swirls around Mundo in short radius, dealing Magic Damage to each enemy in range. Dr Mundo also gains 30% resistance to Crowd Control. 

E – Masochism

Passive: Dr Mundo increases his Magic Resistance whenever he takes Magic Damage or uses his health to pay for ability costs. The effect lasts for 2 seconds. Multiple stacks of Masochism is possible if triggered while duration lasts but each instance expires individually.

Active: Dr Mundo resets his Basic Attack timer and gains Bonus Attack Damage and Range for 5 seconds. Attack Damage bonus will be increased by the amount of Mundo’s current missing health Points.

R – Sadism

Dr Mundo pays a quarter of his current health to activate this effect. For the next 12 seconds, Mundo regenerates more than half his maximum health over time while also having a moderate Movement Speed bonus. 

Passive – Adrenaline Rush

Dr Mundo regenerates 1.5% of his maximum health every 5 seconds. There is no way to disable this ability.

Garen, the Might of Demacia

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Human

Garen is one of the community’s most recommended Champion for new players. He can fill either top-lane carry or bot-lane support as a Tank. He has a high regeneration rate and tenacity against crowd control. He uses no Mana to cast his abilities and all of his attacks require no precision skills, one of which deals True Damage. Though he is easy to play, he can also be easy to avoid. Everyone who has ever touched League of Legends knows how Garen works despite never having played him. However, he is one of many Champions who have little to no vulnerability. 

Q – Decisive Strike

Activation removes all crowd control effects from Garen and grants a small burst of Movement Speed for 1 – 3 seconds. Garen’s next attack in 4.5 seconds makes him lunge at the target enemy unit, deal bonus Physical Damage, and apply Silence. 

W – Courage

Passive: Garen gains a permanent 0.25 increase to each of his Armour and Magic resistance whenever he kills a unit, be it minion, monster, or Champion. The maximum stack is up to 120.

Active: Garen gains a protective shield and tenacity boost that lasts a split-second. In addition, he takes 30% less damage from any sources for the next few seconds.

E – Judgement

Garen starts spinning with his long sword for 3 seconds. During that time, he deals Physical Damage to all enemies for each swing. Garen may also pass through any units while spinning. Enemy Champions who took 6 swings of Judgement lose 25% Armour for 6 seconds. Further damage beyond the 6th resets the duration of the debuff. 

Reactivate E – Judgement after the first second to end the effect immediately and recover cooldown.

R – Demacian Justice

Garen gains True Sight on a target enemy Champion then strikes with a devastating single-target True Damage blow after half a second. Damage gains bonus equal to a fraction of the target’s missing health. True Sight lasts 1 second from the moment of activation.

Passive – Perseverance

Garen regenerates a small fraction of his total health every 5 seconds. Perseverance is deactivated for 7 seconds right after Garen took damage or hit by crowd control. This does not apply to minions. 

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess

Region of Origin: Bilgewater

Race: Human

Q – Tentacle Smash

Passive: Tentacles deal increased damage that scales only with Tentacle Smash ability level. This includes the temporary Tentacle that sprouts from Illaoi’s idol to perform this skill’s active.

Active: A Tentacle sprouts from Illaoi’s idol then smacks down a line towards a target direction then disappears. 

W – Harsh Lesson

Within 6 seconds after activation, Illaoi’s next basic attack causes her to lunge at a target enemy then deal bonus Physical Damage which scales with the target’s maximum health and Illaoi’s Attack Damage stats. Nearby Tentacles will attack the target following Harsh Lesson’s impact with split-second delay. 

E – Test of Spirit

Illaoi conjures a long Tentacle from her idol towards a target direction. The spectral limb pulls the Spirit of the first target it hits right in front of Illaoi which tethers to the body it came from. The Spirit is an inactive second body of the target with its physical body’s current stats and remaining health. While tether is active, Illaoi gains True Sight of the physical body, which makes them unable to hide. 

The Spirit can be attacked by Illaoi and her allies. Tentacles nearby can attack the Spirit. All damage done to the spectral copy deals a fraction of its total to the body. The target becomes a Vessel when the Spirit dies or when they walk beyond the reach of the tether. The target loses 80% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds after becoming a Vessel.

R – Leap of Faith

Illaoi jumps up then smashes her idol into the ground, creating a shockwave that deals Physical Damage to all nearby enemies. Leap of Faith instantly summons one Tentacle for each enemy Champion hit by the shockwave. For the next 8 seconds, the cooldown of W – Harsh Lesson is halved to allow Illaoi to unleash a barrage of Tentacle smashes every few seconds. Also for this duration, all Tentacles present are non-targetable and attack faster than normal.

Passive – Prophet of an Elder God

A Tentacle sprouts from a wall or ledge near Illaoi every few seconds. Tentacles won’t move on their own, instead, they attack targets of Illaoi’s W, E, and R skills. Vessels are exceptions to the seemingly docile nature of the spectral limbs. Tentacles will attack Vessels automatically. Enemy Champions turned into Vessels will also sprout Tentacles around their own vicinity which makes it easy to set the field for a clash.


Each limb attacks a line in front of them towards the target. All units in the range are damaged for small Physical Damage which scales with Illaoi’s Attack Damage and Ability Power. Tentacles can be attacked and killed by enemy Champions. Otherwise, each Tentacle only lasts 8 seconds after spawning. A total of 6 Tentacles can be present at a time. 


Vessels conjure Tentacles at closer proximity compared to Illaoi. Frequency of spawns depends on E – Test of Spirit ability level. This status lasts for 12 seconds or until Illaoi dies. The target can reduce the duration of the Test of Spirit by a second per attack they land on Illaoi. Ending the duration without the Spirit dying does not cause them to become a vessel.

Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

Region of Origin: Mitna Rachnun

Race: Undead 

Mordekaiser plays like a frontline Tank for most of the game but focuses on single enemies in the late game with his ultimate, R – Realm of Death. While he lacks any ways of charging towards enemies, Mordekaiser has a considerable range for his spells which take away enemy Movement Speed and one ability that pulls multiple units closer to him. His passive alone makes him perfectly capable of taking down Tank Champions. As of now, there is virtually no Champion who can win against Mordekasier in a close-ranged solo fight.

Q – Obliterate

Mordekaiser smashes a broad line at a target direction which extends as far as his mace can reach. Enemies caught in the area of effect receive a small amount of Magic Damage. Total damage increases by less than half the amount it normally would if Obliterate only hit one unit.

W – Indestructible

Passive: A small fraction of each damage Mordekaiser deals adds an equal amount to his Potential Shield gauge. The maximum limit of Potential Shield that can be stored is equal to 30% of Mordekaiser’s maximum Health. Stored amount decays by 8 – 25 points per second if Mordekaiser has not dealt damage against any enemy for the last 1 second. 

Active – First Cast: Mordekaiser turns all the Potential Shield into a Shield for the same amount. This shield decays from the moment it was activated until 4 seconds. During that time, W – Indestructible can be recast.

Active – Second Cast: Mordekaiser consumes all active Shield and receives less than half of the total amount into Health Points. 

E – Death’s Grasp

Passive: Mordekaiser gains 5% – 15% Magic Penetration depending on the ability level of Death’s Grasp.

Active: Mordekaiser creates a spectral zone in a cone at a target direction then conjures a hand that pulls all enemy units in the area of effect towards himself. Affected units receive small Magic Damage.

R – Realm of Death

Mordekaiser issues a duel against a target enemy Champion. That unit loses 75% Movement speed for 0.5 seconds. If the target is still within the Realm of Death casting range and targetable, both that Champion and Mordekaiser are transported to the Death Realm for 7 seconds. 

While in Mordekaiser’s territory, the target loses 10% from each of its stats; including Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, Maximum Health, Armour, and Magic Resist. However, Mordekaiser gains all points removed from the enemy for himself. When the target dies in the Death Realm or space was dispelled by either one leaving the zone, Mordekaiser keeps some of the stolen values until the original owner respawns. If the zone was dispelled and the target is still alive, Mordekaiser still gets to keep the stolen stat bonuses until the owner dies and respawns. 

While in the Death Realm, neither Champions can receive help from anyone in the outside dimension. 

Passive – Darkness Rise

Mordekaiser’s Basic Attacks deal bonus Magic Damage for each hit. Bonus scales with his Ability Power, which makes him a heavy damage dealer even when silenced.

Mordekaiser unlocks the true effects of Darkness Rise once he accumulates three stacks, each one is added per hit against an enemy with Basic Attack or abilities. Once at full stack of 3, Darkness Rise creates a short-ranged aura around Mordekaiser that deals small Magic Damage per second to each enemy units within range. The damage dealt by this effect scales with Mordekaiser’s Ability Power. Each unit receives additional damage based on its own maximum health. 

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Shuriman Ascended

Nasus is widely popular among the community. On one hand, his abilities are easy to understand and execute, perfect for beginners who wish to try their luck in the tedious top-lane. On the other hand, Nasus can be absurd from the early game and even more so for as long as the match extends. It is no secret that this dog god has one of the highest defences in the entire roster of League of Legends due to his ultimate, R – Fury of the Sands. What makes him ridiculous is the indefinite potential damage output of his first skill, Siphoning Strike. His other abilities proved basic crowd controls that help survive ganks since he’s mostly played alone.

Q – Siphoning Strike

Nasus’s next attack within 10 seconds gains bonus Physical Damage and extended Attack Range. If the target unit dies by an attack imbued with this ability, Nasus gains 3 permanent stacks of siphoning Strike. Nasus gains 12, instead, if the unit was a large minion, large monster, or a Champion. The bonus damage provided by Siphoning Strike is fixed but varies from 30, 50, 70, 90, or 110 points depending on the ability’s level. Siphoning Strike bonus increases by 1 point per stack of 1. This does not have a limit of maximum stacks which make Nasus, at the hands of players who have mastered the art of last hit, one scary adversary.

W – Wither

Target enemy Champion loses 35% Movement Speed and half that amount in Attack Speed. Effects last for 5 seconds while both debuff gradually becomes more potent over the duration.

E – Spirit Fire

Nasus doused a target area in flames that lingers for 5 seconds. Enemies within the area of effect take small Magic Damage per second and lose less than a quarter of their Armour. 

R – Fury of the Sands

Nasus calls upon the power of Shurima to enhance his entire being for 15 seconds. During this duration, he gains bonus Health, Armour, Magic Resistance, and Range. Armour and Magic Resistance gradually increases for each second that passes. 

While in this form, Nasus has an aura that deals Magic Damage per second to each unit within a small radius. The cooldown of Siphoning Strike is reduced to half. 

Passive – Darkness Rise

Nasus has innate Lifesteal stats. This stacks with Lifesteal effects coming from items. Amount of health recovered scales between 12% – 24% of the damage he deals. Fraction scales with Nasus’ Champion level.

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Region of Origin: Laid inside a Volcano somewhere in Shurima when she was an egg but hatched and raised in Piltover. She now lives in Demacia after saving Jarvan IV.

Shyvana has no means to slow enemies down or pull them closer. Instead, she pokes from afar with her E or closes the gap with her R. Though lacking in any form of mobility, she has decent enough Movement Speed which allows her to travel in between camps and into the lanes. Her human form is geared towards clearing waves of minions and monsters rather than engaging in Champion-to-Champion combat. In her Dragon form, she can engage with every single enemy present at any given time. She’s the perfect Champion for players who value lane pushing more than kill counts. 

Race: Dragon. The cause of her humanoid form is unknown. 

Q – Twin Bite

Shyvana’s next basic attack within the next 6 seconds is immediately followed up by a second strike that deals bonus Physical Damage equal to a portion of Shyvana’s Attack Damage. Both attacks benefit from Critical modifiers. 

Shyvana’s next basic attack within the next 6 seconds is immediately followed up by a second strike that deals bonus Physical Damage equal to a portion of Shyvana’s Attack Damage. Both attacks benefit from Critical modifiers. 

W – Burnout

Shyvana gains an aura of flame that deals Magic Damage to each enemy surrounding her while gaining bonus Movement Speed. Effects last for 3 seconds.

E – Flame Breath

Throw a ball of flame in a line towards a target direction and stop at the first enemy Champion the projectile collides with. All enemies hit are dealt Magic Damage and Marked for 5 seconds.

Shyvana’s Basic Attacks deal bonus Magic Damage against marked units equal to 3.75% of the target’s maximum health.

R – Dragon’s Descent

Passive: Shyvana never uses Mana for her abilities. At level 6, she begins gaining Fury. She gains 2 furies per basic attack in either human or Dragon form. 

Active: At 100 Fury, she gains access to her transformation. With Dragon’s Descent, Shyvana leaps toward a target direction while turning into a dragon mid-flight. Enemies caught in her travel path are pushed along with her flight and receive a moderate amount of Magic Damage. By the end of her blazing dash, she assumes her Dragon Form. The duration of her transformation and dash, Shyvana is immune to interruption and disables.

Dragon Form 

While in her Dragon Form, Shyvana gains bonus maximum Health and extended Attack Range. In addition, all of Shyvana’s other abilities, namely Q, W, and E, are either changed or enhanced.

Q – Twin Bite

Activation instantly makes Shyvana strike all enemies in front of her twice. Each strike applies on-hit effects but the second one does not benefit from Critical stats.

W – Burnout

Burnout aura from reaches a wider range than in her human form’s. 

E – Flame Breath

The fireball now explodes on impact with an enemy Champion or by reaching the end of its travel path. The explosion deals increased Magic Damage and marks all enemy units within the area of effect and setting fire to a small radius from the point of impact. Enemies standing on the burning soil take small Magic Damage per second and their mark keeps resetting for as long as they stand there. 

Passive – Fury of the Dragonborn

Shyvana deals 20% bonus Physical and Magic damage to Dragons which are the second strongest Jungle camp after Baron. Fury of the Dragonborn gains a stack per Dragon killed. Death of the Dragon should involve Shyvana in any way, whether Shyvana deals the last hit or she assisted it its fall.

This passive gives Shyvana 5 points each to bonus Armour and Magic Resistance. Each stack of Fury of the Dragonborn adds the same value in addition to the already existing bonus. Stack does not have a limit which allows Shyvana to keep growing as the match extends.

Trundle, the Troll King

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Frost-Troll

Trundle is a top-lane Fighter who has an insane range of crowd control. He could be classified as an Enchanter, except all of his abilities benefit himself. He has nothing to share with any of his allies but plenty to take from his enemies. As king, he tends to claim many things for himself like the enemy’s stats. He is a stat-stick Champion who can manipulate not just his own, but his opponents’ stats. This makes him a fairly easy Champion to play for beginners and a very fun avatar to mess with strangers. 

Q – Chomp

Changes his next Basic Attack into a bite. This inflicts bonus Physical Damage and reduces the target’s Movement Speed very briefly. Within 5 seconds after the bite, Trundle gains minor bonus Attack Damage and the enemy loses half that amount. 

W – Frozen Domain

Creates an ice field in a target area where his Movement Speed and Attack Speed are increased. He also gains increased Health restoration from any source while in the area. 

E – Pillar of Ice

A column of glacier is conjured at a target location and lingers for 6 seconds. Enemy units in the point of eruption are knocked aside but no damage is received. The column has a wide-ranged aura which reduces the Movement Speed of all enemy units within range.

R – Subjugate

Trundle curses a target enemy unit for 4 seconds. While the target is close, Trundle continuously drains its Health, Armour, and Magic Resistance per second. The stolen Armour and Magic Resistance remain for 4 more seconds after Subjugate has ended its duration or after losing range. 

Passive – King’s Tribute

Trundle recovers a small fraction of his total Health whenever an enemy dies nearby.

Udyr, the Spirit Walker

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Human with distant Vastaya ancestry

Udyr is a martial artist who channels the force of the beasts. He lacks any form of a projectile for pokes or the ability to pull targets towards him, common skills among Juggernauts. However, he does have great Movement Speed and Attack Speed. He relies on quick successive strikes of his Basic Attacks enhanced by whichever Stance he has active. At a glance, Udyr may seem like a boring Champion who only spams stat changes. The fun starts when you realize that each Stance can be used in a combo. You dictate in which order should they take effect, how long before you swap, and which unfortunate soul should receive your fury. 

Q – Tiger Stance

Passive: Udyr assumes the wrath of the tiger. Udyr’s first Basic Attack on a new target and every 3rd others that follows gain bonus Physical Damage. The damage increase scales tremendously with Udyr’s Attack Damage from 120% to 160% based on Tiger Stance’s ability level.

Active – Tiger Speed: Tiger Stance grants a huge burst in Attack Speed on top of Monkey’s Agility. 

W – Turtle Stance

Udyr takes a defensive stance to endure the enemy onslaught. He gains Turtle stack for each of his Basic Attacks. When he has three Turtle stacks, Udyr’s next Basic Attack heals him for 2-5% of his own maximum health. 

Active – Spiritual Shell: Udyr conjures a shield that lasts 5 seconds from the moment he assumed the Turtle Stance and instantly gains 3 Turtle stacks. Shield strength scales with Ability Power.

E – Bear Stance

Udyr’s basic attacks stun a target for 1 second. Bear Stance-induced stun disables may only work on the same target once every 5 seconds but will work on new targets each hit. Switching to another Stance then back to Bear can apply the stun on the same target again. However, the on-hit cooldown is only 5 seconds while Bear Stance activation cooldown is 6 seconds. Udyr does not have a personal ability to reduce cooldown but items and allies might help. Then again, you might prefer to unleash free hits instead of aiming for a perma-stun exploit. 

Active – Primal Charge: For the next couple of seconds after assuming Bear Stance, Udyr gains bonus Movement Speed and the ability to walk through units. His next basic attack gains an extended range and causes him to lunge at his target.

R – Phoenix Stance

Udyr’s basic attacks charge 1 Phoenix stack per hit. At 3 stacks, Udyr spreads a wave of flames at a cone in front of him that deals Magic Damage to all enemy units in range. 

Active – Phoenix Flame: Udyr gains an aura that deals Magic Damage to all enemies around him. This aura lasts for 4 seconds. In addition to this effect, Udyr instantly gains 3 Phoenix stacks.

Passive – Monkey’s Agility

Udyr gains a small burst of bonus Movement and Attack Speed each time he enters a new stance. This buff can be triggered multiple times with each instance stacking on top of the other.

Urgot, the Dreadnought

Region of Origin: Noxus but his ‘change’ began in Zaun

Race: Human with industrial augmentations

Urgot is an executioner and an anarchist. Most of his abilities make it easy to thin the horde while his ultimate works best on Champions close to death’s door. Urgot has high base Health and defences to help sustain lanes in the early game, but he turns into a monstrous hybrid of DPS and Burst by mid-game. He can be challenging to use due to his need to constantly move to maximize the effects of his abilities.

Q – Corrosive Charge

Throws a canister at a target location which explodes in a small radius from the point of impact. Each unit in the area of effect receives small Physical Damage and loses roughly half their Movement Speed for 1 second. 

W – Purge

Passive: Each of Urgot’s ability besides Echoing Flames marks one enemy Champion at a time. The effect lingers for 5 seconds or until a new Champion is marked. At level 5 of this ability, Purge becomes a toggle ability with no cooldown or Manacost. 

Active: Urgot unleashes a barrage of gunfire using his arm-mounted assault rifle against the closest enemy unit within a moderate distance from himself. This lasts for 4 seconds and can’t attack any target units for that duration. He can still strafe around the field with the ability to move through units but his Movement Speed is reduced. Purge will prioritize marked Champions over any target in between them for as long as that target is in range. 

Each projectile from Purge deals lower Physical Damage than Urgot’s Basic Attack and cannot deal Critical Strike. However, the rate of fire makes up for all the difference, accumulating to far greater total damage dealt within the same time frame. 

Recast Purge while effects persist to end it prematurely. This does not refund Mana Cost spent or Cooldown. 

E – Disdain

Urgot rushes towards a target direction then grabs the first Champion he comes into contact and slams them behind him. Unlike most dash abilities, Urgot cannot pass through walls with Disdain. All non-Champion units in his way are knocked away from his path and receive moderate Physical Damage. The Champion caught by Disdain is stunned for 0.75 seconds after he was flung by Urgot. 

R – Fear Beyond Death

Urgot flings a chained drill at a target direction which deals moderate Physical Damage to the first Champion it hits. That target is tethered with Urgot for 4 seconds, during which also loses Movement Speed based on their missing Health. Tether does not have a range limit. 

Fear Beyond Death can be recast while tether is active and the target is under 25% health. This activates automatically if the target was already below 25% Health after the initial damage was dealt. If so, Urgot pulls the target towards himself. The affected unit is stunned for the duration of the pull. Upon reaching Urgot, the enemy is immediately killed. 

A successful execution by Fear Beyond Death makes Urgot unleash a flash of sinister energy to a wide radius around himself. Enemies caught in the area of effect are inflicted with Terrified for 1.5 seconds and lose 75% Movement Speed. Terrified enemies will move away from the source of terror while unable to take commands from their players. 

Passive – Monkey’s Agility

Urgot has six mechanical legs that stay in place as he moves. His body turns by a pivot which attaches his torso to his crab-like lower body. Each robot limbs is loaded with a single-barrel shotgun that fires along with his next basic attack. This deals improved Physical Damage against enemies caught in a cone towards the direction the leg is pointing. 

Each of Urgot’s leg-mounted shotguns only fires when Urgot targets an enemy within his Attack Range which is in a cone towards the direction the leg is facing. To unload all shots at a single unit, Urgot must reposition himself for each attack around the desired target. 

Each shotgun needs to reload for 30 seconds in the early game. Urgot’s Champion level will reduce per leg cooldown to a mere 2.5 seconds. 

Volibear, the Thunder’s Roar

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Primal Demi-God 

As one of the first Champions introduced in the birth of League of Legends, Volibear has a fairly basic concept with devastating efficiency. He has a great wave clear capacity which makes him a formidable lane push and jungle Champion. He can also catch and lockdown on a target which also made him a capable remover.  

Q – Rolling Thunder

Volibear gains a burst of Movement Speed for 4 seconds which allows him to rush at a target enemy Champion. His next Basic Attack deals bonus Physical Damage and toss the target to his back. 

W – Frenzy

Passive: Each of Volibear’s Basic Attacks gives Frenzy one stack up to a maximum of three. Each stack grants Volibear bonus Attack Speed and Physical Damage.

Active: Upon reaching 3 stacks, cast Frenzy to have Volibear bite the enemy he is already attacking, dealing small Physical Damage which scales with the target’s missing health.

Frenzy’s cooldown is halved if used on a minion or a monster.

E – Majestic Roar

Volibear roars with strength enough to send a shockwave to a short radius around him. Enemies caught in range are knocked away, receive Magic Damage, and lose moderate amount of Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Majestic Roar interrupts Champion mid-animation of a dash. They are knocked airborne and receive bonus Magic Damage equal to 8% of their maximum Health on top of the initial damage given by this ability.

R – Thunder Claws

Volibear calls upon the power of thunder. Lightning strikes his extended arm then courses towards the nearest enemy and onto another enemy close to it. Up to 8 enemy units can get caught in the chain lightning and receive weak Magic Damage. For the next 12 seconds, each of Volibear’s Basic Attacks releases the same surge of electricity. Every hit triggers a bolt of chain lightning which reach the same number of people and inflict the same amount of Magic Damage as the activation effect.

Passive – Chosen of the Storm

Volibear starts regenerating 30% of his maximum Health for 6 seconds when his health drops below that rate. Chosen of the Storm may only trigger once every 120 seconds.

Yorick, Shepherd of Souls

Region of Origin: Shadow Isles

Race: Human 

Yorick’s base stats are so balanced that it’s not impressive at all. On top of that, he lacks any form of control or mobility options compared at least to the other Juggernauts. That’s because Yorick was not designed to engage in a clash but to push the lanes. His balanced stats are laid out like this to help him sustain the lane from waves and ganks. 

Q – Last Rites

Yorick’s next basic attack within 6 seconds gain bonus Attack Range and Physical Damage. He recovers small Health if the attack hits but he gains double that amount if his Health current is below 50%. Minions and monsters that die from Last Rites are guaranteed to leave a Graveyard.

While Last Rites is in cooldown and there are at least 3 Graveyards in range, Q will be replaced by Awakening. Activation spawns one Mist Walker per Graveyard but it will only give rise to 4 at maximum. This ability costs no Mana.

W – Dark Procession

Yorick channels for 1 second then conjures a grotesque wall of undead flesh in a small radius from a target location. Enemies are blocked by the undead-made obstacle while allied units are free to pass through. The wall lasts for 4 seconds but enemy Champions can destroy it with multiple Basic Attacks to end the duration faster. 

E – Mourning Mist

Yorick hurls a handful of concentrated Black Mist at a target area. Enemies caught in the area of effect receive Magic Damage equal to 15% of their current health. Champions and monsters affected by this ability are marked for 4 seconds and their Movement Speed is reduced by 30% for 2 seconds. Mist Walkers will leap towards the closest marked enemy Champion as soon as effects began. 

Yorick, Mist Walkers, and The Maiden gain bonus Movement Speed when moving towards marked Champions.

R – Eulogy of the Isles

Yorick summons The Maiden of the Mist with an envoy of Mist Walkers. The number of entourage she arrives with depends on the ability’s level. 

Recast Eulogy of the Isles while The Maiden is still active. Doing so will set her free to push a lane on her own accompanied by all the Mist Walkers you currently have. None of these units will die if they strayed too far from Yorick because their new master is The Maiden of the Mist. While The Maiden and her army of Mist Walkers are away from Yorick’s range, he can summon his own army of 4 Mist Walkers separate from the already existing 4 with The Maiden.

Passive – Shepherd of Souls

Non-Champion enemy units that die near Yorick have a chance to leave a Graveyard where they die. These marked spots linger in the field for as long as Yorick is within range. Using his skill ‘Awakening’ will spawn a Mist Walker from each Graveyard. Enemy Champions who die near Yorick will always leave a Graveyard.

Pets – Mist Walkers

Yorick can have up to 4 Mist Walkers at a time. Mist Walkers serve as minions with prowess which scale with Yorick’s own stats. These are mindless henchmen that follow Yorick wherever he roams until enemies are in sight. They will choose their own targets and cannot be commanded otherwise except with Mourning Mist. 

Each Mist Walker lasts indefinitely on the field until killed or moves too far from Yorick.

Mist Walkers will not be prioritized by Turrets over siege minions.

Pet – The Maiden of the Mist

Unlike Mist Walkers, The Maiden does not die if she strays too far from Yorick. She will, instead, leash immediately back to him. When set free, she serves as a master for the army of Mist Walkers spawned by Eulogy of the Isles or by her passive. 

Attacks from The Maiden against enemies apply the mark of the Mourning Mist which also grants the increased stats given to Yorick and his pets. While she has less than 4 minions, enemies that die near her are guaranteed to become Mist Walkers immediately until the limit is reached.


If Juggernauts are hulking units that can withstand the horde to sustain the lane, Divers are nimble cavalry who can charge straight towards high priority targets, hop in and out of the crossfire, or circle around the back for a pincer manoeuvre. Unlike their beefy counterparts, Divers may have lower maximum Health.

Some Champions in this list are effective initiators given that they have backups to follow-up their move. Others are more effective as the backup, themselves, jumping right at the enemy Mages and Marksmen after allies have engaged. Divers may also be mistaken for Assassins but these Champions are more interested ganks than kills. 

Divers are terrible match against the Juggernauts in 1v1 so don’t even try. Focus on softer targets which keep their distances like Artillery, Bursts, Marksmen, and Enchanters. Assassins will prove to be too elusive to chase but Divers can counter their attempts to kill a squishy ally. 

Camille, the Steel Shadow

Region of Origin: Piltover

Race: Human Cyborg

Camille’s main arsenal could have people mistake her for an Assassin or Skirmisher. She is actually ineffective for such roles because she has little means of escape. Instead, her abilities are geared towards chasing down targets and isolating them from the herd. Her long-ranged dive allows her to immediately zip through to the back of the enemy line and her crowd controls secure multiple enemies are engaged. 

Q – Precision Protocol

Precision Protocol can be cast twice with each activation granting bonus damage, range, and Movement Speed to Camille until she lands her enhanced Basic Attack within 1 second. The first cast increases Physical Damage while the second one gives her strike True Damage. Both offensive enhancement scale with her Attack Damage. 

W – Tactical Sweep

Camille leaps upward then cleaves a cone area towards a target direction, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in range. The range is divided into outer and inner circles and the further half is the more efficient area of effect. Enemies in the outer circle receive bonus Physical Damage than normal which scales with their maximum Health and lose 80% Movement Speed that decays for 2 seconds. Camille recovers health equal to the collective amount of bonus damage from each enemy Champion caught in the further half.

Camille can move mid-air while Tactical Sweep animation is playing which gives you a small moment to adjust her position for maximum effect. 

E – Hookshot

Camille fires two grappling cables in a line towards a target direction. This skill hits walls and not units. If the tips hit a wall, Camille will pull herself towards that point then stay there for 0.75 seconds. During that time, E becomes Wall Dive. 

While Camille is midair flying towards the wall, any of her abilities can be cast.

E – Wall Dive

While sticking to a wall, Camille can dash towards a target direction where her landing will send a shockwave in a short radius. Enemies caught by the tremor receives moderate Physical Damage. The range of Wall Dive extends if the target location is towards an enemy Champion. 

Enemy Champions caught in the Wall Dive impact area are knocked back and stunned for 0.75 seconds. Camille gains moderate bonus Attack Speed for 5 seconds. 

R – The Hextech Ultimatum

Camille leaps upwards then lands onto a target Enemy Champion. She then creates a wide zone around the target which traps them in for a short time. The creation of the zone also interrupts all matters of channelling in the area and knocks away all units except for the Target. Outside units are free to enter at any time while the effect lasts. The affected unit cannot leave the zone in any way. This zone can end prematurely if either Camille or the target dies or if Camille was knocked out of range. 

While in the zone, Camille gains bonus Magic Damage for her Basic Attacks which scale with the target’s current health.

Passive – Adaptive Defence

Camille puts up a shield that only works against the main Damage-type of the enemy Champion she hit last with her Basic Attack. Shield strength is equal to 20% of her own maximum Health and lasts for 2 seconds. Adaptive Defence will only trigger every 16 – 10 seconds based on Camille’s Champion level.

Elise, the Spider Queen

Region of Origin: Noxus

Race: Human altered Shadow Isle magic

Similar to Yorick, Elise sports an almost perfectly-balanced base stats but what Yorick has in utility, Elise makes up for in speed. She has a particularly straightforward arsenal that focuses on quickly disposing of a single target. This philosophy holds true for both of her ranged and melee forms. However, her low base health makes it difficult to keep alive. To avoid flanks, she can keep her distance in human form where all of her abilities are ranged. In Spider form, her skills become the perfect toolkit for a very aggressive 1v1 fighter.

Q – Neurotoxin

Elise flings a projectile that travels in a line at a target direction, stopping and harming the first enemy unit it hits for moderate Magic Damage.

Q – Venomous Spider Bite [Spider Form]

Elise’s next Basic Attack gains bonus Magic Damage equal to Neurotoxin.

W – Volatile Spiderling

Elise sends a spiderling to run at a target location, exploding on the first enemy it comes into contact with and dealing Magic Damage to all opponents within a short radius. Only one stack of Dormant Spiderling is stacked per Volatile Spiderling despite how many units are affected.

If the spiderling fails to explode as it reaches its destination, it will walk towards the closest enemy unit, prioritizing Champions. Though the target is a Champion, the spiderling will explode on a minion that it meets along the way. If no valid target is in range, the spiderling stays where it then explodes in 3 seconds. 

W – Skittering Frenzy [Spider Form]

Elise and her spiderlings gain a huge burst of Attack Speed and Magic Damage for 3 seconds.

E – Cocoon

Elise flings a thick coat of web towards a target direction, stunning the first enemy unit it hits for 2 seconds or less. While stunned, Elise gains sight of the target but not True Sight. 

E – Rappel [Spider Form]

The first activation causes Elise and her spiderlings to escape upwards where no one can reach them. They can stay up for 2 seconds and gain sight of a wide radius from where they were initially. While duration lasts, recast at a target location within the zone to have Elise and her spiderlings land there. Elise and her pets gain multiplied bonuses of their already existing bonuses such as Attack Speed, Ability Power, Movement Speed, and others.

R – Spider Form / Human Form

This ability is available from the start of the game together with another starting ability of your choice.

Casting this ability immediately morphs Elise into her other form.

Passive – Spider Swarm

Human Form: Each time Elise successfully hits an enemy with an ability, she gains a stack in Dormant Spider. Maximum stack limit is 2 – 5 based on Elise’s level. 

Spider Form: Each Basic Attack deals bonus Magic Damage scaling with Ability Power and ability level of R – Spider Form. Every attack heals Elise for a small portion of the damage she causes. 

Hecarim, the Shadow of War

Region of Origin: Shadow Isles

Race: Undead

If you want good lane coverage using base Movement Speed, there’s no better man for the job than a dead ghost riding a dead horse. Hecarim’s skill set is as straightforward as his spear. With his base Movement Speed, he can move in and around enemy lines to prepare for a flank. 

Passive – Warpath

Hecarim gains bonus Attack Damage equal to a moderate portion of his Movement Speed

Q – Rampage

Hecarim swings his weapon around once, dealing Physical Damage to each enemy in range. Rampage cooldown is reduced by 1 if at least one unit is hit with the swing.

W – Spirit of the Dread

Hecarim gains a wide aura that deals a few Magic Damage per second to each enemy in range. He recovers Health every time enemies in range take damage from any source. Health recovered is equal to 30% of each damage registered.

E – Devastating Charge

For the next 4 seconds, Hecarim gains bonus Movement Speed and the ability to phase through units. While duration lasts, Hecarim’s next basic attack causes him dash towards it knock back all units in the point of impact. Each affected unit receives Physical Damage which scales with the distance travelled by Hecarim from the moment of activation until the point of impact. 

R – Onslaught of Shadows

Hecarim dashes towards a target direction along with several horse-mounted ghosts riding by his side. All enemies affected in the spectral stampede receive moderate Magic Damage and lose 99% Movement Speed for a second. 

Passive – Warpath

Hecarim gains bonus Attack Damage equal to a moderate portion of his Movement Speed

Irelia, the Blade Dancer

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Irelia glides in between enemy lines while cutting down every single unit she can see with her peripherals. That is to say, she has great mobility and wide AoE damage. She deals increased damage against minions which makes her effective in farming from the early game while her combos allow her to manipulate the enemy Champions. 

Q – Bladesurge

Irelia dashes towards a target enemy unit. The unit receives small Physical Damage and heals Irelia for a fraction of her Attack Damage stats. Bladesurge Cooldown is reset if the target was marked or dies by the on-hit damage of this ability.

W – Bladesurge

Irelia conjures a protective layer of spinning blades which absorbs 50% Physical Damage for the next 1.5 seconds. Cast Bladesurge again and Irelia sends these blades towards a target direction, dealing Physical Damage to all enemy units in the path travelled. This second ability works as soon as duration ends and the target direction is towards the cursor’s place relative to Irelia’s current position. Damage is increased by how long you wait before a recast.

E – Flawless Duet

Sends a blade towards a target location. Recast to send another blade towards another target location then both blades will instantly fly towards each other. Enemies caught in the path travelled receive moderate Magic Damage and stunned for 0.75 seconds. Enemies damaged by this ability are marked. After 3.5 seconds without recast, the second blade simply drops at Irelia’s exact location then triggers the second effect normally. 

R – Vanguard’s Edge

Barrage of Blades: Irelia throws all of her blades towards a target direction which stops and explodes on impact with an enemy Champion or reaching the end of its range. All enemy units caught in range receive large Magic Damage and are knocked airborne. The explosion sends the blades in position, resembling the tip of an arrow. The blades serve as walls with the only opening towards Irelia. Enemy Champions by the edge of the zone are moved towards the insides while airborne.

Second Effect – Perimeter: The wall of blades deals moderate Magic Damage and removes 90% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds to any enemy units that pass through. Those units also lose the ability to attack for the same duration. After 2.5 seconds, Irelia recalls her blades, inflicting the same effects as the walls did to all units within the travelled path.

Passive – Ionian Fervor

Irelia gains 1 stack of Ionian Fervor every time she hits an enemy unit with her abilities. Maximum stack caps at 5. Each stack lasts for 6 seconds but refreshes duration after a successful hit. 

Irelia gains a minor multiplier to her Attack Speed per stacks. At maximum stack, Irelia’s Basic Attacks deal bonus Magic Damage which scales with her Attack Damage. 

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Human

Jarvan can be mistaken for a Juggernaut due to his high defence, AoE attacks, and long-ranged poke. Despite his steel-clad full armour, he is a nimble Fighter who zips across the battlefield. His favoured position is smack dab in the middle of enemy forces. 

Q – Dragon Strike

Jarvan thrusts his lance at a target direction, dealing Physical Damage against all enemies in a line. Enemies affected by this attack lose a small amount of Armour for 3 seconds.

W – Golden Aegis

Golden glow of energy explodes in a short radius around Jarvan, slowing down enemies in range for 2 seconds. After the initial effect, Jarvan gains a shield that lasts for 5 seconds. Shield strength scales with Jarvan’s maximum Health and number of Champions hit by the glow.

E – Demacian Standard

Passive: Jarvan gains bonus Attack Speed from 20% – 30% of his total base stat.

Active: Lob a flag at a target location. Its landing deals Magic Damage to enemies in the small area of effect. This flag lingers for 8 seconds, giving allies a short-ranged sight from its location. Allied champions near the flag gain bonus Attack Speed equal to Jarvan’s passive. 

Combo of Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike

If Q – Dragon Strike connects with a flag planted by E – Demacian Standard, Jarvan will dash towards the flag, knocking all units in his path airborne. 

R – Cataclysm

Jarvan leaps at a target enemy Champion and deals moderate Physical Damage against all units within a short radius from the point of impact. An impassable terrain will rise all around Jarvan that lasts for 3.5 seconds. This locks the target Champion and whoever is right beside them while stopping any possibility of reinforcements from either side of the team. 

Passive – Martial Cadence

Basic Attacks deal bonus Physical Damage equal to 8% of the target’s current health. This effect has a cooldown of 6 seconds on the same target but can be used in quick succession against new enemies.

Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier

Region of Origin: Born in Bandle City but now serves Noxus

Race: Yordle

Kled is one Champion who will not bother with farm or lane. His abilities are built around his aggressive personality. If you possess the mindset that charges against enemy Champions, you will find his arsenal appealing because they always involve enemy Champions. 

Q – Bear on a Rope [Mounted]

Kled flings a make-shift grapple hook in a line towards a target location. The projectile will pass by all minions and small monsters while inflicting small Physical Damage to each unit. This stops at the first enemy Champion or large monster that it hits, making the target tethered with Kled. Allies gain True Sight of the tethered target. 

After 1.75 seconds while the tether is still active, Kled yanks the chain, pulling the target a little closer and dealing another Physical Damage. This time, the target gains 60% less from any Health recovery methods for 5 seconds. They also lose roughly half of their total Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Q – Pocket Pistol [Dismounted]

Kled fires multiple bullets in a cone simultaneously while the recoil of the shot sends him flying the opposite direction. Each projectile deals Physical Damage to the first unit it hits. Each pellet that finds its mark adds to Skaarl’s Courage.

W – Violent Tendencies

Passive: Every 10 seconds or so, Kled gains 150% bonus Attack Speed for the next 4 basic attacks. After the first hit, he has 4 seconds to attack with the remaining 3. The last blow deals bonus Physical Damage. This works with or without Skaarl.

E – Jousting

E is completely unavailable without Skaarl. Activation will make Kled and Skaarl dash at a target direction, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in the travelled path. If an enemy Champion was hit, Kled and Skaarl gain bonus Movement Speed for 1 second and the ability to recast towards the first Champion that was hit by the first Dash. Kled gains True Sight of the target Champion for 3 seconds.

R – Chaaaaaaaarge!

R is completely unavailable without Skaarl. Skaarl rolls into a ball while Kled rolls him by foot charging as far as half the map. In this state, the movement will be unstoppable and you have little control over their steering. Kled smashes Skaarl at the closest enemy Champion encountered in their path, knocks them back, and deals Physical Damage which scales with the target’s Maximum Health.

Kled gains a Shield throughout the ride which scales with his Attack Damage. Allied units who follow behind Kled and Skaarl’s path gain bonus Movement Speed equal to half their own.

Passive – Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard

Skaarl is Kled’s mount. The total Health bar is cut in the middle, the first half is Skaarl’s and the other is Kled’s personal gauge. Skaarl takes all incoming damage when he is present but runs away once his Health is depleted. This leaves Kled alone with fewer options and slower base Movement Speed. However, Kled can run faster than Skaarl if he’s attacking or charging towards an enemy Champion. 

Courage: Neither Kled nor Skaarl use Mana for their abilities. The secondary bar stacks up on Courage for each attack Kled landed on any enemy. At 100 courage, Skaarl returns to Kled, giving back their full arsenal of abilities, bonus Movement Speed, and Health extension. 

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Lee Sin is one of the oldest and most popular Champion in the roster. He has the most gameplay montage which demonstrates the true capabilities of a Diver. To simplify how he was played, Lee Sin involves two kinds of long-ranged Dive abilities and several instances that deal burst damage. 

Q – Sonic Wave

Fire a projectile towards a target direction which connects with the first enemy it hits. The target’s location is revealed by True Sight and receives Physical Damage which scales with Attack Damage. That target is marked for W – Resonating Strike. Resonating Strike is available within the next 3 seconds after activation.

Recast Q – Resonating Strike

Lee Sin dashes towards the enemy marked by Sonic Wave in a flying kick stance. The target receives Physical Damage from Lee Sin’s impact. The range can reach up to 1,300.

W – Safeguard

Target an allied minion, Champion, or ward within 700. Lee Sin dashes towards the target unit and gives them a shield which lasts for 2 seconds. Shield strength scales with Ability Power. Safeguard can be self-cast for the shield, but no dash will take action. Iron Will is available within the next 3 seconds after activation.

Recast W – Iron Will

Lee Sin gains bonus Life Steal and Spell Vamp for 4 seconds.

E – Tempest

Smash the ground to deal Magic Damage and gain sight of all enemy units within 350 radii from Lee Sin. All affected units are marked for Cripple. Cripple is available within 3 seconds after Tempest hits an enemy unit.

Recast E – Cripple

Units affected by Tempest lose a portion of their Movement Speed. Effects l decay for up to 4 seconds.

R – Dragon’s Rage

Lee Sin hits the target enemy Champion hard enough to send it flying towards the direction of the target relative to Lee Sin’s position. This deals huge Physical Damage which scales for double the amount of Lee Sin’s Attack Damage. 

Enemies hit by the flying target receive equal the original amount of damage plus a portion of the kicked target’s remaining health.

Passive – Flurry

For each time Lee Sin uses an ability, he gains bonus Attack Speed that lasts for 3 seconds or at least after dishing out two Basic Attacks. The first and second hit each recover a portion of Lee Sin’s Energy.

Olaf, the Berserker

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Human

Olaf is not a typical Diver. Unlike the others we’ve talked about so far, Olaf has no abilities that allow him to dash or leap at a target or location. Instead, he rushes headstrong straight at any Champion, with no defence against anyone else in between. This aggression is highly rewarded by high regeneration and strong True Damage.

Q – Undertow

Hurl an axe towards a target direction which deals moderate Physical Damage to each enemy in its travelled path. All units affected lose a portion of their Movement Speed for a couple of seconds. Undertow’s slow effect lingers longer against units further down its range.

W – Vicious Strikes

Olaf gains a brief burst of Attack Speed and bonus Life Steal for the next 6 seconds. For this duration, Olaf gains bonus Healing from any source. The potency is equal to half of his missing Health. 

E – Reckless Swing

Olaf deals an instant True Damage against a target enemy. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time Olaf lands a Basic Attack.

R – Ragnarok

Passive: Olaf gains bonus Armour and Magic Resistance while Ragnarok is in cooldown.

Active: Cleanse all manners of Crowd Control while making him immune for the next 6 seconds of further negative effects. Olaf also gains a quick burst of Movement Speed while moving towards a visible Enemy Champion.

Passive – BerserkerRage

Olaf gains bonus Attack Speed equal to his missing Health points, making him more deadly if he’s close to dying, himself. 

Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Targonian Ascended

Q – Comet Spear 

Tap Q and Pantheon thrusts his spear forward, dealing bonus Physical Damage to enemies in a short line in front of him. This quick attack reduces the cooldown of Comet Spear. Hold the Q button and Pantheon cocks back, ready to throw his spear. You may aim while he is charging. Release the button to hurl his spear at a target location and deal Physical Damage against all enemies caught in the spear’s travelled path.

Mortal Will Bonus: Comet Spear deals additional Physical Damage and affected enemies lose a quarter of their Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds. 

W – Shield Vault 

Pantheon dashes to a target enemy and deals small Physical Damage. The target becomes stunned for 1 second. 

Mortal Will: Pantheon strikes the target 3 quick times with his lance.

E – Aegis Assault 

Pantheon braces his shield and attacks in a flurry of stabs at a target direction. Pantheon may gradually move forward to close in on the enemy. Attacks coming from that direction are completely blocked for the duration of the effect. By the end, Pantheon slams his shield and deal even more Physical Damage.

Mortal Will Bonus: Duration lasts longer and Pantheon’s attacks hit harder. 

R – Grand Starfall 

Pantheon leaps into the air then choose a target direction that reaches up to halfway across the map. While mid-flight, Pantheon throws his spear at a target location then follows up with his body crashing down on the area. His landing creates a shockwave that deals a huge amount of Magic Damage that decays down to 50% the further it travels.

Grand Starfall instantly readies Mortal Will. 

Passive – Mortal Will

Each Basic Attack or abilities landed by Pantheon gains 1 charge to a maximum of 5 stacks. At 5 stacks. Stacks are consumed to enhance his active abilities.

Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower 

Region of Origin: Void 

Race: Void Spawn 

Rek’Sai has her ways to move around the Jungle. She can create tunnels that allow her to pass through terrains without giving anybody else the same benefit. Her design offers a peculiar way of sensing enemies. She can bury herself which limits her vision, but it does allow the player to ‘sense’ enemies from beyond the fog of war. 

Q – Queen’s Wrath [Unburrowed] 

Enhance Rek’Sai’s next 3 Basic Attack for the next 5 seconds. She deals a small bonus Physical Damage to that splashes to the surrounding enemies. This makes her an effective wave cleaner or jungle camp farmer. 

Q – Prey Seeker [Unburrowed] 

Fire a bolt towards a target direction which hits on the first enemy it meets. The projectile deals moderate Physical Damage and reveals the location of the target. This does not give True Sight. 

W – Burrow/Unburrow 

Allows Rek’Sai to toggle between her two states with a 4-second cooldown. 

When emerging from the earth, Rek’Sai deals a small Physical Damage to enemies near where she emerges from. The closest enemy is knocked airborne while the other units are knocked away from the centre.

While burrowed underground, Rek’Sai gains small fixed Movement Speed and gains Tremor Sense. 

Passive – Tremor Sense: Enemies out of sight but close to Rek’Sai are partially revealed to all allies.

E – Furious Bite [Unburrowed] 

Rek’Sai deals moderate Physical Damage against a target enemy. While she has maximum Fury, the bite deals True Damage for double the normal amount. 

E – Tunnel [Burrowed] 

Rek’Sai creates a tunnel from her location leading to 250 away in front of her. Only she can use these tunnels to move around the jungle. Click on one side to pop out on the other side. Enemies can destroy her tunnels by standing on them. If left undisturbed, each pair of entrances can last up to 10 minutes or until Rek’Sai creates a new one beyond her limit which is 8. 

R – Void Rush 

Passive: Rek’Sai marks the enemy Champions she attacks. Marks last for 5 seconds each. 

Active: Rek’Sai aims for a Marked Target then leaps towards their direction. Her landing deals massive Physical Damage to that target alone plus the target’s missing Health. 

Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai 

Rek’Sai generates Fury instead of Mana. Each of her Basic Attack and abilities that hit stacks her Fury while she’s out in the open. The next time she burrows underground, Rek’Sai consumes all Fury to regain health equal to the stacked amount. 

Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands

Region of Origin – Shurima 

Race: Shuriman Ascended 

Renekton is all about dealing damage. He hurts anyone he comes across, he cuts down anyone close to him, and he tears through everything standing in his way. His only defence is his ultimate which makes him virtually unkillable. If dealing consistent damage while being an unstoppable force  is more to your liking, I suggest the Alligator with a culling blade.  

Q – Cull the Meek 

Renekton swings his blade around him once, dealing moderate Physical Damage to all enemies surrounding him. He regenerates Health equal to a portion of how much damage he deals per unit. Champions reward more Health than minions or monsters. If Fury is below 50, Renekton gains 2.5 fury per enemies he hits but Champions reward 10 each.

If Fury is at 50 or above, Cull the Meek does not regenerate Fury and deals massive damage to each unit. This consumes 50 Furies in one attack. 

W – Ruthless Predator 

Renekton’s next Basic Attack strikes twice and stuns the target for 0.75 seconds. Each strike generates Fury. 

Consume 50 Fury and Renekton attacks 3 times, instead. Each strike instantly destroys Shields on the target and stun them for 1.5 seconds. This no longer generates Fury. 

E – Slice and Dice 

Renekton Dashes to a target location, dealing Physical Damage to all enemy units he passes by. If Renekton has 50 Fury, he can cast E again within 4 seconds which deals almost double damage than the first cast and reducing each units’ Armour for 4 seconds. Slice generates Fury if Renekton has Fury below 50 but Dice can be activated if Slice reached enough Fury. 

R – Dominus 

Renekton grew large and glows in dark energy which gives him bonus Health and non-consumable 20 Fury for 15 seconds. During this state, Renekton gains an aura that deals Magic Damage to units surrounding him while regenerating 5 Fury per second. 

Passive – Reign of Anger 

Renekton gains Fury each time he harms an enemy unit with Basic Attacks but consumes them for his abilities. Each ability can be used without Fury, but consuming 50 Fury for their activation improves their effects which can change gameplay. 

Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard 

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Brackern

Skarner is a fairly fast ravager but he has no innate Dash ability. He makes up for it with several ways to boost his own Movement Speed and efficient methods to connect with and stop his targets on their toes. 

Q – Crystal Slash 

Skarner’s deals 80% bonus Physical Damage in a splash area. He gains Crystal Energy if Crystal Slash hits an enemy. Basic attacks against enemy units reduce Crystal

Crystal Energy: Lasts 4 seconds. Skarner’s next Crystal Slash deals bonus Magic Damage.

W – Crystalline Exoskeleton

Skarner gains a Shield equal to a portion of his Maximum Health plus 80% his Ability Power. The shield lasts for 6 seconds and he gains a small Movement Speed for the first 3 seconds or until the shield is broken. 

E – Fracture

Fire an energy projectile at a target direction which deals Magic Damage to all enemies it travels through. All affected units lose a half their Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds and each of them are marked by Crystal Venom. 

Crystal Venom: Lingers for 5 seconds on each enemy. The next time Skarner hits an enemy marked by Crystal Venom, that unit becomes stunned for 1.25 seconds and receives bonus Physical Damage.

Each successful stun and suppression by R – Impale reduces E – Fracture’s cooldown equal to the duration of the crowd control Skarner inflicted.

R – Impale

Skarner roots target enemy and stabs his stinger on the target unit, dealing a mix of Magic and Physical damage. The stinger stays impaled on the target for 1.75 seconds, during which Skarner has the ability to drag the target wherever he moves whether by walking, blink, or teleport. 

Passive – Crystal Spires 

Crystal Spires occasionally spawn in set locations in the arena. These are territories that must be captured and maintained by either teams. Skarner himself gains bonus Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Mana Regeneration while close to an owned Crystal Spire. 

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer

Region of Origin: Piltover

Race: Human

Vi is another Diver who locks down on her target and delivers a massive beatdown. All of her offensive abilities are focused on one target and her goal is to bring down their Defence and Health low enough for an easy kill. The final blow will ideally come from an allied Burst or Marksman but she is capable of doing the honours herself.

Q – Vault Breaker

Vi cocks her arm back and charges for up to 4 seconds. Vault Breaker increases damage output and range for each second that passes. She can strafe around the field but her Movement Speed is reduced by 15%. Vault Breaker will activate automatically after the 4-second wind-up or can be cast prematurely by tapping Q again.

Vault Breaker launches Vi to a target direction and stops on the first enemy Champion in her way. She deals moderate Physical Damage and knocks the target back. 

W – Denting Blows

Passive: Each of Vi’s Basic Attacks and Vault Breaker applies Denting Blows charge on an enemy. On the third hit, the target receives bonus Physical Damage and loses 20% Armour for 4 seconds while Vi gains increased Attack Speed for the same duration.

E – Excessive Force

Vi gains 1 charge of Excessive Force every few seconds. Maximum charge is 2. When activated, Vi consumes 1 charge and his next Basic Attack deals bonus Physical Damage with chance for critical.

R – Assault and Battery

Vi dashes to a distant target enemy Champion, knocks them up with an uppercut, leaps up then follow through with a smash that sends them down to the ground. Each punch deals severe Physical Damage. Enemies that Vi tackles through to reach her mark are knocked aside and dealt Physical Damage equal to the damage she deals to knock the target off the ground.

Passive – Blast Shield

Any of Vi’s attacks grants her a shield with strength equal to a small fraction of her maximum Health. There will be a 16 – 12-second cooldown before another Blast Shield triggers.

Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Chimera

Warwick is a jungler and a potential Assassin. His ideal prey are Champions who are close to death, allowing him to tear down the enemy ranks one by one. He can chase down any target from across the map and almost guarantees death as soon as he connects.

Q – Jaws of the Beast

Dashes to a target enemy and takes a bite that deals Magic Damage scaling with his Attack Damage and Ability Power plus a small portion of the target’s maximum Health. This heals Warwick for a fraction of the damage dealt, allowing him to stay healthy in the middle of combat.

W – Blood Hunt

Passive: Warwick can ‘smell’ enemy Champions below half their maximum Health. This extends to anywhere in the map. The closest Champion leaves a trail for Warwrick to follow while he gains bonus Movement Speed when moving towards it. 

Active: Blood Hunt allows Warwick to search all enemy Champions briefly then grants Warwick the benefits of this abilities passive despite the target being at maximum Health. Active effects only last 8 seconds. 

E – Primal Howl

Warwick stops and growl for 2.5 seconds, during which he receives nearly half amount of damage from any source. When the duration ends or when recast, Warwick howls from the top of his lungs, making all nearby enemies terrified for 1 second. Each affected unit tries to flee from Warwick’s direction with a 90% Movement Speed reduction. 

R – Infinite Duress

Warwick leaps to a target direction then attaches himself to the first enemy Champion in the way for 1.5 seconds. During that time, Warwick slashes the target up to 6 times unless interrupted. Each claw deals considerable Magic Damage and heals him equal to the damage he caused. The target Champion is completely stunned until Infinite Duress ends.

The leap distance extends with Warwick’s Movement Speed. 

Passive – Eternal Hunger

Warwick’s Basic Attacks deal bonus Magic Damage and recover his Health equal to the bonus. The healing properties of Eternal Hunger only apply when he is below 50% health and the effects are more potent at 25%. This passive allows Warwick to heal himself in the jungle after a skirmish in the lanes. 

Wukong, the Monkey King

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Vastaya

Wukong can hit everybody at once but only a lucky few can connect with the monkey themselves. The Monkey King is quick and elusive enough that it is difficult to chase him, but the last thing enemies want to do is surround him.

Q – Crushing Blow

Wukong’s next Basic Attack gains increased range and Physical Damage. This improved strike reduces the target’s Armour for 3 seconds. 

W – Decoy

Wukong turns invisible, leaves an immobile clone of himself, then dashes to a target direction. Invisibility and the decoy last for 1.5 seconds. When the duration ends, the clone deals Magic Damage to enemies surrounding it. The Decoy is targettable by enemies and immediately ends duration when it dies.

E – Nimbus Strike

Wukong dashes to a target enemy while sending two other clones to target two other units near the actual mark. This deals Physical Damage on impact and Wukong gains bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds after Nimbus Strike. 

R – Cyclone

Wukong spins around with his staff, dealing Physical Damage to each enemy caught in range. Each lap deals small Physical Damage and Wukong gains Movement Speed bonus to move around while Cyclone is active. Duration lasts up to 4 seconds. Enemies hit for the first time are knocked up for a split second.

Passive – Stone Skin

Wukong gains bonus Armour and Magic Resistance for each visible enemy Champions near him. 

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia

Region of Origin: Born in Ionia but serves Demacia

Race: Human

Xin Zhao displays the perfect synergy between Defence and Offence. He can gank the enemy lane from behind or the side and make them vulnerable for virtually 4 seconds until they can find their footing once again. Xin Zhao also has sets of abilities which let veteran players outplay their pursuers in the jungle.

Q – Three Talon Strike

For the next 5 seconds after activation, Xin Zhao’s next three attacks deal bonus Physical Damage and reduces the cooldown of his other abilities for 1 second each. The third strike knocks up the target for less than a second.

W – Wind Becomes Lightning

Xin Zhao first sweeps a wide yet short-ranged cone at a target direction then thrusts his spear in a line forward for an extended range. Each strike deals Physical Damage by the thrust hurts more than the sweep.

E – Audacious Charge

Dash towards a target enemy and deal Magic Damage to surrounding units. All affected units lose 30% Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds while Xin Zhao gains bonus Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

R – Crescent Guard

Passive – Challenge: The last Champion Xin Zhao hits with a Basic Attack or targetted by Audacious Charge is given the Challenged status which lasts for 3 seconds. 

Active – Awareness: Xin Zhao sweeps a large radius around him that deals Physical Damage to every enemy in range. Enemies that do not have the Challenged status are knocked out of the circle that Xin Zhao has just created. The circle lasts for 3 seconds and enemies may walk in at any time after being pushed away. For this duration, Xin Zhao is immune to damage coming from any source outside the circle. Xin Zhao’s Basic Attacks and abilities increase the duration of Crescent Guard for 0.3 seconds for each successful hit.

Passive – Determination

This passive is directly connected to his W – Wind Becomes Lightning ability. Each time Xin Zhao hits an enemy with Wind Becomes Lightning or with Basic Attacks, he gains a stack for both Determination I and Determination II. Both have a maximum stack of 2 which are consumed for the next time Wind Becomes Lightning was cast or the next Basic Attack he deals. 

Determination I: Heals Xin Zhao for a small amount.

Determination II: Increases the damage output of the attack.