League of Legends – Slayers

By the name of the class, Slayers are designed to ‘slay’ enemy Champions. It can be said that they are specialists in punishing the opponents by removing them from the game’s equation. That does not mean that they are set to win any encounter. That only means that it is their job to kill an enemy. The other classes are designed to function specifically in a clash. Slayers, however, are best used in solo fights. 

‘Why bother killing an enemy when they are expected to die in a clash anyway?’ You may ask. The answer is to prevent a clash from happening in the first place. The goal is to keep the opposing team missing at least one member at a time so the rest of your allies can push their lanes safely. If a clash commences, however, it would then be a Slayer’s job to take out the highest priority target. This ‘priority’ is determined by the target’s contribution to the clash. Usually, the first targets should be Marksmen and Controllers. Try to stay away from Fighters and Tanks, though. 


Assassins have really low defence which means they are vulnerable to getting killed if they miss a step. This is covered by Assassin’s innate ability to hide from plain sight. These Champions will strike from the shadows and immediately remove targets when they least expect it or under the influence of a false sense of security. 

These Champions usually excel in farming due to having a good wave-clear and last-hit bonus damage. In a fight, it would be best if the Assassin delivers the first move because they are vulnerable to enemy crowd control. This is made more apparent by the fact that many of these Champions lack those kinds of effects for themselves. What they do have are abilities to avoid being hit by enemy counters such as dash and invisibility.  

Akali, the Rogue Assassin

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Akali’s playstyle pays off the player’s reflexes. Her kit involves hit-and-run tactics and quick responses. Step-in, think fast, blink and it’s done. Each of her abilities works in tandem with each other, but they consume Energy, not Mana. Given that Energy caps at 100 and there’s no way to increase regeneration speed, exhausting her abilities could leave her sitting like a duck. Akali may have a high damage output, but she can’t protect herself with just her Basic Attacks. Don’t miss and plan your every move before you execute them. There’s no shame in running away but there is in death. 

Q – Five Point Strike

Akali throws a volley of 5 kunai in a narrow cone towards a target direction. Each enemy in the travelled path receives Magic Damage. Enemies at the edge of this ability’s range lose half of their Movement Speed for half a second. 

W – Twilight Shroud

Activation does not cost energy. In fact, Twilight Shroud restores 80 energy which allows Akali to continue her assault for longer.

Twilight Shroud creates a smokescreen at a target location which gradually spreads further until it forms a ring of smoke with the centre completely open. The range of the smoke is slightly wider than Akali’s Assassin’s Mark. Twilight Shroud lasts for 5 – 7 seconds depending on the ability’s level. 

While inside the smoke, Akali is shrouded. She is invisible and her position can be revealed by True Sight. However, she cannot be targeted nor hit by any hostile attacks, making her completely invulnerable. She can break off shroud by leaving the smoke, attacking, or using an ability, but she slips back in within a split second. 

E – Shuriken Flip

Akali flings a shuriken in one direction and simultaneously performs a backflip towards the opposite direction. The distance she flips is enough to leave Assassin’s Mark immediately. The projectile marks the first enemy it hits or the last part of the Twilight Shroud for 3 seconds. 

Recast Shuriken Flip and Akali immediately lunges towards the marked target no matter where it is in the map. 

R – Perfect Execution

Akali leaps onto a target location, inflicting Physical Damage to all enemies she passes over. Within 10 seconds, recast Perfect Execution again for no additional cost. Akali dashes through a target direction, inflicting Magic Damage against enemies she passes through. This time, it deals bonus Magic Damage that scales each enemies’ missing Health up to a total of 200% increase. 

Passive – Assassin’s Mark

Akali creates a zone around the enemy she hits with an ability. This lasts for seconds but immediately disappears once she leaves. Right after the zone was created, Akali gains a burst of Movement Speed when running towards the edge. After leaving the zone, she absorbs the zone to empower her next Basic Attack and gain bonus Movement Speed while running towards the same target.

Akali’s empowered Basic Attack inflicts bonus Magic Damage and restores her energy by a few points. 

Assassin’s Mark stays in place. If the enemy has left the zone while Akali is still inside, she still gains the first bonus Movement Speed because it registers as her moving towards the edge. This allows her to gain two instances of bonus Movement Speed to chase a target enemy.

Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Targonian Ascended

Secondary Class: Diver

One look at her kit and she can be mistaken for a Burst Mage. Diana can dish out severe Magic Damage from a distance. What makes her an Assassin is her follow up by closing in on the target and inflicting even more damage with her sword. Her subclass ‘Diver’ is classified by her capability to zip inside the enemy lines and unleash a wide-ranged nuke onto all of her enemies. If her defences are any better, she could have been classified as a Fighter, instead. What kept her as an Assassin is her really low defence that not even her Pale Cascade could help her last in combat. Players tend to invest in offensive items to quickly remove key enemies instead of keeping ehr in the fray for too long. 

Q – Crescent Strike

Diana hurls a crescent energy blade from her side which arcs towards the target location. This inflicts Magic Damage to all units the projectile passes through. Enemies hit by Crescent Strike are marked with Moonlight for 3 seconds and their locations are revealed for the same duration.

W – Pale Cascade

Diana puts up a shield and three balls of energy orbiting herself for 5 seconds. Each of the balls detonates when it contacts an enemy, inflicting weak Magic Damage to it and other units in a short radius. The shield strength itself is also weak, but it increases with her Ability Power and bonus Health. Once all of the balls detonate while the duration still lasts, the shield is reapplied and stacks with her remaining shield then the duration is reset. 

E – Lunar Rush

Diana dashes to a target enemy and inflicts Magic Damage upon arrival. If the target is afflicted by Moonlight mark from Crescent Strike, Lunar Rush consumes it and E’s cooldown is refreshed. 

R – Moon Fall

Diana blasts a wide area around her which pulls all surrounding enemies closer to her inflicts severe Magic Damage and reduces their Movement Speed for 2 seconds. After successfully pulling an enemy Champion, the area powers up for 1 second and detonates across the same range but this time, power increases with each Champion that was pulled in. 

Passive – Moonsilver Blade

Diana gains a 10-40% increase in her Attack Speed based on her Champion Level. This increase is tripled for 3 seconds after casting an ability.

Diana’s 3rd attack every 3 seconds inflicts bonus Magic Damage to the target. This triggers a small explosion which also inflicts Magic Damage to the surrounding units.

Passive – Moonsilver Blade

Diana gains a 10-40% increase in her Attack Speed based on her Champion Level. This increase is tripled for 3 seconds after casting an ability.

Diana’s 3rd attack every 3 seconds inflicts bonus Magic Damage to the target. This triggers a small explosion which also inflicts Magic Damage to the surrounding units.

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Human

Ekko works very similarly to a Burst Class Champion. He can dish out severe damage to multiple enemies in a flash then follow up with another to sustain his assault. Despite his melee range, he has a really low defence like all Assassins. However, his crowd control and escape tools give him the lasting power of a Diver Class. His ultimate is his key feature which allows him to bring his past to the present with all of his memories still intact but his body back to health and position. 

Q – Timewinder

Throws a grenade towards a target direction which slows down before it reaches the end of its range or after hitting an enemy Champion. During the time it has slowed down, it expands its damage radius. After reaching its limit, the grenade reverts back to its normal size while travelling back to Ekko at high speed. 

Both the outward and return instances of the grenade inflicts Magic Damage to each enemy it passes by. The return inflicts slightly more damage than when it was thrown. Affected units also lose Movement Speed for a couple of seconds.

W – Parallel Convergence

Passive: Ekko’s Basic Attacks inflict bonus Magic Damage based on the target’s missing Health. 

Active: Select a wide area to set up the ability. It takes 3 seconds to detonate but the enemies can only see the affected area 1 second before it works. Affected enemies do not receive Magic Damage but they do lose Movement Speed for 1 second. If Ekko enters the zone within 1.5 seconds after detonation, it detonates again and stuns enemies inside the area for a whopping 2.25 seconds. At the same time, Ekko gains a strong shield for 2 seconds. 

E – Phase Dive

Ekko dashes to a target location and empowers his next Basic Attack with a long extended targeting range and bonus Magic Damage on-hit. After selecting a unit for a Basic Attack, Ekko blinks right next to it and delivers his boosted blow.

R – Chronobreak

Passive: Ekko leaves a trail that leads towards a projection of himself that represents where he was or what he was doing exactly 4 seconds ago. 

Active: Ekko blinks all the way towards his past and inflicts severe Magic Damage to all surrounding units from his point of emergence. Ekko recovers a moderate amount of health, increased by 1% of the total health he lost for the last 4 seconds.

Passive – Z-Drive Resonance

Ekko gains a Resonance stack each time he hurts an enemy. At three stacks, his next Basic Attack inflicts bonus Magic Damage. Effects are doubled against monsters. If used on a Champion, Ekko gains bonus Movement Speed for 2-3 seconds.

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

Region of Origin: Unknown

Race: Demon

At first glance, Evelynn’s damage output is too low to scare a perfectly healthy target and her defences are too low to keep her alive in a long fight. Because of these facts, she is pretty weak in the early game. As a jungler, she’s meant to roam the dark corners of the map alone. In lanes, the only purpose of her visits is to kill, not maintain the lane. Only visit lanes when there are allied Champions, preferably with crowd control. 

Evelynn’s true purpose comes to light in the mid-game, once she has finally gained her Demon Shade’s camouflage. Roam the jungle and keep killing Champions one by one. Your main targets are lone Mages, Marksmen, and Controllers. Due to her camouflage, she will be difficult to see using regular wards. Ganks will never be easier.

Q – Hate Spike

The first activation fires a dart in a target direction, inflicting weak Magic Damage to the first enemy it hits. Hitting a monster refunds half Hate Spike’s cooldown. Within 4 seconds after the first activation, the enemy hit by the shard takes bonus damage from 3 of Evelynn’s Basic Attacks and Q is changed and available for recast. The new Hate Spike can be cast up to three times for no cost. Each activation causes spikes to appear from the ground in a line from Evelynn towards the target spot. Enemies caught in the range are inflicted by weak Magic Damage. 

W – Allure

Evelynn curses a target for 5 seconds. During that time, she can damage the target to expunge the curse. Doing so refunds Allure’s Mana cost and reduces the target’s Movement Speed for a couple of seconds. If the curse remains for half its total duration, the target is Charmed until the curse expires or expunged. If Evelynne expunges the curse from a Charmed enemy Champion, that target loses a fair amount of Magic Resistance for 4 seconds. If it’s a monster, expunge inflicts bonus Magic Damage and extends Charm for 2 more seconds. 

E – Whiplash

Evelynn whips her tendrils at a target enemy then gains a small burst of Movement Speed for a couple of seconds. Whiplash inflicts weak Magic Damage but effects are increased equal to a small fraction of the target’s maximum Health. 

Entering Demon Shade empowers Whiplash and resets its cooldown.

Empowered Whiplash: Evelynn stabs her tendrils in a line through her target, inflicting moderate Magic Damage to units in front and behind it. She then pulls herself towards the target and gains bonus Movement Speed for a couple of seconds.

R – Last Caress

Evelynn becomes untargetable, lashes her tendrils in a 180° area in front of her, then blinks to 700 units behind her. The tendrils inflict moderate to severe Magic Damage, scaling with her Ability Power and each enemy’s maximum Health. 

Passive – Demon Shade

Evelynn enters Demon Shade after 4 seconds of not attacking or being attacked. 

If Evelynn’s Health falls below a critical amount, she begins to recover a few points each second. After reaching level 6, Demon Shade grants camouflage to Evelynn. This means she is invisible from the enemies until she breaks camouflage. This breaks when she’s too close to an enemy Champion or when within range of wards with True Sight.

Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

Region of Origin: Born and raised in Bandle City, now he works near Bilgewater

Race: Amphibious Yordle

Fizz has gathered infamy since League of Legends first came into existence. In good hands, he is extremely difficult to hit because of his E ability and his ultimate hurts enough to delete a Champion. He is also not too difficult to control compared to other Champions with the same concept. Fizz is the perfect Champion to play to enjoy the mid-lane. Don’t expect that he’ll be available in low Elo Ranked games, though. Novices will have him banned due to both his popularity and the trauma he might have inflicted. Higher ranked games are more forgiving because players at that point know exactly how to deal with the Tidal Trickster.

Q – Urchin Strike

Fizz dashes towards a target enemy and inflicts a mix of weak Magic Damage and moderate Physical Damage. Fizz will always dash towards maximum range which makes him run through the target that is too close. 

W – Seastone Trident

Passive: Fizz’s basic attack marks the target for 3 seconds which inflicts weak Magic Damage every split-second.

Active: Empowers Fizz’s next Basic Attack with increased attack range and bonus Magic Damage. After the strike, he gains weaker bonus Magic Damage for his next Basic Attacks within 5 seconds. If the target dies from the initial effect, the post-strike benefits are not rewarded to Fizz. Instead, Seastone Trident refunds some Mana and its cooldown are immediately reduced to 1 second. 

E – Playful / Trickster

Playful: Fizz hops on his trident on a target location and stays invulnerable for less than a second. After the duration, he drops to the ground and creates a splash which inflicts moderate Magic Damage to nearby enemies. While Fizz is invulnerable due to Playful, E is available for recast as Trickster.

Trickster: Fizz hops onto a target location and creates a splash which inflicts Magic Damage equal to Playful but the radius is shorter.

R – Chum the Waters

Fizz throws a lure in a line towards a target direction. It attaches to the first enemy Champion it hits, otherwise, it lands on the ground and makes a puddle. If it hits a Champion, it creates the puddle beneath their feet which follows their movements and reduces their Movement Speed until the lure’s duration ends.

After 2 seconds, a shark will emerge from the puddle to knock aside surrounding units and knock up the attached Champion. The AoE radius and damage inflicted can range from moderate to severe depending on how far the lure flew.

Passive – Nimble Fighter

Fizz can always run past units and take reduced damage from any source.

Kassadin, the Void Walker

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Human changed by The Void

Kassadin is another popular Champion among players who love to kill. He has a relatively low Movement Speed when walking but he can be everywhere at once. His teleportation and AoE abilities have low cooldown and mana cost which makes him a threat to squishy Champions at the beginning of a clash. Be cautious of his Mana consumption, though. It’s easy to deplete his resources in an intense battle. 

Q – Null Sphere

Kassadin envelops himself with a weak shield while simultaneously firing an orb at a target enemy. The projectile inflicts weak Magic Damage but cancels any form of channelling. 

W – Nether Blade

Passive: Kassadin’s Basic Attacks inflict bonus Magic Damage.

Active: Empowers Kassadin’s next Basic Attack for extended range, bonus Magic Damage, and Mana restoration. If the target is a Champion, he gains 4 times the amount of Mana he would have recovered. 

E – Force Pulse

Passive: Kassadin gains a stack of Void Energy each time any Champion near him uses an ability. Stacks are also gained from Kassadin’s own casted abilities. At 6 stacks, E becomes an active ability.

Active: Emit a pulse of void energy in a cone towards a target direction. Enemies in the area of effect receive Magic Damage and lose more than half of their Movement Speed for 1 second. 

R – Riftwalk

Kassadin disappears into a portal then reappears at the target location. His emergence inflicts minor Magic Damage against enemies in a short radius. Each activation of Riftwalk adds a stack which doubles its Mana cost but increases the damage it deals up to 4 times. Stacks linger for 15 seconds after the first time it was used.

Passive – Void Stone

Kassadin can always walk past units and receive reduced Magic Damage.

Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Region of Origin: Noxus

Race: Human

Katarina can also be everywhere at once like Kassadin but she does not use Mana. One might think that this should make her perfect from start to finish of a clash. The opposite is actually more probable. Katarina can inflict and sustain damage like a Marksman and dive in and out of lanes like a capable Assassin. However, she’s not very effective in a long fight due to the complete absence of crowd control abilities. She can neither slow down movements or immobilize targets. The way her skills work makes her more effective in a crowd so 1-v-1 encounters are not advisable.

Katarina is a threat at the end of the clash. By the time at least 3 enemy Champions are below 50% health, she can step in and quickly finish what her allies started. She will peel away everyone’s health in no time, killing multiple enemies within 3 seconds and securing 20 seconds of complete undisturbed lane-push opportunity.

Q – Bouncing Blade

Throws a dagger at a target enemy then the projectile bounces to up to 2 nearby enemies before it lands on the ground beyond the last target. Each one of them receives the same amount of Magic Damage. 

W – Preparation

Katarina tosses a dagger into the air then gains bonus Movement Speed and the ability to pass through units for a second and a half. The dagger lands on the ground from where she was when W was activated.

E – Shunpo

Katarina immediately appears next to a target enemy or on top of a target dagger. If the target was an enemy, she can choose which angle she will appear from then strike them with weak Magic Damage.

R – Death Lotus

Katarina spins around in place for 2.5 seconds while rapidly throwing daggers on up to 3 nearby enemies. Target is automatically set but Death Lotus prioritizes Champions. Even hidden Champions can be hit as long as they are in range. Over the duration, each target receives weak Magic Damage every 0.2 seconds. Each instance inflicts Grievous Wounds status which reduces the effectiveness of Healing by 60% for 3 seconds. 

Passive – Voracity

If an enemy Champion dies within 3 minutes after Katarina has damaged them, all of her abilities’ cooldown is greatly reduced.

Passive – Sinister Steel

Whenever Katarina catches or picks up a dagger that was left behind by her other abilities, she immediately inflicts Magic Damage to enemies around her. Picking up daggers also reduces E – Shunpo’s cooldown by a huge amount.

Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver

Region of Origin: The Void

Race: Voidborn

Kha’Zix is a roamer through and through. He relishes the cover of the brushes and feast on the residence of the jungle. At any given moment, he can pounce into the lane and harass the enemy Champion. Killing them will be ideal but the voidborn hunter knows when to retreat into the cover of the canopy. In the clash, he has a great reach that allows him to strike the distant Artillery. Even under the protection turrets, he only needs a couple of seconds to nab a bite then hide again. His ultimate allows him to perform this trick on several other Champions. Just make sure you ignore the Tanks unless there are no other threats. He excels at deleting Champions who strayed too far from the herd. 

Q – Taste Their Fear

Kha’zix inflicts heavy Physical Damage against a target enemy. Damage dealt is doubled if the target is marked as Isolated. 

W – Void Spike

Fires a cluster of spikes in a target direction which detonates when they hit an enemy. Only the target that was hit receives moderate Physical Damage. If Kha’Zix is within the blast range, he restores a small amount of Health.

E – Leap

Kha’Zix leaps to the target direction unobstructed by walls and other terrains. He inflicts minor Physical Damage against enemies in a short radius as soon as he lands. 

R – Void Assault

Active: Kha’Zix turns invisible for a second and a half. He gains bonus Movement Speed and the ability to pass through units while invisible. Void Assault can be recast for no cost within 2 seconds after breaking invisibility.

Passive – Evolution: Each time an ability point is invested in Void Assault, Kha’Zix gains an evolution point that he can invest in one of his four abilities. Doing so will grant him a passive unique that either improves the ability itself or his overall performance. Only three out of four abilities can be evolved per game.

Passive – Unseen Threat

Kha’Zix gains Unseed Threat status once the enemy team loses sight of him. This status lasts until the next time he strikes an enemy Champion with bonus Magic Damage and a 2-second Movement Speed reduction. Hiding will once again activate Unseen Threat. If it does not pop-up where one would assume to be a safe spot, there is definitely a ward placed in the area. 

Passive – Isolation

Kha’Zix marks any nearby enemy as Isolated if they don’t have any allies in sight. Enemies marked as Isolated receive bonus effects from Kha’Zix’s other abilities. 

Special Interaction – Rengar: THE HUNT IS ON!

After Kha’Zix has evolved 3 of his abilities and an enemy Rengar has collected 5 Trophies, both Champions will be tasked to kill each other. Whoever wins ends the interaction for the entire game and gains special reward that makes them stronger. In Kha’Zix’s case, he gains another evolution point, allowing him to evolve all 4 abilities for the entire game. This event is a reference to both Champion’s lore. Rengar and Kha’Zix met when they were younger in the jungle of Ixtal. Rengar is the first foe who had fatally wounded him. The other creatures he met have been easy kills but Rengar forced him to flee for once in his life.

Evolved Ability
  • Taste Their Fear – Evolved Reaper ClawsIncreases the range of Taste Their Fear and Kha’Zix’s basic attacks.
  • Void Spike – Evolved Spike Racks Fires a spread-out volley of 3 spike clusters instead of one. Each one will detonate on the first enemy they hit, inflicting Physical Damage on the target and healing Kha’Zix if he is close. Each spike also reveals the target and reduces their Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Leap – Evolved Wings Leap increases its maximum range. Leap’s cooldown is reset when Kha’Zix kills an enemy Champion or assisted in their death. 
  • Void Assault – Evolved Adaptive Cloaking Void Assault can be cast for the third time and invisibility lasts for exactly 2 seconds.

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Demon

Nocturne is not a demon who haunts people in their nightmare. He is the embodiment of a nightmare in the physical plane. He has a fantastic wave-clear capability that makes farming in both lanes and jungle camps easy in the early game. Against Champions, he is better suited for a 1-on-1 fight. Nocturne does not have an escape ability but he has tons of ways to zone-in on targets. Even if the target has backups, keep your focus on your priority. Nocturne can inflict splash damage to wipe away minions and AoE terror to keep another Champion useless for a moment. They should be patient because it will be their turn shortly. 

Q – Duskbringer

Nocturne sends a spectral hand flying in a target direction. Leaves Dusk Trail where it travels and inflicts Physical Damage on each unit it passes through. Enemy Champion hit by Duskbringer will also leave a Dusk Trail where they move. The Dusk Trail lasts for 5 seconds and Nocturne gains bonus Movement Speed and Attack Damage while walking on it. 

W – Shroud of Darkness

Passive: Nocturne gains permanent bonus Attack Speed.

Active: Nocturne gains a shield that lasts for a second and a half. It will absorb any amount of damage. Successfully doing so will double Shroud of Darkness’s bonus for 5 seconds.

E – Unspeakable Horror

Passive: Nocturne gains an immense amount of bonus Movement Speed when moving towards units afflicted with Terror. 

Active: Nocturne tethers to a target unit and inflicts them with moderate Magic Damage for over 2 seconds. The tether can be broken by moving out of range, getting stunned, or if the target becomes untargetable. After the duration, while the tether is unbroken, the target unit becomes afflicted by Terror for around 2 seconds which causes them to try to flee from Nocturne while unable to issue any kind of command. They also lose 90% of their Movement Speed for the duration of the affliction.

R – Paranoia

On activation, all enemy units gradually lose sight of the map and their allies for 6 seconds. The only area they can see is within their Champions’ vision range. Recast Paranoia again within that time to make Nocturne dash towards a target enemy Champion from a long distance. On arrival, Nocturne inflicts moderate Physical Damage on the target.

Passive – Umbra Blades

Every few seconds, Nocturne’s Basic Attack inflicts bonus Physical Damage which also affects other units near the target. He heals a small amount of Health for each enemy hit and sends Umbra Blades in a short cooldown.

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper

Region of Origin: Serpent Isles

Race: Undead

Pyke is an executioner who benefits the entire team with his presence. Any kills that involve him rewards more money than normal circumstances would provide. He can be as slippery as a deep-water moss when he tries to sneak in and around enemies, allowing him to make a quick escape while he waits for another opportunity to engage. When engaged, he can pull people towards him or slip into their backside like a mix of Juggernaut and Diver but his lethality is pure Assassin. If one gazes into the abyss, Pyke will promptly pull them in. 

Q – Bone Skewer

Tap Q to have Pyke stabs in a line towards a target direction, inflicting Physical damage to the closest enemy in range. It hits the nearest enemy Champion instead despite having a minion in between it and Pyke. 

Hold Q to have Pyke wind-up his harpoon for up to 3 seconds. Time spent on wind-up increases the distance of Bone Skewer but it does not increase damage output. Pyke may move around and change direction during this time but he can’t attack or cast other abilities and his Movement Speed is reduced. If wind-up is interrupted, Bone Skewer refunds half its mana cost and resets its cooldown.

Release Q to launch the harpoon at a target direction, impaling the first enemy it hits with Physical Damage. That unit is then pulled backwards for a fixed short distance. If the enemy is too close to Pyke, this causes them to get pulled behind Pyke, instead. 

W – Ghostwater Dive

Pyke becomes a liquid spectre for 5 seconds with camouflage and bonus Movement Speed. 

E – Phantom Undertow

Pyke leaves behind a drowned phantom and dashes to the target location. After 1 second, the drowned Phantom rapidly follows Pyke, inflicting moderate Physical Damage and 1-second stun to all enemies it passes through.

R – Death from Below

Pyke marks a target area with a cross, leaps into the air, then detonates the indicated area. Enemies standing on the cross are inflicted with severe Physical Damage. If an enemy Champion is hit, Pyke disappears from mid-air and reappears at the centre of the mark. Enemy Champions with Health below a certain threshold are executed despite any form of protection. 

If an enemy Champion dies from Death from Below or died from other means while standing on the mark, Death from Below’s cooldown is reset, ready for another activation. 

If a Champion dies from Death from Below, assisting allies to receive the full kill bounty, not the assist reward. If a Champion dies from other means while standing on Death from Below, the killer receives full kill bounty while Pyke gains twice that amount.

Passive – Gift of the Drowned Ones

Pyke’s maximum health does not increase with items. Any health bonus taken from items is converted into Attack Damage. 

Pyke converts a quarter of the damage he receives into Grey Health. Gey Health is gradually converted into his actual Health once he left the enemy’s vision. 

Qiyana, Empress of the Elements

Region of Origin: Ixtal

Race: Human

Empress Qiyana is not an Assassin who hides then strikes from the blindside. She’s the kind who engages the entire battalion from the front then weave her way through the ranks. She would have been classified as a fighter if it were not for her low health. What makes her an assassin is how effective she can be in a 1-on-1 duel in the middle of the jungle. She can change abilities under any situation, a perfect counter against any Class she ends up meeting. 

Q – Edge of Ixtal

Qiyana swings her ring blade which releases a projectile in a line, inflicting Physical Damage to enemies it passes through. Edge of Ixtal resets its cooldown after Qiyanna gathered a new element.

If Qiyanna’s weapon is imbued with an element, Edge of Ixtal consumes it to extend its effective range and produce a special effect depending on the element. 

  • Wild – Edge of Ixtal creates a grass trail along its path which lasts for 3.5 seconds. This path grants Qiyana invisibility and bonus Movement Speed for as long as she is in the area of effect.
  • Ice – Roots all enemies hit for a split-second then reduces their Movement Speed for another second. 
  • Rock – Inflicts bonus Physical Damage to enemies below 50% of their maximum Health.

W – Terrashape

Passive: While her weapon has an element, Qiyana has bonus Attack Speed and range for her Basic Attacks. While out of combat, she also gains bonus Movement Speed while moving along an element similar to what she is holding. 

Active: Target an area from where she can take her element. Qiyana dashes towards it then gathers its essence. The following sources can produce a specific element:

  • Brush – Wild
  • River – Ice
  • Terrain – Rock

E – Audacity

Qiyana dashes at a fixed distance towards a target enemy. She inflicts a small Physical Damage to it. Edge of Ixtal can be cast while Qiyana is mid-dash. Doing so aims Edge of Ixtal to the target of Audacity. 

R – Supreme Display of Talent

Qiyana sends a strong windblast in a broad line towards a target direction. Under normal circumstances, enemies caught by the wind are pushed back by a short distance with no damage.

If the windblast passes through a brush, it creates a short-range explosion which inflicts Physical Damage to enemies inside it. The windblast inflicts the same damage the windblast hits enemies on a river. The windblast stops when it collides with a wall then explodes a broad radius from the point of impact. This explosion then trails out from both sides of the point of impact until it causes an explosion towards the wall’s entire perimeter. This trail of explosion will not end until it travels through all of the wall’s existing sides. 

Explosions from the brush, river, and wall inflict the same amount of Physical Damage and apply a stun for the same duration. 

Passive – Royal Privilege

Qiyana’s Basic Attack or ability on a target enemy inflicts bonus Physical Damage. This can be triggered on separate enemies one after the other. It takes a few seconds before the bonus works on a target that has already been affected. 

Rengar, the Pridestalker

Region of Origin: Ixtal

Race: Vastaya

Secondary Class: Diver

Rengar is the meme of the Assassin. A common joke among Marksmen players involves an image of a cat in mid-air quoted as ‘the last thing you see before you die’. Many Champions use the brush of the Rift effectively in unique ways but none as iconic as the Pridestalker. Rengar has good stats that allows him to last in a draw-out fight longer than most Assassins. If push comes to shove, he functions more like a Fighter. What makes him an Assassin is his highly efficient leaps that keep him close to a target. 

Q – Savagery

For the next 3 seconds, Rengar’s next two basic attacks gain increased range and Attack Damage. He also gains bonus Attack Speed for the same duration. 

Empowered: Damage bonuses are greater and Attack Speed is increased by double his normal stat. Duration lasts for 5 seconds instead of 3.

W – Battle Roar

Passive: Rengar stores half of the damage he has taken from the last couple of seconds in the form of Grey Health.

Active: Rengar roars and inflicts Magic Damage to all enemy units surrounding him. His Grey Health is simultaneously converted into his current Health. 

Empowered: Battle Roar inflicts more damage and purges all negative effects from Rengar.

E – Bola Strike

Rengar hurls a bola at a target direction which sticks with the first enemy it hits. Bola Strike inflicts Physical Damage and reduces the target’s Movement Speed for a couple of seconds.

R – Thrill of the Hunt

Rengar assumes a prowler’s stance and heightens his senses for some time. During this time, he gains bonus Movement Speed and he gains True Sight over a short distance around him. After 2 seconds, he enters camouflage and gains Unseen Predator. 

His next basic attack while empowered by Unseen Predator inflicts bonus Physical Damage and reduces the target’s Armour for 4 seconds. 

Passive – Unseen Predator

While Rengar is in a brush or camouflaged, his next Basic Attack allows him to target a distant visible enemy. Doing so causes him to leap towards it and generate 1 Ferocity.

Passive – Ferocity

Rengar does not use Mana. He generates 1 Ferocity each time he casts an ability up to a maximum of 4. At 4 Ferocity, empowered versions of his abilities are unlocked.

Passive – Bonetooth Necklace

Rengar begins the game with one of his item slots occupied by Bonetooth Necklace. This item stacks with a ‘Trophy’ each time Rengar kills or assisted in killing one of 5 enemy Champions, Only one Trophy is gained from the same Champion. To complete this, Rengar must take down the others at least once. Each Trophy increases his existing Attack Damage by 1%-36% (per Trophy) of its total amount. 

Special Interaction – Kha’Zix: THE HUNT IS ON!

After Rengar has collected 5 Trophies and the enemy Kha’Zix has evolved three of his abilities, a special mission called ‘THE HUNT IS ON!’ commences. While this is active, both Champions are given an objective to kill each other. Whoever wins ends the event and rewards the winner of a power-up. If Rengar wins, his Bonetooth Necklace is replaced by Head of Kha’Zix which provides a bonus equal to having 6 stacks of Trophy. This event is an easter egg reference to their relationship in the lore. Rengar first encountered Kha’Zix while he was hunting for mighty beasts. To his surprise, Kha’Zix took his eye and left him mortally wounded. Both parties escaped mortally wounded. Rengar vied for this creature’s head ever since. 

Shaco, the Demon Jester

Region of Origin: Unknown

Race: Demon

Shaco is as creepy as he looks. This is one Assassin you would love to use against Fighters who are more commonly found in the top lane. In the early game, Shaco has a poor range which makes him vulnerable against the bottom lane and middle lane which are both often filled with ranged Champions. Against melee, however? Shaco is a monster. He is hard to target, he inflicts severe critical damage, and he is perfectly capable of crowd control and sustained damage using a special trap. When fighting a Shaco, keep your distance, burn the whole area if you have to, and never turn your back. 

Q – Deceive

Shaco turns himself invisible then teleports to a target location in a split second. Invisibility lasts for 2-3 seconds and casting R – Hallucinate will not break this effect. While invisible, Shaco’s next Basic Attack inflicts bonus Physical Damage. Performing Backstab while invisible guarantees a Critical Strike.

W – Jack in the Box

Deploys a toy Jack in the Box at a target location which lasts for 40 seconds or more. After the first 2 seconds, the box will be armed and turn invisible. Once triggered by an enemy stepping too close, the Jack in the Box pops out, screaming and afflicting all surrounding enemies with Terror for a couple of seconds. Affected units lose Movement Speed for the same duration. 

After it pops out of invisibility, Jack in the Box becomes a mini-turret that remains on the spot while inflicting Magic Damage to the closest enemy. It lasts for 5 seconds or until destroyed.

E – Two-Shiv Poison

Passive: Shaco’s Basic Attacks inflict Movement Speed reduction on the target. Effects last for 2 seconds and reset with each further strike. This passive only works while Two-Shiv Poison is off cooldown.

Active: Shaco hurls a dagger at a target enemy which inflicts Magic Damage and Movement Speed reduction for 3 seconds. Damage increases by 30% of the target’s Maximum Health.

R – Hallucinate

Shaco disappears for a split second and reappears in a target location. A copy of himself also appears but on the opposite side from where he disappeared. This copy lasts for 18 seconds and is controlled by pressing R. When the duration ends or when the copy dies, it showers the surrounding area with knives. Enemies caught in the area of effect are inflicted with moderate Magic Damage. It also conjures three Jack in the Box near it. 

Passive – Backstab

Shaco’s Basic Attacks inflict additional Damage against enemies if he strikes from behind. 

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Region of Origin: Noxus

Race: Human

Talon has the outfit and playstyle of a trademark Assassin from most other games. That’s not to say he is a ‘typical template character’, rather it is simply saying that he is efficient in his job. He can traverse the jungle by leaping over platforms and finding his targets isolated. Once he connects, there’s no going back. Unleash all of his tools to finish the job then slip back in the cover of darkness.  

Q – Noxian Diplomacy

Noxian Diplomacy has melee-range and mid-range.

If the target unit is within melee-range, Talon stabs it with a bonus critical damage. If the target is out of melee range, or within mid-range, Talon leaps towards the target then stabs it without the critical bonus.

W – Rake

Talon lines up an arc of knives at a target direction which flies back to him in less than a second. Both the outward and return flight of the knives inflict Physical Damage to enemies they pass through. The return damage reduces the affected units’ Movement Speed for a second.

E – Assassin’s Path

Talon leaps over a selected terrain and lands on the other side. This does not cost Mana and he can leap over different walls every 2 seconds. However, Talon cannot leap over the same terrain for a few minutes. 

R – Shadow Assault

Talon sends out spinning blades in a circle around him then he turns invisible with Movement Speed bonus for 2.5 seconds. The blades immediately retract back to him after breaking invisibility. If he breaks invisibility by attacking or activating Noxian Diplomacy, the blades follow through the target, instead. 

Both the set up inflicts Physical Damage and the return inflicts moderate Physical Damage against enemies the blades pass through. Talon can leave the circle and chase down an enemy out of range to force them to receive the second effect of Shadow Assault. 

Passive – Blade’s End

Talon’s damaging abilities leave a stack of Wound on enemy Champions and epic monsters. A stack lasts for 6 seconds but duration resets with each application and with Talon’s Basic Attacks. At a maximum of 3 stacks, Talon’s next Basic Attack consumes Wound on the target and causes the unit to bleed, receiving moderate Physical Damage over time for 2 seconds. 

Zed, the Master of Shadows

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

If Talon is the image of an Assassin, Zed shares the image of the popularized ideal shinobi. Create shadow clones, zip in and out of sight, throw shurikens, and mark a target. Unlike other Energy-based Champions, Zed can keep up his attacks without feeling exhausted. His two main features involve his shadow clones which provide an indefinite chance to reposition and his ultimate which completely annihilates a target.  

Q – Razor Shuriken

Zed and his Shadows hurl spinning blades in a line towards a target location from their relative position. The projectiles will always reach their maximum range. 

W – Living Shadow

Zed conjures a shadow at a target direction. These shadows mimic Zed’s Q and E abilities for no extra cost but with full effect from their own position. Zed recovers Energy whenever a shadow hits an enemy with a mimicked ability. 

Recast Living Shadow will have Zed switch place with a Shadow closest to the cursor. He can only do this if that shadow is within dash distance.

E – Shadow Slash

Zed and his shadows inflict Physical Damage to enemy units within melee range around them. Those that are hit by a shadow lose Movement Speed for a second and a half. Each enemy Champion hit by Zed’s own Shadow Slash reduces Living Shadow’s cooldown by 2 seconds. 

R – Death Mark

Zed disappears for half a second. Zed reappears with two shadows from the sky and all three of them dashes through the target enemy from three sides. The target is ‘marked’ for the next 3 seconds. When the duration ends, the mark detonates, inflicting Physical Damage equal to the amount Zed and his Shadows have inflicted on the target from the moment the mark was placed until the time is up.

While the shadows from Death Mark are still available, Zed can switch places with them by recasting R similar to W – Living Shadow. The difference is, Zed can swap places with a Death Mark shadow regardless of how far it is. 

Passive – Contempt for the Weak

Zed’s Basic Attacks inflict bonus Magic Damage to enemies below 50% of their total Health.


The Skirmisher differs from an Assassin in a way that they are best suited in a drawn-out fight against an opponent who chose to face them rather than run away. Under normal circumstances, they can whittle down the enemy’s defence then finally deliver a satisfying final strike. Skirmishers are also capable of fighting several Champions at once but they need to rely on well-timed counters and dodges. Otherwise, they’ll be sitting ducks as they have the same durability as Assassins. 

Skirmishers take longer to kill targets compared to Assassins but they rely on keeping their momentum. This is what makes them lethal in a clash. However, once they lose momentum in a clash, it’s game over. 

Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Human

Fiora can avoid hits then follow up with strikes of her own. She tends to search for an ideal position relative to her opponent then strike them from that angle. This may take time to get used to, but investing effort to land every hit allows for great harassment.  

Q – Lunge

Fiora steps in a target direction and attacks the closest enemy from where she arrives, preferably to strike a Duelist Dance indicator from a challenging angle. The attack inflicts bonus Physical Damage and applies on-hit effects from her items.

W – Riposte

Fiora prepares to strike in a target direction for a split second. During this time, she is immune to damage and negative effects from any source. After the duration ends, she stabs forward, inflicting the first Champion in the way with moderate Magic Damage and reducing their Movement Speed for 2 seconds. If Fiora deflected a stun or root during Riposte, she applied a stun on the target for the same duration instead of a Movement Speed reduction. 

E – Bladework

Empowers Fiora’s next two Basic Attacks within 4 seconds. Those strikes gain increased range and Attack Speed. The first attack reduces the target’s Movement Speed for a second and the second strike has guaranteed critical damage.

R – Grand Challenge

Passive: Fiora gains increased bonus Movement Speed from Duelist’s Dance.

Active: Fiora marks a target enemy Champion for 8 seconds, revealing indications from four directions. Striking each one inflicts the same bonus as Duelist Dance but they will not be replaced over time. Striking all four sides conjures a Victory Zone in a wide radius from the target. Fiora and her allies recover small Health per second while standing on the zone. 

Victory Zone will also be conjured if the target dies while still marked. 

Passive – Duelist’s Dance

A circle around enemy Champions near Fiora will load for a couple of seconds then reveal an arc facing towards a certain direction. Striking the enemy with a Basic Attack or abilities from that direction inflicts bonus True Damage and grants Fiora bonus Movement Speed. The damage consumes the indication but another one will reveal itself shortly while Fiora still has a vision on the target. If left alone, the indication resets in 13 seconds. 

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

Region of Origin: Icathia

Race: Unknown

If you’ve faced Jax at least once, you will first assume that he’s a Vanguard. Observe your allies when they fight him and you will scratch your head at how durable he is. The truth is, he has an ability that allows incoming attacks to miss. As the grandmaster at arms, Jax can face almost any Champion in a solo duel. In a clash, he can bolster his own defences so he can ignore precaution and focus on attack. 

Q – Leap Strike

Jax dashes to a target and hits them with bonus Physical Damage. 

W – Empower

For the next 10 seconds, Jax’s next Basic Attack or Leap Strike inflicts bonus Magic Damage. Basic Attack also gains extended range. 

E – Counter Strike

Jax assumes a defensive stance for 2 seconds. During this time, All incoming basic attacks miss and he takes reduced damage from any AoE abilities from enemy Champions. By the end of its duration, or once deactivated by recasting E, Jax inflicts Physical Damage to all enemies surrounding him within melee range. Damage is increased by 20% for each attack he dodged for a maximum of 5 instances. Affected units are also stunned for 1 second. 

R – Grandmaster’s Might

Passive: Jax gains a stack of Grandmaster’s Might each time he lands a Basic Attack which lasts for 2.5 seconds. Once he has 2 stacks, his next Basic Attack consumes Grandmaster’s Might stacks and inflicts bonus Magic Damage on a target monster, minion, or Champion.

Active – The Champ: Jax gains immense bonus in both Armour and Magic Resistance lasting for 8 seconds. 

Passive – Relentless Assault

After landing a Basic Attack, Jax gains bonus Attack Speed for 2.5 seconds, the duration resets with each instance. Effects stack up to 8 times while duration lasts. After time expires, each stack is lost one-by-one for every quarter of a second. 

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper

Region of Origin: Kayn is from Noxus but his weapon, Rhaast, is from Shurima. Both currently work in Ionia.

Race: Kayn is Human but his weapon, Rhaast, is a Shuriman Darkin.

Kayn is two Champion in one and his playstyle may be changed to form a better counter against the enemy team. If you think you need an edge against the enemy’s Marksman or Mages, turn Kayn into an even more effective Assassin. If you think your team needs to deal with the enemy Fighters and Tanks, turn Kayn into Rhaast who is a Diver. Careful, once you have decided, you can not go back for the rest of the match.

Q – Reaping Slash

Kayn dashes in a target direction then swing his scythe around him. Both the dash and swing inflict Physical Damage to all enemies in range. This is Kayn’s primary farming tool because it inflicts bonus damage against monsters. 

Rhaast: While in Rhaast’s form, Reaping Slash inflicts increased damage equal to a portion of each enemy’s maximum Health. 

W – Blade’s Reach

Kayn fires a shadow wave in a target direction, inflicting Physical Damage to each enemy hit and reducing their Movement Speed for a second and a half. 

Shadow Assassin: Blade’s Reach affects a significantly farther distance. On activation, Kayn leaves behind a living shadow to perform the attack for him while he is free to move around.

Rhaast: Blade’s Reach does not extend its range but it knocks up enemies for a second instead of reducing Movement Speed.

E – Shadow Step

For the next 1.5 seconds, Kayn gains bonus Movement Speed and has the ability to phase through units and walls. While inside a wall, he has vision over the terrain’s perimeter and he recovers a significant amount of Health instantly. Duration extends for 7 – 9 seconds but effects end immediately as soon as he receives or inflicts damage.

While inside a Terrain, enemy Champions have an indication which side of the wall Kayn will pop out of. 

Shadow Assassin: Shadow Steps cooldown is significantly reduced to less than 10 seconds despite ability level. A new feature of Shadow Step includes purging all negative effects and makes Kayn immune to new debuffs while in Shadow Step mode. He also gains a significant amount of bonus Movement Speed.

R – Umbral Trespass

Passive: Kayn’s Basic Attack and damaging abilities leave a 3-second mark on enemy Champions. 

Active: Kayn slips into the body of a target marked Champion for a few seconds. While in this state, the Kayn has True Sight over the target and has the option to leave by reactivation. When reactivated or when the duration ends, Kayn inflicts severe Physical Damage against the target then dashes out towards a target direction.

Shadow Assassin: Umbral Assassin can target Champions from a farther distance and activation resets the bonus Magic Damage he inflicts with Basic Attacks. 

Rhaast: Umbral Trespass inflicts increased damage equal to a portion of the target’s max Health. This attack also recovers Rhaast’s health for a significant amount of the damage he inflicts.

Passive – The Darkin Scythe

Enemy Champions drop coloured orbs whenever they take damage from Kayn. Ranged Champions drop blue while melee ones drop red. These orbs can be absorbed by Kayn to fill up his gauge as seen in his Champion portrait. Once this gauge fills up, it’s time to determine which of Kayn or Rhaast becomes the winner. If Kayn absorbs more blue orbs than red, he wins and expels Rhaast from the weapon to achieve his final form. If he absorbs more red than blue, Rhaast wins and takes over Kayn’s body. If you prefer the loser, you can wait for a few minutes to have the other form take over instead. Transformation can only be done in the Summoning Platform, a.k.a the base’s safe zone where the shop is. 

Passive – Shadow Assassin

If Kayn wins, he becomes an even more effective Assassin Class Champion. His next Basic Attack after being out of combat in a while, or right after using R – Umbral Trespass, he inflicts bonus Magic Damage against a target Champion. 

Passive – Rhaast

If Rhaast takes over, you will now play as Rhaast, the Darkin Scythe and switch to a playstyle more similar to the Diver Class. Rhaast recovers Health equal to a significant portion of the Physical Damage he inflicts against enemy Champions.

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Master Yi is a classic favourite. He cannot protect himself from damage and crowd control like the rest of the Skirmishers but he can persist. He has an ability that grants him one of the best Health recoveries in League of Legends. That’s just his other feature, though. As a Slayer, his main thing is killing. He can inflict sustained damage against enemies like a Marksman. What kept him from taking that role is the fact that he is a melee Champion. 

Q – Alpha Strike

Master Yi strikes up to three targets in the area while he is intangible in the process. He reappears right next to the last enemy he hit. This inflicts Physical Damage to each unit and each instance has a chance to trigger on-hit effects.

W – Meditate

Master Yi channels in place for 4 seconds and takes reduced damage from any source for the duration. He restores a small amount of Health every split second. He gains a stack of Double Strike each second and Wuju Style and Highlander’s duration are paused.

E – Wuju Style

Master Yi’s Basic Attacks inflict True Damage for 5 seconds, that means they ignore Armour.

R – Highlander

Passive: The cooldown of Q, W, and E abilities are significantly reduced whenever Master Yi kills or assisted in a Champion’s death.

Active: Master Yi gains the ability to walk through units, bonus Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and immunity from speed-related debuffs. All the mentioned effects last for 7 seconds. Killing a Champion or assisting with a Champion’s death increases Highlander’s duration for 7 more seconds.

Passive – Double Strike

Master Yi’s Basic Attacks earns him a stack of Double Strike lasting for 4 seconds. At 3 stacks, his next Basic Attack consumes them instead. The empowered attack strikes twice but the second strike only inflicts half the amount. Both strikes benefit from on-hit effects like criticals or stacks. 

Riven, the Exile

Region of Origin: Noxus, but exiled herself to the plains of Ionia

Race: Human

If given protective gear, Riven can pass for a Fighter. However, do so sacrifices her potential damage output against multiple enemies at once. She can dive in the middle of the enemy ranks then focus her assault on one target at a time or initiate the clash with a well-positioned crowd control before she steps away. 

Q – Broken Wings

Broken Wings can be activated up to 3 times within a 4-second interval. Each cast makes Riven lunge at a target direction and inflicts Physical Damage enemies in a short radius from where she landed. The third activation has a wider area of effect and knocks enemies airborne. Riven’s lunges are high enough to leap over walls. 

W – Ki Burst

Riven explodes a burst of green glow, stunning surrounding enemies within a split second and inflicting Physical Damage. 

E – Valor

Riven dashes in a target direction and generates a shield lasting for a second and a half. If there’s an enemy in the targeted point, she gives the enemy full sight of herself and her area.

R – Blade of the Exile

Riven reforges her broken sword for 15 seconds. For that duration, her Basic Attacks gain bonus Attack Damage. Her Basic Attacks and abilities also have extended range. While effects last, R becomes Wind Slash.

R – Wind Slash

Riven releases a wave of razor wind in a cone at a target direction. This inflicts severe Physical Damage which significantly increases with each affected enemy’s missing Health. 

Passive – Runic Blade

Runic Blade can stack up to 3 charges, each one is generated for casting an ability. Riven consumes for each Basic Attack to inflict bonus Physical Damage. 

Tryndamere, the Barbarian King

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Human

If you are looking for a Champion under the oddly specific description that is ‘Someone who gets stronger the closer he is to death’, there are others like that in League of Legends but everyone will be quick to say ‘Tryndamere’. The barbarian king inflicts bonus damage based on his missing Health, which means he deals the most damage with 1 point left.

Tryndamere is also unique to all Slayers in a way that he is also effective against Fighters and Tanks and relishes being in the middle of a crossfire like a Vanguard. What makes Riot put him in Skirmisher is the way players build his items. Like all Slayers, he is greatly abusive of Critical Strike bonuses. Each swing of his greatsword can render any target defenceless. 

Q – Bloodlust

Passive: Tryndamere gains bonus Attack Damage based on his missing Health.

Active: Tryndamere converts all of his current Fury into Health.

W – Mocking Shout

Tryndamere bellows and causes all surrounding units to lose Attack Damage. Enemies who are turned away from him at the time lose Movement Speed. Both effects last for 4 seconds.

E – Spinning Slash

Tryndamere dashes to a target location while spinning his greatsword. Enemies hit by the sword receive moderate Physical Damage and Tryndamere generates 2 Fury for each affected unit.

R – Undying Rage

Tryndamere instantly gains a significant amount of Fury and he cannot die for 5 seconds. Undying Rage can be activated even under circumstances that disables ability use. 

Passive – Battle Fury

Tryndamere generates Fury with each Basic Attack. Normal attacks generate 5 points but criticals generate 10. He loses 5 Fury per second after being out of combat for 8 seconds. 

Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Region of Origin: Ionia

Race: Human

Yasuo is the main Champion of two types of people: those who have mastered the art of timing and positioning and those who pretend that they have. He is not complicated to use, it’s actually rather easy to get the gist of his concept. What makes him difficult to play are the players’ nerves which stiffen up in the middle of combat. Relax your shoulders and flow like the wind. You got this. 

Q – Steel Tempest

Steel Tempest can be activated three times in quick succession. The first two makes Yasuo stabs a long line in a target direction, inflicting Basic Attack damage against all enemy units in the area. The third cast generates a whirlwind that travels far in a target direction, inflicting similar damage to each enemy it passes by as well as knocking them airborne. 

Steel Tempest may be cast in tandem with Sweeping Blade. After the dash, cast q to inflict damage to units surrounding Yasuo. If Steel Tempest is on its third cast, they are also knocked airborne. 

W – Wind Wall

Conjures a mid-sized one-sided wall at a target location facing the opposite direction from Yasuo. This blocks all incoming enemy projectiles from that direction, including ranged Basic Attacks and projectile abilities. Turret attacks are exempted. The wall lingers for 3 seconds or so and all units may walk through it.

E – Sweeping Blade

Yasuo dashes towards a target in a fixed distance. If the target is closer than the range limit, Yasuo simply dashes past it. The target receives weak Magic Damage and a cooldown timer which prevents Yasuo from targeting them again with Sweeping Blade. This dash can be interrupted by immobilizing abilities. 

R – Last Breath

Yasuo suddenly appears right next to an airborne enemy Champion and proceed to slash them several times, inflicting severe Physical Damage before knocking them back down to the ground. If there are other airborne Champions close to the initial target, Last Breath affects them, too. 

After the flurry of mid-air slashes, Yasuo’s sword is empowered for the next 15 seconds. His critical strikes gain 50% armour penetration on any enemy. 

Passive – Way of the Wanderer

Yasuo gains double the amount of bonus that increases Critical Strike chances from any source like buffs and items.

Yasuo gains Flow from the distance he travels. This counts walking, dashes, and knock-backs. If he takes damage while he has 100 Flow, all Flow is consumed to generate a strong shield which lasts for a second.