League of Legends – Marksmen

This list contains all the Champions of League of Legends that have been officially identified as Marksmen by Riot Games. The list is sorted in alphabetical order except for Aphelios which was brought all the way to the last of the list. This is because he plays uniquely, not just among the other Marksmen but compared to all of the Champions combined. Each character is provided with a basic description as to how they are played and a general explanation for each of their abilities. 

Marksmen rely on either close-ranged sustained damage or long-ranged precision, as opposed to mages who deal their damage in a burst manner. Either way, these Champions are characterised by their ability to poke enemies. The goal is to keep them off the lane in the early game or wear them down for an easy kill in late-game.

Ashe, the Frost Archer

Region of Origin: Frejlord

Race: Human

Ashe is one of the early Champions offered to beginners, but her utility makes her viable for a highly ranked competitive setup. While she is a Marksman, her debuffs, vision, and range make her capable of being independent while she’s on the offensive. Some players use her as a Support Champion. Her lack of mobility and defensive capabilities makes her vulnerable to ganks. 

Q – Ranger’s Focus

The passive side of this ability allows Ashe to gain Focus charge on herself each time she lands a basic attack. Max charge is 4 and each stack is lost one by one within 4 seconds. Ranger’s Focus can be activated once it reaches a maximum of 4. For the next 4 seconds after activation, Ashe gains increased Movement and Attack Speed while dealing bonus Physical Damage and applying Frost Shot to a target.

W – Volley

Fires multiple arrows to affect a cone at a target location. Each arrow deals Physical Damage with +100% scaling with Ashe’s Attack Damage. Frost Shot works on each arrow fired if they hit enemy Champions.

E – Hawkshot

Send a conjured bird towards a distant area to gain vision. Vision lasts for 5 seconds, cooldown for 5 seconds, and costs 0 mana. Abuse this ability to avoid ganks and ambushes.

R – Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Fire a huge, and powerful arrow that can fly across the entire map from Ashe’s spot towards a chosen direction. This arrow deals Magic Damage and applies a stun that lasts for 3.5 seconds. The arrow lands and explodes on the first Champion it hits. Surrounding enemy units receive half the amount of damage.

Passive – Frost Shot

Ashe’s passive changes how she functions as an ADC. Each of Ashe’s attacks slows down her target, which allows her to attack several more times than most Champions. Unlike others, Ashe’s critical stats will not give her more damage. Instead, critical value increases the potency of Movement Speed reduction her basic attacks cause. Cheeky players tend to use Ashe as a support out of spite. 

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover

Region of Origin: Piltover

Race: Human

Caitlyn is a high risk, high reward, critical damage focused sniper with crowd control abilities. She’s more favourable of high burst damage than sustained damage output. Her skills allow her to escape many situations, given that she has a favourable positioning. Avoid getting flanked at all cost.

Q – Piltover Peacemaker

After a 1 second delay, Caitlyn fires a narrow, straight shot at a target direction. This pierces through all enemy units within the area of effect. Each enemy hit lowers the Physical Damage of the ability, but it becomes wider as it travels. Enemy Champions revealed by Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap receive full damage regardless of how many enemies it passes through.

W – Yordle Snap Trap

Caitlyn plants a Snap Trap at a target location which stuns and reveals unfortunate prowlers for 1.5 seconds. While the effect is active, the stunned target receives bonus damage from Headshot which now scales with Caitlyn’s Attack Damage. The amount of traps Caitlyn can set at a time and how long each of them lasts depends on the ability level.

E – 90 Caliber Net

Caitlyn fires a net towards a target direction but the recoil sends her flying towards the opposite direction. Netted enemies receive Magic Damage and the first enemy hit loses 50% Movement Speed for 1 second. 

R – Ace in the Hole

Caitlyn squats and aims for a target Champion. She has true sight while channeling, which means her target can never hide while within 3500 radius. This deals a massive Physical Damage with +200% bonus from Attack Damage. Projectile can be intercepted by any enemy Champion. Anyone can see the shot’s trajectory as indicated by a red line which extends from Caitlyn to her Target. 

Passive – Headshot

Once in a while, Caitlyn’s basic attacks can deal bonus damage that scales with her Critical Strike Chance in addition to her Critical Damage. If the target has been affected by Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap or 90 Caliber Net, Headshot increases Caitlyn’s basic attack range. 

Corki, the Daring Bombardier

Region of Origin: Hextech

Race: Yordle

Corki is all about making it rain hellfire. Whether it’s bullets or bombs, Corki will dish out any form of projectiles from his tiny copter that hovers around the battlefield. You’d think he would have better movement speed because he is in a vehicle, but that contraption is encumbered with ammunition.

Q – Phosphorus Bomb

Corki lobs a bomb at a target location. The blast reveals the area and deals Damage that scales with both Attack Damage and Ability Power. Invisible units will be hurt but not revealed by this effect.

W – Valkyrie

Corki hovers high towards a target direction while leaving flames that deal Magic Damage over time.

If Valkyrie is upgraded to Special Delivery, Corki flies further and drops bombs instead of just fire. These bombs knock back enemy units while leaving fire trail to the points of impact that deals damage over time. These bombs scale with both Attack Damage and Ability Power.

E – Gatling Gun

Corky unleashes rapid fire in a cone in front of him for 4 seconds which deals Physical Damage to all units within the area of effect. Each bullet reduces Armour and Magic Resistance. Corki can still move around and take Gatling Gun with him. He can still move around but at a severely slower pace than his normal Movement Speed. The area of effect will still be the cone in front of Corki no matter where he moves.

R – Missile Barrage

Corki fires a missile at a target location. The projectile explodes on the first enemy unit it hits, minions, Champions, and monsters are included. All units caught in the splash damage each take equal damage that scales with Corki’s Attack Damage and Ability Power.

Missile Barrage can be activated every 2 seconds and casting cost is only 20 Mana. However, Corki can only store up to 7 missiles maximum and each stock takes 12, 11, or 10 seconds to reload.

Every 3rd missile launched becomes ‘A Big One’ which deals 100% more damage and better scaling with Attack Damage and Ability Power compared to regular missiles.

Passive – Hextech Munitions

Corki’s basic attack deals a mix of Magic Damage and Physical Damage. Occasionally, Corki will have deliveries sent to the base, ready for pickup. This package grants Corki temporary bonus Movement Speed out of combat while also upgrading his W ability, Valkyrie, into Special Delivery.

Draven, the Glorious Executioner

Region of Origin: Noxus

Race: Human

Draven is a vain performer who kills for sports and entertainment in the Noxus. His spinning axe, while initially impractical, has proven to be lethal in his hands. Draven’s dexterity and showmanship is all about maintaining momentum and sustain damage. His other utilities include increasing his own Movement and Attack Speed while reducing those of his enemies’. 

Q – Spinning Axe

Upon activation, Draven’s next attack deals bonus Physical Damage that scales with his Attack Damage stats. The chucked enhanced projectile bounces away from the enemy towards where Draven was moving towards at the time of impact. If Draven catches the Spinning Axe, his next attack will be enhanced with the same effect. Keep catching these axes to maintain high damage output and gain Adoration points. 

Draven can use two Spinning Axes at a time. This is not as hard as one might think. The only danger that exists is when you get flanked.

W – Blood Rush

Draven gains increased Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds and Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Blood Rush cooldown is in 12 seconds, catching a Spinning Axe refreshes this ability. This allows easy focus fire against a target as you gain faster Damage per Second rate.

E – Stand Aside

Throw both axes at a target direction to deal Physical Damage to all enemy units within the area of effect. Affected units are knocked further to the side based on which side of the axes’ path they were in. All units are also slowed down for 2 seconds.

R – Whirling Death

Draven unleashes both of his axes with all his might towards a target direction. These axes can reach up to 20,000 units away and deals massive Physical Damage that weakens on each enemy struck. After the axes reach the range limit or once they struck an enemy Champion, both axes will travel back to Draven wherever he is on the map. The axes will travel in a straight trajectory. That means they may turn and curve if Draven keeps moving. 

Return may be triggered prematurely by reactivating R while the Whirling Death is still travelling. 

Passive – League of Draven

Draven gains Adoration whenever he successfully catches a Spinning Axe or kills a non-Champion unit. When you do kill a Champion, Draven gains bonus bounty. Bonus scales from the amount of Adoration Draven has at the time of the Champion’s death.

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Region of Origin: Piltover

Race: Human

Ezreal is still about Sustained Damage, except he is more reliant on his skills than basic attack damage. Ezreal is still a fairly basic Champion with most of his skills being straightforward. If you wish to practice your skillshots, this is the best Champion to start with. 

Q – Mystic Shot

Fire a quick blue bolt of energy that flies towards a target direction until range limit or an enemy unit is hit. Cooldown is reduced by 1.5 seconds if anything gets hit. A hit target receives Physical Damage that scales with 120% of Ezreal Attack Damage and 15% Ability Power. 

W – Essence Flux 

Ezreal fires another bolt of energy at a target direction, this time it is a yellow orb that sticks to the first enemy unit it hits. Orb lingers for 4 seconds or until detonated by a basic attack or an ability. If detonated, Essence Flux deals Magic Damage that scales for +60% Attack Damage and 70% – 90% Ability Power. If detonated by Ezreal’s ability, Essence Flux refunds that ability’s Mana cost +60 more Mana.

Essence Flux can be attached to Champions, minions, monsters, and Turrets.

E – Arcane Shift

Ezreal instantly teleports to a target location. Upon reappearing, he fires a homing bolt that targets the closest enemy that deals Magic Damage that scales with +50% Attack Damage and +75% Ability Power. 

The bolt from Arcane Shift prioritizes units with Essence Flux as long as it is within range. Otherwise, the bolt harms the unit that is physically closest to Ezreal.

R – True Shot Damage

After a 1 second delay, Ezreal fires a wide wave of energy that travels up to 25,000. All units within its path receive massive Magic Damage boosted by +100% Attack Damage and +90% Ability Power. True Shot Damage deals 50% less damage to minions and non-epic jungle monsters.

Passive – Rising Spell Force

Ezreal stacks in Spell Force charge each time you land a hit with an ability. A stack lasts for 6 seconds but each new stack refreshes the duration. All stacks will be gone after the duration ends. Each charge increases 10% of Ezreal’s Attack Speed.

Jhin, the Virtuoso

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Secondary Class: Catcher

Jhin’s stat calculations may seem strange compared to the other Marksmen. Most marksmen value Attack Speed to sustain damage. However, Jhin is more precise and meticulous with his attacks. This Champion is not as difficult to handle compared to Ezreal, but he can be more dangerous against low defence enemies. 

Q – Dancing Grenade

Chuck a canister that ricochets to up to 4 enemies. Only enemies that have not been hit yet can be struck by the bouncing can. If no other valid targets are in range, Dancing Grenade will end prematurely. 

Dancing Grenade increases damage for each unit killed. This effect stacks until the last target.

W – Deadly Flourish

Fire a single, powerful shot towards a target direction reaching up to 3,000 range. The shot stops at the first enemy Champion and deals a fair amount of Physical Damage. Every minion and monsters within the bullet’s trajectory are also hurt for only 75% of the total damage. If Deadly Flourish roots the enemy Champion if they have just been attacked by Jhin and his allies.

E – Captive Audience

Place an invisible Lotus Trap at a target location which lingers for 3 minutes or until an enemy Champion steps on it. If triggered, the trap conjures a small radius that slows down enemy movement within the area of effect then detonates after 2 seconds, dealing Magic Damage which increases based on how many enemy units were affected. The trap now leaves a wider radius which reveals all enemy units inside. Jhin can store 2 traps at a time which can be set within 2 seconds apart. However, each Lotus Trap charge takes 28 – 16 seconds to be available.

Beauty in Death: [Captive Audience passive]

Champions that are killed by Jhin spawn a Lotus Trap in their place of death which detonates shortly. This makes Jhin lethal when faced against a group of enemies. Each death may cause the death of the other Champions.

R – Curtain Call

Jhin prepares for a long-range shootout. After a short delay, Jhin will begin firing at a target location within 25,000 range in a cone in front of him. Each bullet will only stop at the first Champion, dealing increased Physical Damage and the target’s missing health and reducing the affected unit’s Movement Speed by 80%. The 4th shot lands 200% Critical Damage while it also triggers Whisper-induced Movement Speed.

Passive – Whisper

Whisper is Jhin’s gun which is a small, portable cannon. While most Champions can attack indefinitely, Whisper can only fire four times until reload which takes 2.5 seconds. Others can attack faster to sustain damage, Whisper only attacks at a fixed rate. Instead of the ability to unleash more bullets, Jhin’s Attack Speed increases his Attack Damage on critical and his Movement Speed.

Whisper fires only 4 shots then reloads. Whisper will reload on its own if Jhin did not fire a single shot or cast any spell within 10 seconds. The 4th shot is always guaranteed to land a critical hit with damage increase based on the target’s missing health and Jhin’s Attack Damage.

The 4th shot can be used on structures but they take less damage from the base total and bonus damage will not apply. 

Whenever Jhin lands a critical, he gains a burst of Movement Speed.

Jinx, the Loose Canon

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Human

Jinx can switch between sustained rapid-fire and splash burst damage. Her other Abilities are mostly utility skills that prevent enemies from getting too close or catch those who are trying to run away. 

Q – Switcheroo

Jinx can switch between Pow-Pow and Fishbones. At the start of the game, Jinx starts with Pow-Pow, a minigun that fires three bullets per attack. Fishbones is a shark-shaped rocket launcher that deals more damage and explodes to deal splash damage on surrounding enemy units, but dishes slower rate of fire than Pow-Pow. 

Pow-Pow gives Jinx bonus attack speed each time she attacks, the maximum cap is at 3 stacks. This bonus lasts up to 2.5 seconds or until Jinx switched to Fishbones.

Fishbones gives Jinx a boost in range at the price of attack speed. Fishbones will also require Mana for each attack to gain boost in Physical Damage. 

W – Zap!

Jinx uses her shock gun to fire a bolt of lightning in a straight line at a target direction. The first enemy hit receives Physical Damage and reduces Movement Speed for 2 seconds. 

E – Flame Chompers!

Chompers are makeshift bomb traps that trigger when enemy Champions come into contact. When it’s detonated, it roots the Champion that triggered it for 1.5 seconds. After that short moment, the chomper explodes and deals moderate Magic Damage to surrounding enemy units, including the rooted victim.

R – Super Mega Death Rocket!

Launch a rocket across the map then explodes on the first enemy Champion in the way. The damage Super Mega Death Rocket deals is based heavily on distance traveled. It is weak if it exploded less than a second after launch. After the first second, it will deal heavy base Physical Damage. Other factors that determine Super Mega Death Rocket’s damage is the missing health of the Champion it hits. Surrounding enemy units also receive 80% of the total damage the poor soul had to endure.

Passive – Get Excited!

Jinx gains a 175% bonus Movement Speed and 15% Attack Speed each time a Champion, turret, or inhibitor gets destroyed after she attacked it for the last three second. She doesn’t need to be the one to land the last hit. This effect decays over time for 6 seconds.

Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

Region of Origin: unnamed desert village before she was claimed by The Void.

Race: Human with Void Enhancement.

Kai’Sa is a relentless attacker who can stay in hot pursuit of her enemies. All of her abilities are offensive. Her Q and W deal damage while her E and R allow her to quickly reposition to fight or flee. Leave the crowd control to your Support because Kai’Sa is the perfect ADC that is compatible with any kind of Controller. 

Q – Icathian Rain

Six missiles are launched from Kai’Sa’s body and each of them homes on random nearby enemies. If multiple missiles hit the same target, any hits after the first one is reduced down to only 25% each. These missiles deal Physical Damage that scales with both Attack Damage and Ability Power. 

Living Armour

To upgrade this aspect, Kai’Sa needs to reach 100 Attack Damage. Based on her current level, prerequisite can be reduced to 71.1. Icathian Rain will now unleash 10 missiles instead of 6.

W – Void Seeker

Fire a blast of unknown energy at a target direction which stops at the first enemy it hits. The target takes small magic damage that scales with both Attack Power and Ability Power. 

Living Armour

Void Seeker needs 100 Ability Power to be upgraded. This now applies 3 stacks of Plasma and recharges 50% Cooldown if Void Seeker hits an enemy Champion.

E – Supercharge

Kai’Sa spends the first 1 second or so to charge. Within that time, Kai’Sa has bonus Movement Speed so you can get into position. When ready, her Attack Speed gains a moderate boost for 4 seconds.

Living Weapon

Supercharge now grants a split second invisibility which helps avoid targeting abilities.

R – Killer Instinct

Kai’Sa dashes to a target Champion within 2,500 radius given that they have Plasma charges. She begins combat with a tough shield that scales with her Attack Damage and Ability Power. The Shield only lasts for 2 seconds.

Passive – Second Skin

Kai’Sa stacks Plasma on enemy units she attacks with basic attacks and Void Seeker. Plasma also stacks when an allied Champion applies any kind of disable such as stun, root, or blind. At 4 stacks, Kai’Sa’s next attack deals bonus Magic Damage scaled by the target’s missing health. 

2nd Passive – Living Weapon

Kai’Sa can evolve a part of her body which improves one of her three basic abilities. Her evolution will be available once she reaches a prerequisite amount of stats which was aided by her item build.

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance

Region of Origin: Shadow Isles

Race: Undead

Kalista can be difficult to use for starters but her skills couldn’t be more basic than any other Marksman. Her key features are mobility and capability to harass. She can also be difficult to pin down because of her passive, Martial Poise.

Q – Pierce

Kalista throws a longer and stronger spear at a target direction for a moderate distance until an enemy is hit. At level 1, it deals a weak 20 points of Physical Damage but it deals up to 280 points at later stage of the game. It is always boosted by 100% of Kalista’s Attack Damage. Activating Pierce triggers Kalista’s Martial Poise and Sentinel. This also stacks a new spear charge that can be pulled by Rend. 

W – Sentinel

Passive: Kalista deals bonus Magic Damage against that scales with the target’s max health. This only takes effect if Kalist and her Oathsworn is targeting the same enemy. 

Active: Activate Sentinel and Kalista releases a ghost to patrol a nearby area away from Kalista’s vision and takes three laps going back and forth until it disappears. Enemy Champions spotted by the Sentinel is revealed for 4 seconds. This can save you and your ally from ganks. 

E – Rend

Passive: Kalista’s basic attacks and Q – Pierce leaves lingering spectres of a spear in the bodies of enemies she hits. Each spear lasts only 4 seconds.

Active: Kalista immediately pulls all spears out of the impaled bodies, causing moderate Physical Damage for each spear removed and reduces Movement Speed for 2 seconds. The first spear deals more damage than each additional spear. 

R – Fate’s Call

Kalista pulls the Oathsworn right next to herself and makes them untargetable for 4 seconds, however, that Champion is also unable to attack. While under Kalista’s protection, the Oathsworn can dash towards a target location, stopping at the first enemy Champion in the way. Upon impact, the Oathsworn knocks back all enemies around the target.

Passive – Martial Poise

Each time Kalista throws her spear, both basic attack and her Q – Pierce, she will leap towards any given direction as an attempt to reposition or dodge. Command will be entered while she’s performing her attack which makes her hop to the direction of your cursor. Such commands may seem impractical for beginners, and the distance is not too great to be a big deal, but veterans know that a few units of distance makes all the difference. 

Special Item – Black Spear

Form a bond with one of your allies that lasts for the remainder of the game. When you start the game, you will find that Kalista already has an item called the Black Spear. It is an active item that you can cast on any allied Champions to bestow them the title of Oathsworn. Once bonded, Kalista forms a tether which allows that Champion to benefit from Kalista’s Ultimate, Fate’s Call. 

This item can be bought for no cost at the store if the player wishes to change Oathsworn. However, this option becomes unavailable after the first 3 minutes into the game. Be careful who you wish to bond with. The Oathsworn bond lasts the entire game. If the chosen Oathsworn is an imbecile or if they left the game, Kalista will be left without the benefit of her Ultimate. Fate’s Call is a repositioning ability at its core, but it serves as an effective initiator skill.

Kindred, the Eternal Hunters

Region of Origin: None

Race: Representation of the two Essences of Death

Kindred was one of the scariest Jungler or ADC when it was first released. Vulnerable to ganks in the early game, no effort killer in the late game. As Kindred, you will be more focused on dodging and chasing more than you would be at aiming. Her critical rate and value has long since been nerfed but it is always capable of competitive play.

Kindred is two entities, namely Wolf and Lamb. They are one and either beings are simply half of the whole. For this reason, I will Kindred as a singular being. ‘Never one, without the other.’

Q – Dance of Arrows

Lamb vaults over towards a chosen direction and fires a volley of three arrows that deals physical damage to each of their targets. Dance of Arrows only shoots at the three closest enemies. Range of this ability benefits from Mark of the Kindred. Casting Wolf’s Frenzy or hopping inside with Dance of Arrows reduces this ability’s cooldown to 4 to 2 seconds based on the ability’s level. 

W – Wolf’s Frenzy

Passive: Kindred’s Movement and Attacks build up stacks of Hunters Vigor up to 100. At full stacks, Lamb’s next basic attack restores health from 32-100 based on Kindred’s missing Health.

Active: Creates a wide radius of hunting ground where Wolf can attack targets on his own. He deals Magic Damage that scales with Kindred’s Attack Damage. He cannot be targeted because he is not considered a unit. His attack will always switch to whomever Lamb last hit. Effect will end prematurely if Lamb leaves the territory.

E – Mounting Dread

Reduce the Movement Speed by 50% of a target enemy. While in effect, Lamb’s damage to that unit gains boost in Attack Damage. Wolf has a chance to deal critical damage if the debuffed unit has less than 15% health.

R – Lamb’s Respite

Creates a safe zone where everybody can get hurt but nobody will die once their health falls to 10%. No units can be healed within this area either. This territory is a bane and boon for both allies and enemies, alike. 

Passive – Mark of the Kindred

This passive probably makes her stressful for players who do not wish to take chances. The Mark of Kindred randomly appears on Jungle Monsters across the map, including ones at the enemy’s side of the mirrored tri-lane. These marks are decided by Wolf every minute. The kind of monster that receives these marks are determined by the number of stacks you have. The more stacks you accomplish, the stronger the monsters that will catch Wolf’s eye. Enemy Champions may also be marked actively by you who plays as Lamb.

The beauty of this Passive is that Kindred gains a permanent buff to Attack Range and Attack Damage every four successful Hunts. The Downside is that every single player, including the enemies, know which bears the Mark of Kindred. The mark appears on each player’s mini map. The enemy jungler will expect you to go after camps which are Marked in their area. They can either kill it before you arrive or wait for you so they can kill you. 

Players are also highly emotional as they are humans, too. You can taunt or bluff using the Mark of the Kindred. Mark a particular Champion to mislead the enemies. You don’t always need to chase after Marks. They help you grow but the risk can be too high to benefit the team.

Kog’Maw, the Mouth of the Abyss

Region of Origin: The Void

Race: Void-Spawn

Secondary Class: Mage

Kog’Maw has great sustain damage as he has good attack speed, range that can be expanded, and damage over time. He can also deal large damage as a last ditch effort.

Q – Caustic Spittle

Passive: Kog’Maw gains bonus attack speed per ability level.

Active: Spit a corrosive goo at a target direction that deals moderate Magic Damage at the first enemy hit. The affected target loses Armour and Magic Resistance for 4 seconds.

W – Bio-Arcane Barrage

Kog’Maw gains increased attack range and additional Magic Damage to his basic attacks. His attacks scale with his own Ability Power and the target’s missing health. This mode lasts for 8 seconds.

E – Void Ooze

Upchuck a ball of condensed acid towards a target direction and leave a trail of goo that slows down all enemy units standing on it. All units hit by the ball of body fluid receive moderate Magic Damage.

R – Living Artillery

Kog’ Maw can shoot mucus upwards which will come rushing down and deal enemies within a small radius moderate Magic Damage. Damage scales with both of Kog’Maw’s Attack Damage and Ability Power as well as the target’s missing health. Enemies below 40% health take even more damage. Each subsequent shot for the next 80 seconds costs 40 more Mana. 

Passive – Icathian Surprise

Kog’Maw becomes a walking (or running) time bomb after taking lethal damage. Run towards a target enemy and take them with you. This ability deals True Damage and scales only with Kog’Maw’s level.

Lucian, the Purifier

Region of Origin: Demacia but spends his career in the Shadow Isles

Race: Human

Lucian is a classic mobile shooter who focuses on sustained damage. What makes him special are the high damage spells that are quick and furious. He switches between Physical Damage and Magical Damage which makes him a capable mid-laner and ADC at any given situation. Build whichever you need. 

Q – Piercing Light

Release a flash of light at a target direction, dealing moderate Physical Damage to all enemies in the affected area. Max this ability first when you’re building a close quarters Sustained Damage.

W – Ardent Blaze

Launch a ball of light at a target direction which explodes on contact with an enemy or once it reaches its range limit. The explosion extends in an X shape. Enemies caught in its flash receive moderate Magic Damage. Max this ability first if you feel like dishing out trick shots from a distance rather than chasing down prey.

E – Relentless Pursuit

Dashes towards a target location, capable of moving past walls and ledges. Relentless Pursuit’s cooldown is reduced each time you land a Lightslinger attack.

R – The Culling

Lucian can move at a reduced movement speed while firing in rapid succession towards a chosen direction. Lucian cannot turn his fire. Each bullet stops at the first enemy hit with Physical Damage that scales with Attack Damage and Ability Power. Minions receive double damage rate so this ultimate can clear out waves blocking you and your target.

Passive – Lightslinger

Lucian fires two shots on his next basic attack after casting an ability.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Region of Origin: Bilgewater

Race: Human

Miss Sarah Fortune is one of the best ADC Champions in the game. She’s easy enough to handle for newcomers as she only sports three kinds of attack abilities, one of which is crowd control, and one mobility based skill. Her lack of dash and defensive skills makes her challenging to use in higher ranked matches. You only need to be mindful of your positioning relative to your support and enemies. Miss Fortune’s Damage output is not to be underestimated. 

Q – Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a bullet that ricochets from the first target to an enemy unit behind or next to it. These bullets deal a mix of Magic Damage and Physical Damage, therefore it scales with Miss Fortune’s Attack Damage for +100% and Ability Power for +35%. The second hit has a chance to deal critical with +100% damage than the original amount. If the first target dies, the bounce will deal a guaranteed critical.

W – Strut

This is Miss Fortune’s only innate mobility option. Strut gives a passive bonus in movement speed while Miss Fortune is not taking damage. If activated, Miss Fortune will reach full effect instantly but it only lasts for 4 seconds. Love Tap reduces Strut Cooldown for 2 seconds each trigger.

E – Make it Rain

Target a small area of effect within Miss Fortune’s attack range. That area is revealed while any enemies inside it are hurt and slowed by bullets. This ability deals Magic Damage and scales with Ability Power for +80%.

R – Bullet Time

Miss Fortune becomes a stationary turret of rapid fire, affecting a cone towards a target direction. She unleashes a barrage of gunfire for 3 seconds in total. Depending on her level, she releases 12, 14, or 16 waves in total for the same amount of time. Damage scales with Attack Damage for +75% and Ability Power for +20%. Each wave of Bullet Time has a chance to deal +20% Critical Damage. While Bullet Time is active, Miss Fortune is vulnerable from all other directions. Channeling can be interrupted by stun, knock up, knock back, and many other crowd control that can disable a Champion.

Passive – Love Tap

Miss Fortune deals bonus damage on her first basic attack against a new target. Point her pistols against each minion for each attack to thin the wave of minions more efficiently. When fighting against enemy Champions or big monsters, it is always better to focus fire instead of trying to abuse her innate ability. This passive also makes landing the last hit on creeps much easier. 

Senna, the Redeemer

Region of Origin: Unnamed Village saved by The Sentinel of Light. Spent a good while trapped in the Shadow Isle by the Chain Warden, Thresh.

Race: Human / Wraith

Secondary Class: Enchanter

Senna is the first, and probably the only, support heavy Marksman in this list. She has good damage but her Attack Speed keeps her from taking the ADC role. Instead, you may build Attack Damage and Weapon Damage to scale her heal and armour buffs. Senna also provides great ganking utilities by hiding her allies and covering a long range for support.

Q – Piercing Darkness

Shoot a flash of shadow through a line in a target direction. Allies hit with Piercing Darkness are healed for a small amount with bonus from Senna’s Attack Damage and Ability Power. Enemies hit receive roughly the same amount in Physical Damage but bonus only comes from Senna’s Attack Damage.

W – Last Embrace

Senna commands the Black Mist to a target direction which deals Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Bonus damage comes from Senna’s Attack Damage. After 1 second delay, the target and enemies near it become rooted for 1.25 – 2.25 seconds based on this ability’s level.

E – Curse of the Black Mist

Senna becomes a cloud of mist for a while then turns into a wraith when the mist dissipates. Allied Champions inside Senna’s mist are camouflaged and become wraith themselves when they leave. Wraiths gain increased Movement Speed and cannot be selected or identified by enemies unless an enemy Champion comes close. This is useful for the party who plans to disperse from the jungle and cover separate lanes.

R – Drawing Shadow

Drawing Shadow is basically Piercing Darkness with Global Range and amplified properties. Enemies hit by the flash are given Moderate Physical Damage which scales with Senna’s Attack Damage and Ability Power. Allies hit are given Shields that last for 3 seconds. Shield threshold scales with Senna’s Ability Power and stack of Black Mist.

Passive – Absolution

Senna can see souls from recently killed units which will be attacked by the Black Mist. Senna can absorb the Black Mist which increases her Attack Damage, Attack Range, and Critical Strike Chance.

Senna’s Relic Cannon has a low Attack Speed but deals bonus damage each round. Senna briefly gains bonus Movement Speed because her attacks steal these values from her targets.

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Human

Sivir is light on her feet and quick with her heavy cross-shaped boomerang. Her base Attack Damage and Speed makes her a formidable lane pusher and her other abilities gave her high gank efficiency. When pressured, Sivir is perfectly capable of surviving a gank with a well timed shield and a burst of Movement Speed.

Q – Boomerang Blade

Sivir’s go-to wave cleaner. She hurls her massive crossblade at a target direction and hurts all enemies within its path for moderate Physical Damage which scales with both Attack Damage and Ability Power. The crossblade returns by homing onto Sivir. To make the most of its effects, you may run towards any direction. The crossblade will always follow Sivir and cut through all enemy units for the same damage it dealt when first thrown.

Boomerang Blade deals less damage against non-Champion units.

W – Ricochet

For the next 4 seconds, Sivir’s next 3 basic attacks can bounce between enemies that are close together. If the first enemy receives a critical damage, every other bounce deals critical as well. If the first bounce was a normal attack, the same goes for the bounce that follows.

Each Ricochet enhanced basic attack will bounce across all enemies within range except those that were already passed through by the same projectile. Ricochet will only stop if no non-affected enemies are in range. 

E – Spell Shield

For 1.5 seconds after activation, Sivir creates an impenetrable shield that will absorb all damage from the next enemy ability that hits her. If the Spell Shield successfully blocked a hit, Sivir recovers Mana which scales by the Spell Shield’s ability Level.

R – On The Hunt

Passive: Sivir gains a huge Attack Speed bonus while Ricochet is not in cooldown.

Active: All nearby allied Champions, including Sivir, gain a burst of Movement Speed bonus that decays overtime for the next 8 seconds.

Passive – Fleet of Foot

Sivir outmaneuvers her opponents with a quick burst of speed each time she attacks an enemy Champion. She can either chase or kite enemies while applying pressure at the same time.

Tristana, the Yordle Gunner

Region of Origin: Bandle City

Race: Yordle

Tristana has a great range, effects AoE, and Attack Speed. Those she can cover a wide area with explosions, it is in one’s best interest to keep her fire power focused at a single target. Kill enemies one by one instead of trying to poke them off the lane. 

Q – Rapid Fire

For no Mana cost and 20 second cooldown, Tristana gains a massive burst of Attack Speed bonus which lasts for 7 seconds. 

W – Rocket Jump

Tristana vaults up into the air then lands on a target location. This ability allows her to pass through walls and ledges. Her landing creates an explosion that deals moderate Magic Damage to all enemies within a short radius. Affected units are slowed for a few seconds, giving Tristana time to land a few more hits with Rapid Fire. If you’re under pressure, you may use Rocket Jump as a means to escape.

E – Explosive Charge

Passive: Enemies explode if they die by Tristana’s basic attacks. The explosion deals small Magic Damage to all enemies within a short radius.

Active: Plant a bomb on a target unit which explodes in a few seconds and deal Physical Damage within a short radius. The bomb detonates faster if hit by Tristana’s basic attacks or abilities.

R – Buster Shot

Blast a target enemy with a massive cannonball that deals Magic Damage to all enemies within a short cone starting from the point of impact. All enemies caught in the explosion are also knocked back for a fair distance.

Passive – Draw a Bead

Attack range increases with Tristana’s Champion level.

Twitch, the Plague Rat

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Mutated Rat

Secondary Class: Assassin

Twitch is one of the few Marksmen who is effective as a Jungler as much as an ADC with little to no changes in the item build. While Twitch has great base Attack Damage and competent Attack Speed, he specializes in True-Damage in a form of a Damage-Over-Time status he inflicts on every enemy he touches. 

Q – Ambush

Twitch turns Camouflaged for 10 – 14 seconds depending on the ability level. While in this state, Twitch gains a boost in Movement Speed. After breaking stealth, Twitch gains a burst of Attack Speed for 5 seconds. Ambush cooldown becomes refreshed if an enemy Champion dies while affected by Deadly Venom.


Camouflage is one of two stealth status, the other being Invisible. Camouflage lasts longer than Invisible but breaks once the user is within 700 units away from the enemy Champion. 

W – Venom Cask

Throws a cask of fluid towards a target location that infects multiple enemies within a medium radius. A toxic cloud sprouts and lingers for 3 seconds after impact. All enemy units that pass through the toxic cloud get small Movement Speed reduction and stacks more Deadly Venom for each second they stay there. 

E – Contaminate

Deals a small Physical Damage to all enemies within 1,200 units away from Twitch that are infected with Deadly Venom. Damage scales with Ability Power and Attack Damage and multiplied by the number of Deadly Venom stacks each unit currently has. 

R – Spray and Pray

Twitch receives a boost in Attack Range and Attack Damage for 5 seconds. Twitch’s basic attacks become straight lines that extend beyond the target up to the maximum attack range. These attacks deal damage to all units within the trajectory behind the target or in between that and Twitch. 

Passive – Deadly Venom

Each basic attack infects the target with a stack of Deadly Venom up to 6 times which lasts over 6 seconds. Each new stack resets the duration. 

Deadly Venom

One stack of Deadly Venom deals 1 – 5 True Damage per second. Damage value scale with Twitch’s Champion Level. Each stack multiplies the value which can result in a devastating 6 – 30 True Damage per second.

True Damage

True Damage cannot be reduced by the target’s armour and resistance. Likewise, it cannot be enhanced by the user’s Attack Damage or Ability Power.

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution

Region of Origin: Shurima but he possessed the bodies of two Ionian hosts who released him from a seal. 

Race: Shuriman Ascended / Fallen Shuriman / Darkin – in that order

Varus is a toolbox of many basic features. He has the ability to root target, sustain damage, apply slow, and burst damage. His abilities seem like a tool box of all the basic features of the game, making him the perfect trial Champion for beginners who have little foresight about the importance of roles. 

Q – Piercing Arrow

Activation commands Varus to pull back his arrow to wind up a powerful and long ranged shot. Varus can still move around while winding up but his Movement Speed is reduced by a small amount. The longer the windup, the stronger Piercing Arrow becomes. Recast Piercing Arrow to fire at a target direction. The projectile deals massive Physical Damage to every enemy unit in the area of effect. Damage decreases by 15% per enemy unit hit.

Windup lasts for 4 seconds. If Piercing Arrow was not shot after this duration, the windup will fail but refunds 50% Mana to Varus. The cooldown of Piercing Arrow is reduced if it detonates a Blight status inflicted on an enemy Champion.

W – Blighted Quiver

Passive: Varus’ basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and apply Blight on the target. 

Active: Blighted Quiver enhances the next Piercing Arrow activated within the next 5 seconds. This provides bonus Magic Damage which scales with the targets’ missing health. If Piercing Arrow was never activated until duration ends, Blighted Quiver gets a 1 second cooldown. It will have no cooldown instead if Piercing Arrow was cancelled. 


A Blight charge lasts up to 6 seconds and stacks up to 3 on each enemy unit. It can be detonated by other abilities coming from Varus. 

E – Hail of Arrows

Varus lobs a volley of arrows to a target location. On impact, enemy units within a small radius receive moderate Physical Damage and the affected area becomes enchanted. All units that walk over the area of effect lose a small amount of Movement Speed and healing becomes less effective. 

R – Chain of Corruption

Fling a tendril towards a target direction. The first enemy hit will receive a moderate amount of Magic Damage and becomes immobilized for 2 seconds. The target also gains 3 stacks of Blight while duration lasts. This effect extends further to enemy Champions that are close to the affected unit or approached while the effect is active. This tendril will keep extending until no unaffected enemy Champions are in range. If used properly, Vayne is a terrifying 1 v 1 duelist. 

Passive – Living Vengeance

Varus gains a temporary burst of Attack Speed for each kill or assist. Champion deaths give better bonuses than monster or minion kills.

Vayne, the Night Hunter

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Human

Vayne is a monster hunter. She can stalk her prey then engage in a battle of wits and cunning. Though ranged, Vayne specializes in close quarters combat. Using this Champion requires sharp reflexes, quick thinking, critical planning, knowledge in positioning, and spatial awareness.

Q – Tumble

Vayne performs a dodge roll towards a target direction. After which, she gains bonus Physical Damage to her next basic attack within 7 seconds. Bonus scales with Vayne’s Attack Damage and ability Level.

During Final Hour: Tumble turns Vayne invisible for 1 second. Cooldown is reduced by 30%, 40%, or 50% depending on the ability level of Final Hour.

W – Silver Bolts

Passive: Each of Vayne’s attacks applies a stack to a target which lasts for 1.5 seconds. Each attack resets the stack cooldown. On the third stack, the target receives bonus True Damage which scales with the recipient’s missing health. 

E – Condemn

Vayne fires a short ranged bolt at a target enemy. This deals moderate Physical Damage and knocks the affected unit back for 475 units. If the target hits a wall, it becomes bolted onto that wall which stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Damage is also increased by 150%.

R – Final Hour

Vayne switches to a heavy crossbow which deals more Attack Damage in basic attack. Final Hour lasts 8, 10, or 12 seconds based on the ability level. During this time, Night Hunter and Tumble gain enhanced effects. Duration is extended by 4 seconds whenever a Champion dies within the next 3 seconds after it was attacked by Vayne.

Passive – Night Hunter

Vayne always gains a 30 Movement Speed bonus when charging towards an enemy Champion. You don’t need to have an attack target. Effect triggers as long as Vayne is running towards the general direction of a visible Champion.

During Final Hour: Night Hunter provides 90 Movement Speed

Xayah, the Rebel

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Vastaya 

Xayah is designed in tandem with her lover, Rakan, but she is competent enough on her own. 

Xayah is all about sustained damage. None of her abilities are defensive besides her ultimate. She lacks survival, but most of the time, she doesn’t need them. She is solely built for the bottom lane and nowhere else. Her entire kit heavily benefits from Attack Speed.

Q – Double Daggers

Xayah throws two feather blades at a target direction, dealing small Physical Damage that scales with Attack Damage. Each projectile leaves a feather on the ground. The first target hit receives full damage while units behind take half the same amount.

W – Deadly Plumage

Xayah gains a moderate burst of Attack Speed and Attack Damage for 4 seconds. Hitting an enemy Champion gives Xayah a burst of Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds. An allied Rakan within 1000 units radius from Xayah will also receive the Deadly Plumage status.

E – Bladecaller

Xayah’s main damage dealer and wave cleanup. All scattered feathers instantly fly towards Xayah, cutting down all enemy units in the path they travel. Each feather deals small Physical Damage which scales with Xayah’s Attack Damage and Critical Strike Chance. Every enemy hit by at least 3 feathers is rooted for 1.25 seconds. Minions take half the full damage compared to enemy Champions. 

R – Featherstorm

Xayah becomes airborne for 1.5 seconds, making her immune to target abilities. She hurls a volley of feathers to a cone in a target direction, dealing massive Physical Damage to all enemy units in the area of effect. Five feathers will be planted at the end of the range limit.

Passive – Clean Cuts

After casting an ability, Xayah’s next 3 basic attacks become straight flashes of feather that can damage all enemy units along her target’s direction. Her targetable range does not increase but the effects extend to 900 units. Her main target receives 100% of her Attack Damage while the others in the area of effect take less than half the same amount. At the end of the trajectory range, feathers are planted on the floor as set up for Bladecaller.


All feathers on the ground linger for 6 seconds or until picked up by Xayah or recalled by Deadly Plumage.

Passive with Rakan – Lover’s Leap

Xayah may hop in with Rakan’s Recall and vice versa. Either Champions can initiate Recall ahead of time. While channeling is active, the other may approach and cast Recall. Both Champions will be transported into the base after the initiator’s channeling, no matter what time the ‘passenger’ began activation. 

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Human

Aphelios is currently the most experimental Champion ever designed by League of Legends. He sports a completely different user interface that is unique to him. He’s strange compared to most Champions but he is not as complicated as anyone thinks. There’s just so much to read but the concept couldn’t be simpler than any isometric RPG. If you are familiar with any kind of Hack n’ Slash, you will enjoy him better than most. 


Each weapon has 50 bullets called Moonlight and each basic attack only costs 1 Moonlight. When a magazine runs out, Aphelios automatically cycles to the secondary weapon and the offhand is now replaced by the next in the set rotation. You can change the rotation order if you wish.

Main Hand: Dictates Aphelios’ current fighting style. 

Passive: This passive is always active with the weapon as a Main Hand. All of Ophelios’ Q – Active makes use of both his weapons which can unleash a devastating, and unpredictable combo at any given moment.

Passive – The Hitman and the Seer

Aphelios is the Hitman while his sister, Alune, is the Seer. Aphelios has 5 Moonstone Weapons which are sent to him by his sister. At the beginning of the game, he wields a sniper rifle in his main hand and a pistol in his off-hand. 

W – Phase

Instead of waiting for your gun’s clip to be empty, you can press W to cycle weapons instantly. 

Q – Active

Before we list down his abilities, we must be clear about one thing. Most Champions have Q, W, E, and R active abilities and you get to choose which of the first three you want to start the match with. Aphelios will have W – Phase active at the start of the game, followed by Q which is simply called ‘Active’. Q is determined by whichever weapon is currently in Aphelios’ main hand.

Weapons do not share Q – Active cooldown. This allows you to unleash up to 5 Active abilities if your Mana Pool would allow it.

R – Moonlight Vigil

R is Aphelios’ Ultimate. Unlike Active, Moonlight Vigil has a shared cooldown with all weapons, but each gun dictates the effect of Moonlight Vigil differently. 

No matter which weapon is equipped, Moonlight Vigil is a projectile which is launched at a target direction then explodes if it comes into contact with an enemy Champion or reaches the end of its Range. Enemy Champions caught in the moderate radius blast are revealed and each receives a moderate Physical Damage. Additional effects are dictated by the main hand weapon at the time you activated Moonlight Vigil.

  • Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle
    1. Passive: Precision – Gives 100 bonus Attack Range. Using Q marks the enemies hit. Auto attack against the target enemy makes Aphelios strike with his Off-Hand weapon.
    2. Q – Moonshot: Fire a bolt at a target direction, dealing Physical damage to the first enemy it hits. 
    3. R – Moonlight Vigil: Marks all enemies hit by the blast.
  • Severum, the Scythe Pistol
    1. Passive: Aphelios attacks with his normal Attack Speed, Attack Range, and Attack Damage. Aphelios heals himself for a small amount per basic attack. Excess health turns to shield that lasts for 30 seconds.
    2. Q – Onslaught: Aphelios gains bonus Movement Speed and performs 6 automatic attacks to the nearest enemy, interchanging between Severum and his Off Hand weapon. This prioritizes enemy Champions.
    3. R – Moonlight Vigil: Heals Aphelios for a fixed amount of health if at least one enemy is hit.
  • Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon
    1. Passive: Each attack reduces the target enemy’s Movement Speed by 30% that lasts for 3.5 seconds.
    2. Q – Binding Eclipse: All enemy units affected by Gravitum receive moderate Magic Damage and are rooted for 1 second.
    3. R – Moonlight Vigil: Enemies are slowed by 99% for the duration of Gravity’s base effect. Enemies slowed by this ability can be affected by Binding Eclipse.
Source: Riot Games
  • Infernum, the Flame Thrower
    1. Passive: Each basic attack is increased by Attack Damage and Ability Power. Each projectile explodes in a cone behind the target, which deals lesser damage.
    2. Q – Release a wave in a cone at a target location. Each enemies caught in the wave receives small Physical Damage and locked on by Aphelios. He then fires at each and every single locked on targets with the Off-Hand weapon. 
    3. R – Moonlight Vigil: Deals bonus Physical damage. The explosion releases Infernum projectiles which explode again on each enemy hit. Instead of exploding in a cone, each projectile creates small circles that deal damage similar to Infernum based basic attacks.
  • Crescendum, the Chakram
    1. Off Hand: Aphelios throws Crescendum then wait for it to return. He can’t attack until the chakram returns to his hand, which makes attacking from a distance difficult and inefficient. However, unleashes a monstrous attack rate if Aphelios is close. As soon as Crescendum returns, attack rate refreshes, making Aphelios maintain a sustain damage without having to benefit from Attack Speed stats. 
    2. Q – Sentry: Aphelios mounts a copy of his Off-Hand weapon to a Lunar Sentry then plants them on a target location. This becomes a temporary turret which attacks and applies the Off-Hand’s effects against enemies. 
    3. R – Moonlight Vigil: 3 Additional Spectral Chakrams return to Aphelios for each enemy hit.