League of Legends – Specialists

The word ‘Specialist’ is more like an umbrella term rather than a class. This includes Champions who do not belong in any of Riot Games’ classified categories or can fit in multiple ones if given the right item builds. The other identified Champion Classes allows players to expect a certain playstyle for each Champion in that list and think of ways to counter. In contrast, Champions labelled as ‘Specialists’ only have one playstyle that is unique to that Champion such as Fiddlesticks and Teemo. Other Specialists can be played in so many ways that one needs to identify the player behind the avatar rather than knowing the Champion itself.

Azir, the Emperor of the Sands

Region of Origin: Shurima

Race: Shuriman Ascended

Azir can only be found in the mid-lane in the early game because this is where he is most effective. He has a distinct playstyle that is easy to recognize but difficult to master. He creates non-targetable soldiers who can attack if given the command, serves as pivot points for Azir’s multiple dashes, and or marks for his territory. The true challenge in using Azir is knowing where to place a Sand Soldier and when to push or gank. 

Another thing about the Sand Soldiers is that they benefit from Azir’s Ability Power and Attack Speed. This makes Azir rely on a hybrid item build of Marksman’s DPS and Burst’s high damage output. 

Q – Conquering Sands

Azir commands all available Sand Soldiers to dash toward a target location. Their dash range is dependent on Azir’s range, not of their own. Moving away from the Sand Soldiers can extend their range and with it, the efficiency of their Conquering Sands. 

All enemies hit by Conquering Sands receive small Magic Damage and lose a quarter of their Movement Speed for 1 second. Multiple instances of Sand Soldiers hitting the same target stacks the amount of Movement Speed lost but retains the duration and any damage after the first instance only amounts to 25% of the full effect.

W – Arise!

Azir stocks Sand Soldier instances up to 2. Each cast cooldown is only at 1.5 seconds but a recharge lasts for 8 seconds or less depending on the ability level. Cast Arise! on a target location to conjure a non-targetable minion called a Sand Soldier. Azir gains bonus Attack Speed each time he creates a Sand Soldier but bonus doubles on his third creation. Attack Speed bonus lasts for 5 seconds.

Sand Soldier

A Sand Soldier lasts for 10 seconds but may disappear immediately if Azir moved too far. 

Each Sand Soldier is an extension of Azir’s attack range. Targeting a unit in a Sand Soldier’s reach causes Azir to command the standing trooper to attack in a manner similar to a Basic Attack. Because of this, every Sand Soldier benefits from Azir’s Attack Speed and related bonuses. If a target is within range of multiple Sand Soldiers, every single one of them attacks simultaneously, dealing stacked damage against the unit. 

A Sand Soldier attacks in a line towards his target. Any enemy caught in the full extent of its range, whether they are in front or behind the actual target, take less damage. Attacks from a Sand Soldier deal Magic Damage and scales with Azir’s Ability Power.

E – Shifting Sands

Azir gains a 1.5-second shield then dashes towards a target Sand Soldier and deal Magic Damage to all enemies he passes through. He stops if he hits an enemy Champion along the way. 

R – Emperor’s Divide

Azir summons a shield wall of Sand Soldiers from behind him towards a target location. These soldiers rush towards that destination and push all enemies back along with them. Enemies caught by the impact receive moderate Magic Damage. The number of soldiers begins with 5 but each level up of this ability increases the number it conjures. Eventually, it can be wide enough to block the river with 7 units. 

Only allies can pass through the shield wall that lasts for 5 seconds. This can work wonders if used while inside the enemy ranks because you can push away their Tanks and Fighters, leaving behind vulnerable Mages and Marksmen. This can also be used to escape from an otherwise disadvantageous gank. 

Passive – Shurima’ Legacy

Azir can replace a destroyed turret outside the enemy base with a Sun Disc. This can be applied to all allied turrets but can only affect tier 1 and tier 2 turrets from the enemy’s side. This can attack autonomously similar to a regular turret and the damage it inflicts scales with Azir’s Ability Power. Any enemy killed by the Sun Disc rewards Azir the full bounty as well as the kill credit for a fallen Champion.

The full extent of a Sun Disc’s duration is 60 seconds but it decays in health and loses 100 Armour if Azir moves too far away. This ability has a cooldown of 180 seconds starting from the moment the artificial turret was built.

Cho’Gath, the Terror of the Void

Region of Origin: The Void

Race: Voidborn

Contrary to previous topic Azir, Cho’Gath is fairly straightforward and beginner-friendly. After all, being a Specialist does not mean the Champion is difficult to learn. Cho’Gath falls in this category because he is all over the place. His base stats are that of a Vanguard yet his growth is rewarded by kills like an Assassin. His abilities are a mix of a Catcher’s and a Juggernaut’s. He can match against Fighters like a Skirmisher. His skills are useful for the jungle and the lanes. Based on his track record among players, Cho’Gath is present equally in any part of the map. If you want a really aggressive Champion, Cho’Gath is your guy. 

Q – Rupture

Cho’Gath gains sight over a target area then impales it with void spikes coming from the ground. Enemies caught by Rupture receive moderate Magic Damage, knocked airborne, and Movement Speed reduction that lasts for a second. 

W – Feral Scream

Cho’Gath roars in a cone at a target direction, silencing all units in its range. Affected units are also inflicted with moderate Magic Damage. 

E – Vorpal Spikes

Within the 6 seconds, Cho’Gath’s next 3 Basic Attacks cause him to spray tiny spikes in a broad but short-range towards his target’s direction. All enemies caught in the range are inflicted with Magic Damage and lose Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

R – Feast

Cho’Gath chomps down on a target enemy which deals a huge amount in True Damage. This ability gains a huge bonus if used on non-Champion units. If Feast kills the target, Cho’Gath gains 1 permanent stack for Feast. Non-Champion and non-epic units can only grant a maximum of 6 stacks but Cho’Gath can gain more from enemy Champions. 

Each stack permanently increases Cho’Gath’s size, max Health, and attack range.

Passive – Carnivore

Cho’Gath restores a few Health and Mana for each time he kills an enemy unit or destroys a structure.

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom

Region of Origin: Unknown

Race: Undead

Fiddlesticks are only difficult to sustain in lane because of his innate low durability. His damage output is not that impressive at all on paper. What makes him dangerous is how rapid he can inflict his Magic Damage and the number of enemies he can harass at once. 

He has a distinct combo that earns him his status as a Specialist. This combo is well known to so many players that it is considered classic and typical of Fiddlesticks. When faced in 1v1, Q+E+W against one Champion. It would be ideal if you cast E against a nearby enemy unit rather than the Champion so it bounces onto them later to apply Silence. In a team fight, enter the clash with R while hidden in the fog of war then use Q+E+W combo against a dying Champion. 

Q – Terrify

Cause a target enemy to flee from Fiddlesticks while removing 90% of their Movement Speed. Both effects last for roughly 2 seconds.

W – Drain

Fiddlesticks tethers with a target enemy for 5 seconds or until the unit moves too far away. While tether is active, Fiddlesticks starts channelling where he is and drains the life from the target by inflicting moderate Magic Damage per second. He simultaneously heals himself for a portion of each instance of damage he deals.

E – Dark Wind

Fiddlesticks sends a crow that ricochets to up to 5 enemies. The crow deals small Magic Damage to each enemy it hits and silences them for 1.25 seconds. Hitting the same target more than once only inflicts damage, not silence. 

R – Crowstorm

Fiddlesticks begins channelling from his position for 1.5 seconds then blinks to a target location with a wide radius aura. This aura lasts for 5 seconds and all enemies in range receive moderate Magic Damage per second. Fiddlesticks can move, attack, and cast abilities while Crowstorm is active.

Passive – Dread

After standing still for 1.5 seconds, Fiddlesticks gain a short burst of Movement Speed that lasts for 1.5 seconds since he started moving. Simply standing or while channelling counts to trigger the benefits but being stunned, rooted, or anything else does not. 

Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

Region of Origin: Bilgewater

Race: Human

Gangplank is a walking mini-game. His features expect precise timing and strategy from his Summoner. He has low defence and mobility which should make him a vulnerable target for ganks. What makes people wary of him in both gameplay and lore are his high damage explosions and crippling onslaughts. These properties would have made him a Burst Champion but his skills do more than deal damage. How he positions his Powder Keg or his Cannon Barrage can provide tide-turning, wide-ranged crowd control for the entire team. 

Q – Parrrley

Gangplank shoots a target enemy with his pistol which deals Physical Damage and triggers on-hit effects from his items. He gains a few gold and Silver Serpents on top of the bounty if the target dies.

Silver Serpent

Silver Serpent is a currency which only Gangplank can get and use. These are used to purchase upgrades for Gangplank’s ultimate. There are three available upgrades and each costs 500 Silver Serpents.

W – Remove Scurvy

Removes all forms of crowd control from Gangplank and heals him. Health recovery is more potent the closer he is to death.

E – Powder Keg

Gangplank can stock up to 3 Powder Keg charges, each recharging for more than 10 seconds. Activation consumes one charge and conjures a Powder Keg at a target location. 

Powder Keg

Each Powder Keg has 3 points of health but the first 2 decays for a few seconds. Kegs take any instances of damage only as 1 point of damage. Additionally, only Gangplank himself and his enemies can target these. Powder Keg disappears if the last hit came from an enemy or if it stayed untriggered for 16 seconds at 1 health. 

If Gangplank lands the last hit, the Powder Keg explodes in a short radius, dealing moderate Physical Damage against all enemies nearby. A keg deals bonus damage against enemy Champions and ignores 40% of their Armour. Champions also lose Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Destroying a Powder Keg with Parrrley rewards Gangplank with additional bounty, including Silver Serpents per enemies killed.

Powder Kegs can connect with each other if they are within each other’s blast range which allows them to explode nearly simultaneously. However, enemies can only take damage from the first blast they receive. This only increases the area the explosions can affect which benefits greatly from Parrrley.

R – Cannon Barrage

Choose a wide area from anywhere on the map to cause cannonballs to start raining on that zone which lasts for 8 seconds. There are a total of 12 waves of cannonballs, each having 2 seconds interval. The area is revealed for the duration of the effect and enemies struck by each wave receive Magic Damage and 30% Movement Speed reduction that lasts 0.5 seconds.

Cannon Barrage can be upgraded by using Silver Serpents. It is possible to purchase all three upgrades but the challenge lies in earning more Silver Serpents.

Upgrades and their effects are as follows:

  • Death’s Daughter – One big cannonball lands at the centre of effect before the original 12 waves. This deal True Damage to the enemies in the area equal to the raw damage of one wave. Movement Speed reduction removes 60% of the affected units which lasts 1.5 seconds.
  • Raise Morale – Allies in the area of effect gain 30% bonus Movement Speed and effects linger for 2 more seconds from they leave the zone.
  • Fire at Will – Duration remains 8 seconds by it unleashes 6 more waves and lessens the time the interval in between.

Passive – Trial by Fire

Every 15 seconds, Gangplank’s cutlass is set ablaze. His next attack inflicts a burn on the target unit which deals True Damage that scales with his Attack Damage. After the attack, Gangplank gains a small burst of Movement Speed for 2 seconds. 

Cooldown is reset if Gangplank successfully triggers a Powder Keg explosion.

Gnar, the Missing Link

Region of Origin: Freljord

Race: Yordle

Gnar is typically a Marksman in his normal form. However, he turns into a Vanguard once he assumes his Mega form. Simply calling him a hybrid or a Champion with a secondary class is not enough to classify him. For one, the two classes are in stark difference from each other. For another, Gnar is not one or the other depending on the match, he takes a full 180 turn whenever he turns. His transformation is also uncontrollable unless the user voluntarily limits his rage build-up. 

Q – Boomerang Throw [Mini Gnar]

Gnar hurls his boomerang at a target direction which returns from where it came from. It deals Physical Damage to each enemy in the way and reduces their Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Gnar can move around but the boomerang’s return will not follow him. 

If Gnar caught the returning boomerang in the air, he restores 40% of its cooldown. 

Q – Boulder Toss [Mega Gnar]

Gnar hurls a boulder at a target direction but stops at the first enemy in the way. Enemies in the area of impact receive damage and Movement Speed reduction. The boulder deals a slightly increased Physical Damage than Boomerang Throw but inflicts the same Movement Speed debuff. 

Gnar can pick up the boulder to reduce its cooldown by 60%.

W – Hyper [Mini Gnar]

Passive: Every third Basic Attack or ability the same target receives from Gnar deals bonus Magic Damage and grants Gnar a 3-second Movement Speed bonus. Gnar gains the same Movement Speed bonus when he leaves Mega form.

W – Wallop [Mega Gnar]

Gnar slams the ground, dealing Physical Damage and knocking up enemies in a cone at a target direction.

E – Hop [Mini Gnar]

Gnar leaps to a target direction then gain bonus Attack Speed as soon as he lands. 

If Hop hits a unit or a wall, Gnar bounces further towards the same direction. Enemy units hit by hop take small Physical Damage and lose 80% Movement Speed for half a second.

E – Crunch [Mega Gnar]

Gnar leaps to a target direction and deals moderate damage to enemies from the impact radius. 

E – Hop and Crunch [From Mini to Mega]

If E was used to trigger the transformation, Gnar performs Hop’s bounce but both his impact and landing trigger Crunch.


[Mini Gnar] Passive: Gnar’s Hyper grants higher bonus Movement Speed.

[Mega Gnar] Active: Gnar throws all nearby enemy units towards a target direction. If they land on flat ground, they all receive Physical Damage and lose 45% Movement Speed for less than 2 seconds. If they hit a wall, they receive 50% more Physical Damage and they are stunned instead of slowed for the same duration. 

Passive – Rage Gene

Mini Gnar has more Movement and Attack Speed than Mega Gnar. He also has a ranged Basic Attack using his boomerang. 

Mini Gnar generates Rage each second and gains them faster while landing hits with his Basic Attack and abilities. At maximum Rage, he will transform into Mega Gnar who has base Movement and Attack Speed and turns his Basic Attack into melee range. However, he gains an immense increase in Attack Damage, max Health, Armour, and Magic Resistance. Mega Gnar also replaces all of Mini Gnar’s abilities for a similar, but more beastly equivalent.

Transformation takes 4 seconds from max Rage but Gnar can transform immediately by casting an ability.

Graves, the Outlaw

Region of Origin: Bilgewater

Race: Human

First glance at Graves’ design and stats, he’d give the impression of a Marksman. He can be played that way but his relatively short-range Basic Attacks, abilities that makes Attack Speed items futile, and reliance on obstacles make him better suited as a Skirmisher. He can spray wide-ranged blasts, AoE blind, and dash in and out of combat. What makes him play like a Marksman is how he can sustain damage except he does this not with Basic Attacks but with a combo of his abilities. He’s perfect for the jungle because he can clear camps and waves in no time. Investing in Attack Damage gives him the potential to delete an enemy Fighter or Mage within a few seconds after initiation. Despite this hybrid classification, Graves is fairly easy to understand. One only needs to find his rhythm to time and position his pellets perfectly.

Q – End of the Line

Graves shoots a fireball-like projectile at a target direction which deals Physical Damage to all enemies in the way while also leaving excess powder trail in its travelled path. If it hits a wall or a building, it will explode on-impact and deal the same damage to units in a short radius from it. After 2 seconds, the ember left by the projectile ignites the powder trail which deals over twice the amount of the shot to all enemies standing on the area of effect. 

W – Smoke Screen

Graves launches a smoke canister at a target area which deals small Magic Damage and Movement Speed reduction for half a second to enemies nearby when it landed. Smoke will emerge in a short radius which blinds all enemy units from anything outside the area of effect. Smoke Screen lasts for 4 seconds. 

E – Quickdraw

Graves dashes to a target location, reloads one shell mid-dash, then stack 1 True Grit. Dashing towards an enemy grants 2 stacks instead. 

Quickdraw’s cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds per Basic Attack pellet that hits an enemy.

True Grit

Graves gains bonus Armour per stack of True Grit. 1 True Grit lasts for 4 seconds but duration refreshes each time a Basic Attack hits a monster or enemy Champion.

R – Collateral Damage

Shoot a huge shell at a target direction which explodes on the first enemy Champion it hits or upon reaching the end of its range. The projectile itself deals severe Physical Damage to all enemies it passes through in a line and enemies in a cone beyond where it exploded. Both the projectile and wide AoE have equal damage output. 

Passive – New Destiny

Graves uses a double-barrel shotgun so he can only fire 2 Basic Attacks before he reloads for a few seconds. His Basic Attacks fire 4 pellets in a cone in front of him and knocks back minions and monsters per hit. However, a critical strike sends out 6 pellets, instead of 4. Each pellet triggers on-hit effects Graves have from his item build such as critical strikes and debuffs. 

Reload: Reload time is lessened by the Champion’s Tenacity, not Attack Speed. Tenacity is the Champion’s ability to recover from debuffs.

Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor

Region of Origin: Born in Bandle City but works in Piltover

Race: Yordle

Heimerdinger is similar to Azir in the sense that they both deal high frequency of Magic Damage per second with the help of conjured allies. However, this scientifically-inclined yordle has more tricks up his sleeve than the god. Heimerdinger lacks any form of mobility besides walking and his Defence is almost absent. However, similar to Gangplank, anything around him is a danger zone.  

Q – H-28G Evolution Turret

Passive: Heimerdinger can stack up to 3 Turret Kit charge. One charge takes 20 seconds to develop.

Active: Deploy an H-28G Evolution Turret at a target location. 

H-28G Evolution Turret

A stationary minion that attacks any enemy in range. It prioritizes minions but Heimerdinger can set a mark by landing a Basic Attack against the desired target. The mark only lasts for 3 seconds. Attack Speed and range are constant but their damage output per attack scales with Heimerdinger’s Ability Power. Armour, Magic Resistance, and Health scales with Q ability level.

Each turret generates 1.11% Charge per second after deployment. At 100%, the next attack it performs is a beam towards the target but the damage is dealt with all enemies in its trajectory until the end of its range. In performing this attack, the turret switches to an enemy Champion if any is present at the time. 

H-28G Evolution Turrets don’t disappear until they are destroyed or Heimerdinger deploys a new one. Only 3 of these can be active at a time. Deploying a 4th instantly destroys the first of the 3. If Heimerdinger moves too far, the turrets don’t disappear. Instead, they remain active for 8 seconds after Heimerdinger leaves its range then deactivates, removing all stacked charges on itself and greatly reducing sight range. They function once more once Heimerdinger becomes present. 

W – Hextech Micro-Rockets

This is a volley of 5 rockets that will fly towards a target location but they will always reach the end of their range unless they hit an enemy. Each rocket comes from Heimerdinger but there’s a slight gap in between them. The cursor dictates the point of convergence but they spread apart from beyond that. Place the cursor closer to Heimerdinger to spread the volley in a wider cone or further for a narrower range.
Each rocket deals small Magic Damage against the first enemy hit. One unit can only take full damage from the first instance and takes reduced damage from the other ones. Each rocket that connects with an enemy Champion recharges all active H-28Q Turret for 20% beam charge. 

E – CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

Hurls a canister of electron bomb at a target location which explodes on impact in a short radius. Enemies caught near the middle are stunned for 1.5 seconds but all enemies caught anywhere in the affected area lose 35% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. The explosion deals moderate Magic Damage to all enemies in range.

R – Upgrade!!!

Within 3 seconds after activation, Heimerdinger can cast any of his three other abilities for no Mana cost but with several new features.

Q – H28Q Apex Turret

Comes in a new model with increased stats. Each Basic Attack deals splash damage to enemies surrounding the initial target and all damaged units have reduced Movement Speed for 1 second. Each attack does not stack but refreshes the duration of the slow. 

It now generates 12% beam charge per second but still benefits from Hextech Micro-Rockets. 

H-28Q Apex Turret is immune to crowd control.

W – Hextech Rocket Swarm

W functions the same except it now fires a total of 4 waves of 5 rockets each instead of only 1 volley.

E – CH-3X Lightning Grenade

The grenade retains its cast range and AoE radius but it now bounces twice further. Each bounce deals the same amount of Magic Damage and applies the same crowd control values and duration. Enemy Champions hit multiple times will only take Magic Damage from the first instance but stun and Movement Speed reduction apply per hit.

Passive – Hextech Affinity

Heimerdinger gains bonus Movement Speed near turrets. This includes the structures found in lanes, the mini turrets he makes, or any turret-type minion made by an ally. 

Kayle, the Righteous

Region of Origin: Mount Targon

Race: Targonian Ascended

At full power, Kayle can dish out sustained Magic Damage to multiple enemies before sending down a burst. That alone could label her a Marksman but she’s a melee-range Fighter. She can’t be called a Fighter either because she has a fairly low defence which means she can’t live for very long in the middle of a clash. This all may sound confusing because Kayle does not fall into any of those mentioned Classes. What she is, however, is an Enchanter with a toolbox of abilities which can help the team in the early-game but becomes an independent Slayer by late-game.

Q – Radiant Blast

Kalye releases a quick slash of light from her location towards a target point. The light explodes if it hits an enemy, inflicting moderate Magic Damage to enemies in a short radius. Affected units lose a small amount of their Armour, Magic Resistance, and Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Each enemy Champion hit by the effect refunds 50% of Radiant Blast’s cooldown, which means it completely resets if two different Champions were hit. 

W – Celestial Blessing

Kayle heals herself and a target allied Champion and bestows both of them bonus Movement Speed for 2 seconds. This can be cast on herself. Using Celestial Blessing without a target automatically bestows its effects on nearby allies with the lowest current health. 

E – Starfire Spellblade

Passive: Basic Attacks deal bonus Magic Damage.

Active: Within the next 6 seconds, Kayle’s next Basic Attack is ranged and deals bonus Magic Damage. If Kayle has reached Aflame, Starfire Spellblade explodes on impact and deal the same damage to enemies near the target.

R – Divine Judgement

Turns a target ally invulnerable from any damage for 2 – 3 seconds. Duration depends on R’s ability level. 

Upon casting, Kayle channels for 1.5 seconds to conjure radiant swords in a wide area surrounding the target. When ready, all swords are dropped on the area and deals moderate damage to enemies in the area of effect. 

Divine Judgement can be self-cast but targeting an empty soil makes the ability prioritize the closest ally Champion.

Passive – Divine Ascent

Kayle changes form as she reaches levels 6, 11, and 16. She begins the game as a frail Champion who must not engage in combat but each transformation pushes her further to become an offence-heavy unit with Attack Speed to rival a Marksman and Movement Speed to catch up with a Diver. 

Zealous, Level 1 – Kayle has a small bonus in Attack Speed that improves with each Basic Attack. One attack stacks up 1 Zealous at she becomes Exalted by the 5th stack. Zealous stacks only last for 5 seconds until Kayle deals damage.

Exalted – Lasts until Zealous stacks are below 5. While in this state, Kayle gains a small bonus Movement Speed. 

Arisen, Level 6 – Kayle’s Basic Attacks turns from melee to range.

Aflame, Level 11 – While Exalted, Kayle’s Basic Attacks spread in a cone in front of her, dealing Magic Damage to all units in range. The AoE strikes benefits from Critical Chances.

Transcendent, Level 16 – Zealous is permanently set to maximum stacks which means Kayle is now permanently exalted. Her range has also increased slightly further.

Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest

Region of Origin: Born in Bandle City but works at Ionia

Race: Yordle, though the source of his inborn magic is unknown

Kennen is another Yordle who can sustain damage against multiple enemies, but he is more up-close and personal with his approach. Kennen can be classified as a Battlemage due to his Magic Damage output and range but he lacks the defences shared by Champions in that Category. It does not matter much to him because most enemies within his personal space would find it difficult to move from the consistent disruption caused by multiple minor stuns.

Q – Thundering Shuriken

Hurls an electrified star at a target location which deals Magic Damage to the first enemy it hits.

W – Electrical Surge

Passive: Basic Attacks stack Electrical Surge on Kennen. The next Basic Attack consumes 4 stacks to deal bonus Magic Damage on the target.

Active: Immediately deal Magic Damage to all nearby enemies with a stack of Mark of the Storm or inside R – Slicing Maelstrom.

E – Lightning Rush

Kennen turns into a ball of pure electricity for 2 seconds with no weapons but has the ability to phase through units and double his normal Movement Speed. Kenne deals moderate Magic Damage to all enemies he passes through and restores 40 energy on the first enemy he hit. 

When the duration ends or cancelled by recast, Kennen gains 4 seconds worth of bonus Attack Speed.

R – Slicing Maelstrom

Kennen gains a wide radius aura which lasts for 3 seconds. This grants him bonus Armour and Magic Resistance while dealing Magic Damage every half a second to all enemies in the area. Each instance of half a second damage applies and triggers Mark of the Storm. 

Passive – Mark of the Storm

Kennen marks enemies with any damaging abilities or Basic Attacks. One mark lasts for 6 seconds and stacks up to 3 times. At 3rd stack, all stacks are consumed and restore 25 Energy to Kennen but leave the target stunned for 1.25 seconds. Further instances of stun by Mark of the Storm within 6 seconds only last for half a second. 

Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress

Region of Origin: Unknown birthplace but she finds her home in the Ixtal Jungle

Race: Human with Vastaya blood

Nidalee can transform and both forms can play differently from the other. This case is similar to Gnar. However, Nidalee has complete control over her transformation which allows her to morph at will with a touch of a button. Her human form is a ranged Champion with a playstyle similar to a Marksman, Artillery, and Burst. Her human form is a single-target Diver. Most of the community agrees that, whichever form she assumes, she is a jungle-based Assassin at heart. Some may still play her in the lanes because of her ranged Q as a human and fast Attack Speed as a cougar.

Passive – Prowl

Nidalee gains bonus Movement Speed for 2 seconds after entering a brush but the bonus increases when facing a visible enemy Champion. 

Passive – Hunt

Enemy monsters or Champions are marked as Hunted for 4 seconds.

Hunted – Hunted lingers for 4 seconds and Nidalee gains True Sight over the target while it lasts. For the same duration, Nidalee gains 10% bonus Movement Speed but it turns 30% while she’s facing the afflicted unit. Her abilities Takedown and Pounce deal bonus damage against Hunted enemies.

R – Aspect of the Cougar

Transforms Nidalee from human to cougar and vice versa. She is a ranged Champion while in human form and a melee in cougar form, but all of her other stats remain the same. Each form has a completely new set of abilities that pretty much changes her playstyle. This ability is available at the beginning of the game and each ability points invested in Aspect of Cougar raises the power of the cougar form’s set of abilities.

Human Form

Q – Javelin Toss 

Hurls a javelin at a target direction which stops at the first target it hits. It deals Magic Damage but the output multiplies with the distance the projectile travelled. It can inflict up to 200% its base damage at max range.

W – Bushwack

Nidalee sets a trap at a target direction which turns invisible and lingers for 2 minutes. Bushwack triggers on any enemy unit and inflicts them with a 4-second Magic Damage over-time. Nidalee gains True Sight over the trapped target for the same duration. Enemies can destroy traps with Basic Attacks.

E – Primal Surge

Nidalee heals an ally or herself and grants a bonus Attack Speed for 7 seconds. 

Cougar Form

Q – Takedown

Empowers Nidalee’s next Basic Attack with a slightly increased and bonus Magic Damage which scales with the target’s missing Health. Takedown deals even more damage against units with Hunt.

W – Pounce

Nidalee leaps toward the target location. If she lands on an enemy, she deals Magic Damage to each unit in her landing point. Targeting a unit with Hunt increases the range of Pounce. Though Pounce can be targeted on a unit, Nidalee will not follow the target of it moving out of the way while she is already in the air.

E – Swipe

Nidalee slashes an arc in a target direction. This inflicts Magic Damage to enemy units in the area of effect.

Quinn, Demacia’s Wings

Region of Origin: Demacia

Race: Human, but her partner, Valor, is an Azurite Eagle.

Quinn has the sustained damage of a Marksman and the nimble footwork and control of a Skirmisher. She can be played in any of the three lanes because of the abilities that protect her from ganks and the damage output that harasses enemy Champions away from her sight. 

Q – Blinding Assault

Valor flies through a line towards a target direction until he collides with a unit. Impact deals a small Physical Damage to the enemy. Champions hit by Blinding Assault become nearsighted for 1.5 seconds by minions are disarmed for that duration, instead.

W – Heightened Senses

Passive: Quinn gains bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed when attacking units marked by Harrier.

Active: Quinn gains vision over any brush and behind walls in a 2,100-unit radius around her for 2 seconds. 

E – Vault

Quinn dashes to a target unit and inflicts a small Physical Damage and 1.5 second Movement Speed reduction then knocks them back while Quinn bounces backwards herself. 

R – Behind Enemy Lines

Quinn channels for 2 seconds then Valor picks her up. They gain an immense boost in Movement Speed while effects are active but promptly slow down when taking damage. Recast R or any of Quinn’s other abilities to end Behind Enemy Lines and activate Skystrike.


Arrows rain around Quinn and Valor, dealing moderate damage to all enemy units within a moderate-sized radius from where Behind Enemy Lines was deactivated. 

Passive – Harrier

Valor occasionally marks a random unit near Quinn for 4 seconds. Allies have sight over that unit and it takes bonus damage from any of Quinn’s damaging abilities. Valor does this more frequently if Quinn’s Critical Strike Chance stats are higher.

Singed, the Mad Chemist

Region of Origin: Zaun

Race: Human

Singed is a fairly simple Vanguard/Diver-hybrid by design. What probably made him ‘special’ is his potential sustained damage and the creative, but infuriating, ways some players have developed when using him. In most cases, Singed can also function as a Catcher.

Q – Poison Trail

Toggle to turn the effects on or off. When on, Singed leaves a 20 radius-wide trail of smoke with each step he takes that lingers for 3.25 seconds. Enemies that pass through the smoke are Poisoned and effects linger for 2 seconds when they leave the area of effect.


Deals a very small amount of Magic Damage to the afflicted but effects occur every 0.25 seconds. Damage also increases with Singed’s Ability Power.

W – Mega Adhesive

Slather a target area with goo that lasts for 3 seconds. Enemies standing on the area lose more than half of their Movement Speed and they are unable to perform any leaps, dash, lung, or teleport. 

E – Fling

Singed targets an enemy within melee range and slams them towards his back which deals Magic Damage. If the enemy was flung at an area affected by Mega Adhesive, they are rooted in place for 2 seconds or so.

R – Insanity Potion

For a whopping 25 seconds, Singed gains bonus Ability Power, Armour, Magic Resistance, Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, and Mana Regeneration. 

Passive – Noxious Slipstream

Singed gains Movement Speed for 2 seconds starting from the moment he gets near an enemy Champion. Effects will trigger every time he enters a valid range, it does not matter if it is from the same Champion or a different one. Instances can stack up to 25 and refresh duration each time. 

Teemo, the Swift Scout

Region of Origin: Bandle City

Race: Yordle

Teemo is a Marksman by initial design but players mostly play him like a Battlemage, Assassin, or a Skirmisher. His abilities are pretty basic in terms of trying to learn them but his capability as the best stealth Champion and largest crowd control opens up a vast array of possibilities. 

Q – Blinding Dart

Shoots a dart at a target enemy which deals Magic Damage and causes them to miss their Basic Attacks for the next 3 seconds. 

W – Move Quick

Passive: Teemo gains bonus Movement Speed after 5 seconds from not taking any damage from Champions or Turrets. Effects are broken after taking damage from the two mentioned sources.

Active: Teemo gains double the amount of the Movement Speed if it is active. Effects linger for 3 seconds and cannot be disabled during that duration.

E – Toxic shot

Passive: Teemo’s basic attacks deal bonus Magic Damage and inflict Poison.


Deals Magic Damage per second which scales with Teemo’s Ability Power. The effect lasts for 4 seconds but duration refreshes with each instance.

R – Noxious Trap

Teemo lay down a mushroom-shaped mine that turns invisible after deployment. One Noxious Trap lingers for 5 minutes and Teemo can have to 3, 4, or 5 charges at a time, but each does not take a minute to recharge. There are no limits to how many Mushrooms can be deployed.

Noxious Trap does not stack their effects in the same range so it is best to separate them. Deploying a Noxious Trap on top of an already existing one causes it to bounce a short distance further the opposite direction. If that bounce landed on another, it will bounce. It will keep on bouncing until it finds a spot of its own. If Teemo dies before it is planted, it simply disappears. Already deployed Noxious Traps will remain in the field even if Teemo is dead. 

A Noxious Trap immediately explodes when an enemy unit stepped on it. The blast inflicts poison on all nearby enemies, reduces their Movement Speed, and reveals them for 4 seconds. For the same duration, Noxious Trap deals a slightly heavier Magic Damage per second effect in addition to the poison inflicted.

Passive – Guerilla Warfare

Teemo gains invisibility after 1.5 seconds of standing still. This state lasts indefinitely until he moves on his own or is moved by ability from somebody else. If he turns invisible in a brush, invisibility won’t break even while moving unless he attacks. That means he remains invisible even when an enemy attempts to reveal that brush. 

Upon breaking stealth, Teemo gains bonus Attack Speed for 3 seconds. 

Zilean, the Chronokeeper

Region of Origin: Icathia

Race: Human 

Zilean is a hybrid of a Burst, Battlemage, Catcher, and Enchanter. He only has one damaging ability but don’t let that make you think he is incapable of killing. His relatively short cooldown, ability to reset his timers, and crippling Movement Speed reduction are difficult to escape from. He can function perfectly as early-game support but he is perfectly capable of managing a lane by himself. 

Q – Time Bomb

Lobs a ticking Time Bomb at a target direction. It attaches itself to an enemy that walks on it. After 3 seconds, it explodes and deals Magic Damage to enemy units in a short radius. If two Time Bombs attach to the same unit, both explode immediately on contact with the second one and stun all enemies in the area of effect for less than 2 seconds.

W – Rewind

One cast reduces the cooldown of Time Warp and Time Bomb by 10 seconds each.

E – Time Warp

Increases an allied Champion’s movement speed or reduce that of an enemy’s for the same amount and duration.

R – Chronoshift

Target allied or Champion will be revived if they die within the next 5 seconds after activation. 

Passive – Time in a Bottle

A small amount of EXP generates every 5 seconds during the match. If Zilean right-clicks on an allied Champion and the contained EXP is enough to fill up the target’s required EXP to level up, Zileaon begins to channel for 1 second and advances the target’s Champion level by 1. Zilean consumes the excess contents for himself.